Paper Bowl Making Machine

Paper Bowl Machine Price
Paper Bowl Machine Price

Disposable Paper Bowl Machine
Disposable Paper Bowl Machine

The paper bowl is a kind of paper container made by mechanical processing and bonding of the base paper (white cardboard) made of chemical wood pulp, and its appearance is bowl-shaped. Waxed paper cups for frozen food, can hold ice cream, jam, butter, etc. YG paper bowl machine has a double turntable, dual-segment high-performance with functions of automatic paper fan feeding, imported heater side seal, cup top lubrication, automatic bottom paper feeding, double curling artwork, automatic cup collect, and stock. Can make bowls both single PE and double PE, for cold drinks and hot drinks. Contact us to know more! 【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Fully Automatic Paper Bowl Machine Parameter:

Model Fully automatic paper bowl-forming machine
Bowl size 20-50oz (It can be replaced according to the actual size of the user)
Raw material single/double PE-coated paper
Paperweight 140-350 g/m2 PE-coated paper
Machine speed 110-130 pcs/min
Voltage 380V 50Hz
Power 4.8KW
Weight 1980KG
Overall dimension 2350 x1250 x1900mm
Air source 0.6Mpa, 0.6 m3/minute
Remark Machine production needs to be equipped with an air compressor

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Paper Bowl Forming Machine
Paper Bowl Forming Machine

Different Types of Paper Bowl
Different Types of Paper Bowls

7 Features of Disposable Paper Bowl Making Machine:

  1. Increase the output. Based on the same power 6kw, it speeds up to 100-130pcs/min from 70-90pcs/min before. 
  2. The bottom paper is sent by the stepper motor, which controls the interval of bottom paper about 0.1mm so that the machine is more paper-saving and performs more stably.
  3. The inner structure adopts the vertical axis gear drive system to avoid chain loosening and malposition problems.
  4. An automatic lubrication system, which reduces the friction of machine parts and improves machine maintenance, works a lot.
  5. The machine is equipped with an optically controlled non-contact switch.
  6. Paper feeding working station is driven by cams without noise, performing stably and well, which is pioneer technology at home.
  7. The machine adopts the gear motor in replacement of the separate reduction box and motor, making the drive system simpler and more stable.

Working Principle of Paper Bowl Forming Machine:

In this type of machine, we add an ultrasonic system to seal the paper bowl body, you can produce both single-sided PE-coated paper bowls and double-sided PE-coated paper bowls. Automatic paper feeding, two-step pre-heating, sealing, oil silicon lubrication, bottom punching, two-step bottom heating, knurling, curling, and bowl discharge with photo-cell detection, failure alarm, and counter.

Applications of Paper Bowl:

This type of machine is the ideal equipment for producing bigger size bowls, such as soup bowls, fast noodle bowls, large food cone-shaping containers, and other fields, etc.

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Automatic Paper Bowl Machine
Automatic Paper Bowl Machine

The Production Process of Paper Bowl Machine
The Production Process of Paper Bowl Machine

The Producing Bowl Whole Steps Are:

  1. Buy the cut bottom-using rolling paper and bowl-side-using sheet paper from PE-coated paper suppliers; In this step, the suppliers will cut the paper sizes according to your requirements.
  2. Pre-printing and pre-cutting, you can let them done out-serve or buy machines to finish them ;
  3. Forming bowls in paper bowl machines; The same for paper bowls/buckets. 
  4. Packing the finished bowls in plastic bags and then into the cardboard boxes.

Paper Bowl Making Machine Manufacturer – YG Machinery

The paper bowl is hygienic and safe, and it is light and convenient to carry. It can be used in restaurants and restaurants in public places. It is a disposable product. It does not need to be cleaned, it is very convenient to throw it away after use, the quality is light, it is convenient to carry, and the price is very low. YG Machinery’s equipment has always been the most advanced, with a good-looking appearance and stable speed, and there is a professional after-sales team, no worries. In addition, we have other related products, disposable cup-making machines, paper dish-making machines, paper straw-making machines, double wall paper cup machines, paper cup printing machines, roll die cutting machines, folder gluer machinespaper bag making machines, paper making machines, A4 paper making machines, tissue making machines, kraft paper making machines, corrugated paper machines, diaper making machinesegg tray making machinesnonwoven bag making machines, shoe cover making machines, etc. 【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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