Dust Control Water Truck

Dust Control Water Truck
Dust Control Water Truck

Fog Machine for Sale in YG
Fog Machine for Sale in YG

The spray system of the dust control water truck has a certain effect on raising dust and reduces the content of large particles in the air. In YG Machinery, we have spray cannon, fog cannon, shotcrete machine, hydroseeding machine, mini concrete pump, concrete mixer machine with pump, auto brick making machine, micro excavator, putty spraying machine, mortar spraying machine can suitable for some small engineering projects. Contact us to know more about sprayer machine details.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Fog Machine Product Parameter:

Water tank volume 8m³ 12m³  16m³  20m³
Dimension(m) 9.9*2.5*3.7
Totally weight(kg) 25000
KPH 90km/h
Front gauge(mm) 2040
Rear track(mm) 1860
Fuel category diesel oil
Wheelbase(mm) 4350+1350
Rotation angle ±360°
Spraying substance Water mist, disinfectant liquid
Spraying distance 30m 40m 60m 80m 100m
Operating mode Manual/automatic
Mist particle size 40-200μm

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Spray Cannon Machine for Sale in YG
Spray Cannon Machine for Sale in YG

Dust Control Water Truck for Sale
Dust Control Water Truck for Sale

Scope of Application:

  1. Dust control: open-air material storage yard, coal unloading area, logistics park, open-pit mine mining, open-air blasting dust, closed discharge area, truck discharge port, dump truck unloading dust, large loading truck working dust, coastal port dust pollution control such as shipment, transshipment of coal, ore, demolition site, bulk powder handling, etc.
  2. Prevention and treatment of spraying diseases: armed forces battlefields, training sites, flood disaster areas, garbage disposal plants, zoos, landfills, sanitation and epidemic prevention, urban landscaping and large-scale sterilization, disinfection, deodorization epidemic prevention, prevention of diseases and insect pests, etc.
  3. Moisturizing and cooling: a large range of dust, moisturizing, cooling, and disinfection in airports, highways, stations, docks, public places, sports venues, hot venues, etc.

Working Principle:

The multi-purpose dust suppression vehicle special air-feeding sprayer also teaches the fog cannon, strong skill, high-point spray, long-range, large coverage area, good dust suppression effect; high operating efficiency, and fast spray speed. Higher head, longer range, and wider spray range. The multifunctional dust suppression vehicle is commonly known as a “fog truck”. unlike ordinary sprinklers, a “tube” is mounted at the rear of the vehicle. The high pressure atomizes the water into water droplets equivalent to the dust. In the distance, dust particles and water droplet particles are generated and wet. The wet dust particles continue to absorb other dust particles and gradually condense into a cluster of particles, and then settle down under their own gravity to achieve dust reduction, dust removal, and air purification.

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Product Configuration
Product Configuration
Dust Control Water Truck Introduction
Dust Control Water Truck Introduction

Production Composition:

The spray dust-reduction truck is mainly developed and modified by the nation’s well-known brand chassis. The top is divided into three parts: fog cannon, unit, and water tank body. The water mist inside the tank relies on the principle of a high-speed fan blower on the environmental protection fog gun. The chemical wind is sent to a range of 60-160 meters, which effectively suppresses the generation of dust. The interior of the tank of this small spray dust vehicle is anti-corrosive and anti-corrosive and is not subject to corrosion by drugs. It is equipped with a professional bubble barrel sprayer, which can move up and down, left and right, 360-degree rotation, remote control, easy operation, and can be equipped with 6kw-20kw units with different motives have good penetration and high operating efficiency, which greatly reduces labor costs. Dust suppressant and curing agents can be sprayed on the coal pile so that the coal ash will not be blown up by the wind and reduce air dust pollution.

Dust Control Water Truck Features:

Vehicle Characteristics:

  1. Strong skill, long-range, strong penetration, strong fog particle adhesion, wide coverage, and can achieve precise spraying.
  2. High working efficiency and fast spraying speed; when spraying water to remove dust in the yard that is easy to cause dust, the sprayed mist particles are small and form a humid mist when contacting with the floating dust, which can quickly suppress the dust reduction, fog volume sedimentation rate can reach 95%.
  3. The secondary atomization technology uses a specific turbine wind assist device to change the wind direction so that it forms an angle with the flow direction of the mist particles to promote full water atomization.
  4. When the droplets are sprayed from the nozzle, they are further broken by the high-speed and high-pressure airflow in the spray area, and the velocity of the droplets is gradually increased, which improves the degree of atomization. The supporting power is flexible, and can be used for both three-phase 380v mains power and diesel generator set.
  5. The supporting diesel generator set is installed on the transportation vehicle with flexible operation, full reliability, remote control, and manual control operation, and can control the horizontal rotation spray angle at will.
  6. Water consumption can save 70%-80% compared with other dust suppression spray equipment (spray gun, sprinkler), and the area of dust-covered by water mist is much larger than other dust suppression spray equipment.

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Use of Dust Control Water Truck
Use of Dust Control Water Truck

Dust Control Water Truck Operation Method:

  1. Check whether the joints are correctly connected and the fasteners are firm before starting.
  2. First press the fan operation button on the control box with your finger, (remote control operation) the fan starts, after the fan, runs normally, then press the spray start button to start the pump head, and then lower the pressure adjustment handle to the minimum, adjust the pressure adjustment screw to make the pressure gauge around 25-30kg, rotate the fixed nut, release the water outlet switch connected to the air cylinder, the air cylinder starts spraying, and the operation can be carried out. If the fan is required to swing up and down and left and right(remote control operation).
  3. After the operation is completed, when you need to stop, first press the spray stop button of the control box, then press the fan swing stop button and fan stop button(remote control operation) and finally shut down the generator set.
  4. The oil in the pump head and crankcase are replaced for 20 hours for the first time, and the oil is replaced every 50 hours afterward. The appropriate oil change time is when the machine cools down after operation. Remove the pump head and put the oil bolt on it. Oil and remove impurities in the crankcase.
  5. During the operation, there is a decrease in flow rate and insufficient pressure. Please check whether the pump head belt is loose, whether the suction pipe is installed firmly, if air leakage, and whether the pump piston rubber ring is worn; observe whether there is liquid return after closing the return valve if any check the return water valve for damage when returning fluid. Replace parts that cannot be repaired immediately.

Fog Equipment Maintenance:

  1. The equipment needs to be kept dry, and it should be cleaned in time when it rains. Normal rain and fog are often acid rain and acid fog. In industrially developed areas, the acidity of rain and fog is even higher. Rain and fog will cause different mature damages to multi-function dust suppression vehicles, which can make the paint film fade or even damage, which causes more function to suppress dust car corrosion. The most obvious consequence is that there are some marks on the multifunctional dust suppression car top paint that are similar to the water droplets. The paint at the mark has changed color, yellow may become white or dark brown, dark blue will become white, and white may become faded pink color, and red will become purple.
  2. Rinse the chassis frequently. When cleaning, it is necessary to remove some chassis accessories such as tires and brake pads, and thoroughly clean the bottom of the multi-function dust suppression car to prevent impurities from adversely affecting the chassis.
YG Certification
YG Certification

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