Automatic Cotton Candy Machine

Automatic Cotton Candy Machine
Automatic Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Vending Machine for Sale
Cotton Candy Vending Machine for Sale

Cotton candy refers to soft candy on the market, which is loose and porous, with certain elasticity and toughness. It is named after the taste and texture are similar to cotton. With the development of the times, life has become better and more convenient, and the automatic cotton candy machine is also conforming to the trends of the times. The automatic cotton candy machine can reduce a lot of manpower. It does not require time, manpower, location, etc. to open a store. It can also facilitate transactions better. Want to invest in a fully automatic cotton candy machine? Contact us now.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Automatic Cotton Candy Machine Technical Parameter:

Power 700W-2500W Weight 200kg
Machine size 147*67*195CM Package dimensions  



Voltage AC220/50Hz(Voltage can be adjusted according to your country)
Number of patterns  48 patterns Working


Stick capacity 200 Sugar consumption Can make 40-50

cotton candy

per kilogram of sugar

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Cotton Candy Making Process
Cotton Candy-Making Process

Hot-sale Auto Cotton Candy Machine
Hot-sale Auto Cotton Candy Machine

Features and Advantages of Cotton Candy Machine:

Marshmallows bring infinite joy to our lives. The advent of the color cotton candy machine has made cotton candy more and more colors, bringing people the fantasy and joy of color. Night markets, school gates, pedestrian streets, supermarket gates, snack streets, bus stations, train stations, communities, tourist attractions, parks, and any crowded places are not restricted and can be operated! Low cost and big profit. Cotton candy is low-cost, but the profit is huge! No words, no good eloquence.

Check 7 Questions About the Marshmallow Machine:

Some general questions: Answer:
1: How many marshmallows can be made from 4 boxes full of sugar? About 200pcs–240pcs marshmallows.
2: How many grams of sugar was used per cotton candy? About 30 grams.
3: Do you provide the paper stick? Yes, you may buy paper sticks from us or the Chinese market or your country, it is not special.
4: Can I use my sugar? If I use it, will there be any problem? You need to use your local sugar or buy sugar from us. Sugar colors and flavor are mixed simply. We will teach you how to mix color and flavor.
5: Will you provide training on how to use and operate the machine? We have an APP for training, user manuals, and videos to study the machine, as well as online engineers to answer all questions via WeChat, WhatsApp email, or telephone.
6: What is the weight of each sugar box? In each sugar box put 2kgs sugar, and have 4 sugar boxes.
7: How long does it take to make a marshmallow? It takes about 1.5 to 2 minutes.

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Colourful Cotton Candy Making Machine
Colorful Cotton Candy-Making Machine

Flower Cotton Candy Vending Machine
Flower Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Are Cotton Candy Vending Machines Worth the Investment?

  1. Low cost and low operating pressure. Compared with physical stores and other entrepreneurial projects, cotton candy vending machines have minimal investment and operating costs, no franchise fee, and one machine is a store. It saves both manpower and financial resources.
  2. The rise and application of artificial intelligence technology. Now with the development of science and technology, the application and rise of unmanned vehicles, unmanned supermarkets, unmanned restaurants, etc., society has gradually entered the era of artificial intelligence, and AI artificial intelligence has replaced manpower.
  3. Increase advertising revenue. The revenue of the cotton candy vending machine is not only just selling cotton candy, but also advertising revenue. 32-inch transparent glass window, watching the production process while waiting for the sugar to come out is simply enjoyable. Cooperating with business sponsors, the effect is multiplied by half the effort.
  4. Intelligent management background. The background of the machine can detect the fault point by itself and correct it by itself.

Automatic Cotton Candy Machine for Sale in YG Machinery

We are a technology-based source factory. All products are developed and produced by ourselves, and we have more than 20 years of experience in the market of smartphones. We have not only automatic cotton candy machines but also soft ice cream vending machines, mini arcade claw machineswater bottle filling machines, water blowing machinesegg tray-making machines, nonwoven bag-making machines, woven bag-making machines, wet wipe machinesdisposable slipper machines, surgical cap making machines, etc. Contact us to know more!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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