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China Tissue Making Machine Manufacturer
China Tissue Making Machine Manufacturer

Hot Sale Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine
Hot Sale Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine

Paper towels have always been a very popular product on the market. Toilet paper is a product that both adults and children need to use, and its market demand is very large. It is very necessary to invest in a tissue-making machine. YG Machinery is a professional machinery manufacturer for roll paper machines and wet tissue machines. We will send the quotation for your reference within 12 hours. If you are looking for a tissue-making machine price, please contact us now. 【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Technical Parameter Of Paper Roll-Making Machine:

Model YG1575
Applicable Raw Paper 2-3 plies 14~23gsm, Wood pulp paper
Raw Paper Width Max 2100mm
Raw Paper Dia Max2200mm
Finished Size Φ60~130 mm
Finished Core Dia Φ35mm-Φ50mm
Raw Paper Core Dia 3″(76.2 mm)
Perforation Spiral perforating knife, Chain wheel positioning
Production Speed 200 m/min
Parameter Design LCD Touch Screen
Control PLC
Paper Feeding  3 Unwinding stands, controlled by pneumatic
Air Pressure 0.5 MPs
Power 380V,50hz
Packaging  Wooden box

The automatic toilet paper production line not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also saves labor and reduces production costs. This has prompted many toilet paper processing companies to gradually switch to toilet paper production line equipment, so which machines are included in the fully automatic toilet paper production line?

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Paper Rewinder Machine
Paper Rewinder Machine

Automatic Toilet Paper Rewinder

The automatic toilet paper rewinder adopts PLC computer programming, frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic control, rewinding, punching, automatic paper-pushing, automatic upper bar, pumping shaft flattening, automatic trimming, and glue spraying to make the paper roll Automatic cutting is performed on the rotary automatic paper cutter; the whole process does not require manual operation!

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Automatic Paper Cutting Machine
Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Swivel Automatic Paper Cutter

The rotary paper cutter is used in conjunction with a fully automatic toilet paper rewinder. The whole machine has a strong structure, beautiful design, accurate paper-cutting action, and a smooth cut surface. Compared with ordinary paper cutters, it is fast and stable, with a stability of 50-70 per minute. It can be used for multiple purposes. It can cut round toilet paper, flat toilet paper, and pumping paper.

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Tissue Paper Packing Machine
Tissue Paper Packing Machine
Toilet Paper Packing Machine in YG
Toilet Paper Packing Machine in YG

Automatic Toilet Paper Packaging Machine

The automatic toilet paper packaging machine is used in conjunction with the rotary automatic paper cutting machine to automatically bag and automatically seal the slit toilet paper; the machine adopts a PLC controller and servo motor control, and the whole machine is designed with reasonable design, fine processing, and uses domestic and foreign famous brands The components have the characteristics of convenient and reliable configuration, mature and stable performance, and wide applicability.

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How to Choose a Toilet Paper-Making Machine?

In the toilet paper industry, many manufacturers are selling toilet paper machines on the market. When planning to buy a machine, please keep some tips in mind. We would like to give you some tips, as follows:
1. Look for some large factories to make machines for making toilet paper. Large factories usually have professional engineers and quality inspectors who can guarantee high-quality products. Like us, in every production process, all spare parts should be tested by quality inspectors. The toilet paper machine produced by our factory has first-class quality and advanced technology.
2. Buy a toilet paper-making machine at a reasonable price. You need to pay corresponding fees for high-quality toilet paper machines. You cannot buy a machine with cheap money lower than the market price. As we all know, the tissue-making machine price will always be sufficient to meet the quality requirements of office paper to toilet paper machines.
3. You should pay attention to after-sales service. Perfect service can bring you great convenience. In our factory, we can provide customers with installation, worker training, maintenance, and a 24-hour service hotline every day. When you buy our toilet paper machine, if you have any questions, please contact us. We will try our best to solve the problem.
4. Our toilet paper production line has high quality and competitive prices, so it is worth buying. If you want to invest in this industry, please buy a set of machines from us now! We will never let you down. At the same time, you will be happy to cooperate with us.

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