Cement Foaming Machine

Cement Foaming Machine
Cement Foaming Machine

A cement foaming machine is a device that can make a forming agent a certain concentration of an aqueous solution into a foam. The blowing agent itself does not automatically become a foam, it must pass the mechanical action of the foaming machine to become a foam. The foaming machine and the foaming agent are a technical system that cooperates with each other and cannot function alone. No one can do without it. Between the two, we can’t say who is the main, who is not the main, and its role is quiet. Without a foaming agent, the foaming machine will not come out of the foam and lose its value. Similarly, without a foaming machine, the blowing agent is no better, it cannot be foam, and its use is lost. Moreover, we also have some other construction machinery, mortar spraying machines, shotcrete machines, sandblasting machines, fog cannons, hydroseeding machines, putty spraying machines, wheel washing machines, and auto bricking making machines, micro excavators, small scale wind turbines, etc. Contact us now!【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Micro-cement Foaming Machine:

The micro-cement foaming machine is specially developed for the development of experimental new products by universities, research institutes, and other scientific research institutions. It is also suitable for the construction company’s on-site construction of small projects, such as bathroom backfilling, floor cushioning, and foaming per hour. Cube, with the use.

Cement Foaming Machine for Sale
Cement Foaming Machine for Sale


Model YG-10
Weight 36kg
Voltage 220V
Capacity 1.5 KW
Pressure 0.8Mpa
Package Size 700*480*600

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Small Cement Foaming Machine:

The small cement foaming machine is the special equipment for the production of foam. It is foamed 30 cubic meters per hour. It is used for the development of experimental new products for research institutes, research institutes, and other scientific research institutions. It is suitable for the heating mat of the on-site construction of the decoration company. It is more efficient to use the special mixer for small foam concrete produced by our company.

Small Cement Foaming Machine
Small Cement Foaming Machine


Model YG-20
Weight 70kg
Voltage 380V
Capacity 3-phase power 3 kW, 2-phase power 4.5 kW
Pressure 0.8Mpa
Package Size 1150*820*960

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Medium Cement Foaming Machine:

The medium-sized cement foaming machine is specially designed and produced for the production of light-weight blocks, lightweight partition boards, fire door core boards, fire isolation belts, garden rockeries, etc., with large output and high efficiency, foaming every hour. 50-60 cubic meters, with the use.

Medium Cement Foaming Machine Manufacturer
Medium Cement Foaming Machine Manufacturer


Model YG-30
Weight 170kg
Voltage 380V
Capacity 4KW
Pressure 1.6Mpa
Package Size 1200*700*760

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Large Cement Foaming Machine:

The large-scale cement foaming machine is specially designed for the production of integrated houses and large-scale prefabricated components. It is designed in large quantities for the production of foamed cement products in the factory. The output is large and the efficiency is high. Foaming 80-100 cubic meters per hour, with the use.

Large Cement Foaming Machine Price
Large Cement Foaming Machine Price


Model YG-40
Weight 260kg
Voltage 380V
Capacity 5.5KW
Pressure 1.6Mpa
Package Size 1260*760*760

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Cement Foaming Machine Working Principle:

The working model of the cement foaming machine is to mix the water and the foaming agent into a foaming liquid in proportion, and then foam into the mixer by the pneumatic part in the foaming machine, and simultaneously mix the water and the cement into the mixer. The slurry is sent to the mixer, and then foam is formed into a foamed cement with the blade structure of the mixer and is advanced by the screw pump to the construction pouring position.

Composition of YG Foam Cement Machine:

The cement foaming machine is mainly composed of five parts: foaming, stirring, pumping, feeding, controller, etc. The machine adopts the latest hose pump frequency modulation pumping technology to overcome the vulnerability of the screw pump and piston pump moving parts. The disadvantages of high maintenance cost and unstable engineering quality, are in the cement foaming machine is changed from mechanical to hydraulic, the equipment takes up less space under the same conditions, the foaming effect is better, and the construction efficiency is higher, and the performance is more stable.

Scope of Application:

The production of foam concrete on-site construction, foam construction dicing, lightweight wallboard, fire door core, and biogas digester for floor heating and roof insulation. Foam concrete site construction/roof insulation to find slope/floor heating cushion.

  1. Sporadic home improvement floor heating construction.
  2. Small and medium area roof insulation construction.
  3. Floor heating mortar filling construction.
  4. Prefabricated thermal insulation block and core processing.
  5. Fire door core prefabrication processing.
  6. Refractory prefabrication processing.
  7. Wall-filled foam concrete processing.
  8. Foam concrete insulation sporadic project.
  9. Small handicraft injection molding.

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Foam Concrete Mixer Performance:

  1. Adopt frequency conversion speed control to accurately control product weight.
  2. The double-cylinder full hydraulic pushing mechanism is used to pump the cement slurry, and the outlet pressure is high, which can meet the needs of high-rise buildings.
  3. The electrical box is easy to operate, all functions can be controlled arbitrarily, and it is easy to learn.
  4. The ratio of various ingredients is automatically controlled, and the density of foamed cement is easy to adjust.
  5. The measurement of the foaming agent adopts a frequency conversion metering pump, which can precisely control the amount of foaming agent.
  6. Adopt a high-pressure pneumatic pumping system, the output is large and the conveying height is high.
  7. Compared with other similar equipment, this equipment can save 50-100kg of cement per cubic product, greatly reducing production costs and improving economic benefits.

Main Features:

  1. Fire insulation. Foamed cement board is a Class A non-combustible inorganic insulation material with a fire endurance of more than 3 hours. It can be used on buildings to improve the fire performance of buildings. Because of its closed-cell ratio of >95%, it has good thermal insulation properties.
  2. Lightweight and shock resistance. The product is light in weight, dry in volume, has a density of about 250kg/cubic, and is shock-resistant.
  3. Sound insulation. Because of the formation of a large number of independent bubbles, the sound absorption effect is about 5 times higher than that of ordinary concrete, and the sound insulation coefficient is greater than 45 dB.
  4. Convenient construction and high work efficiency. Convenient construction, short construction period, no sand, cement, and other materials in construction. The materials are simple, efficient, small in size, occupying fewer resources such as site equipment, no construction waste, and no plastering after construction.
  5. Compressive strength, strong adhesion. Special fibers are used in the foamed cement board to increase the compressive strength of the foamed cement board.
  6. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving. Foamed cement board is mainly used as raw material for cement and fly ash. It does not burn at high temperatures and is free of toxic chlorine. It is a safe and environmentally friendly material.
  7. Long life. The design life of the building is generally 50-100 years, and the life of the foamed cement board is more than 50 years, which is the same as the life of the building.

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