GRC Machine

GRC Machine
GRC Machine

GRC Spray Machine
GRC Spray Machine

GRC or GFRC is the English Glass Fibre Reinforced Cement (Concrete) abbreviation. It occupies an increasingly important position in the construction of decorative projects. It is widely used in many aspects such as building exterior wall decoration, interior decoration, garden landscape, and simulation technology. Want to know more about GRC machine details? Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Spray Machine Parameter:

Product name Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete GRC Spray Machine
Power 2.2-4.0kw
Voltage 380v  50hz
Speed 20-200r/min
Workspace 4.5m
Delivery capacity 300-1600kg/h
Production efficiency 200-400m2/h
Volume 60L
Dimension for the sprayer 2000*1050*1600mm
Dimension for the mixer 1550*1000*2100mm
Total weight 800kgs

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Automatic GRC Machine Parts
Automatic GRC Machine Parts

4 Main Features of GRFC Spray Machine:

The GRC machine system mainly includes a mixing system(high-shear mixer), a feeding system (rotary transportation pump), and a spraying system (spray gun).

  1. Simple operation.
  2. Easy maintenance.
  3. Continuous production.
  4. High reliability.

Check the Advantages of YG GRC/GRFC Machine :

Compared with concrete products, GRC products have the advantages of thin components, lightweight, high strength, high toughness, good impact resistance, uniform fiber distribution, good crack-releasing performance, simple manufacture, rich modeling, and wide application. It makes up for the shortcomings of cement or concrete products, such as self-weight, low tensile strength, and poor durability impact performance. Because it has the characteristics that concrete or cement mortar does not have, GRC is favored by the construction industry of various countries. The reason why GRC has so many excellent properties is that the glass fiber with high strength and evenly distributed in the cement mortar matrix can enhance GRC.

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GRC Spray Machine Manufacturer
GRC Spray Machine Manufacturer

Application of GRFC Spray Machine for Sale in YG:

New glass fiber reinforced concrete GRC spray machine and GFRC sprayer are mainly used for GRC European artifacts (cement mortar mixed fiberglass chopped silk joint injection), interior wall coating, putty powder, emulsion paint, really stone paint, etc.), fire waterproof coating, insulation coating, embossing handicraft coating, and small villas, clubhouse, bridges, rockeries and dam, the river barrier spray coating, such as using range is wide, light and flexible through long-term customer validation, durable equipment, production of GRC and GRG products cycle is short, good quality, low cost, has obtained the good economic efficiency, is the production of GRC/GRG products of choice.

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YG Machinery is a professional and reliable machinery manufacturer. Meanwhile, the high quality of machinery and perfect services have also helped us win high praise from our customers domestically and overseas. In addition, we also have mortar spraying machines, shotcrete machines, fog cannon machines, sandblasting machines, hydroseeding machines, mini concrete pumps, concrete mixer machines with pumps, auto bricking machines, micro excavators, putty spraying machines, gypsum spray plaster machines, portable container homes, etc. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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