Anchor Drilling Rig

The anchor drilling rig is mainly used in landslide and dangerous rock mass anchoring projects to prevent and control various geological disasters of hydropower stations, railways, and highway slopes, especially suitable for high slope rock mass anchoring projects. The anchoring drilling rig of YG Machinery is very efficient and can be operated by one person without more labor. If you are interested, please contact me now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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High Lifting Anchor Drilling Equipment
High Lifting Anchor Drilling Equipment

High Lift Anchor Drilling Rig
High Lift Anchor Drilling Rig

Crawler High Lifting Anchor Drilling Equipment Parameter:

Model 6M 15M 30M
Track(mm) 2300*3500 2300*4000 5000*3000mm
Width of crawler(mm) 400 400 600
Main arm Double boom two sections Double boom two sections Double boom four sections
Drilling angle Drillable flat hole/drillable inclined hole/drillable vertical hole
Drilling diameter 5-300mm 5-300mm 5-300mm
Depth 0-70m 0-70m 0-70m

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Hydraulic Anchor Drilling Rig
Hydraulic Anchor Drilling Rig

Anchor Drilling Machine
Anchor Drilling Machine

High-efficiency Anchor Drilling Rig Parameter:

Machine Parameters
Weight 6T Drilling diameter 150-250mm
Drilling depth 130-170m Drill pipe diameter 73,89,102,114mm
Shipping size 5400*2100*2000mm Vertical working size 3600*2500*5600mm
Power Configuration
Electric motor Power 55kw+18.5kw
Rated output torque 7500Nm
Rated speed 10,20,30,35,40,60,65,70,85,130,170rpm
Boost speed 0-5 Adjustable,7,23,30m/min Feed speed 0-10 Adjustable,14,46,59m/min
Rated lifting force 70kN Rated feed force 36kN
Feed process 3400mm Slip process 900mm
Drilling rig angle
Drilling angle 0-90° Climbing angle 25°

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Split Anchor Drilling Rig
Split Anchor Drilling Rig

Anchor Drilling Rig Price
Anchor Drilling Rig Price

Split Anchor Drilling Rig Technical Parameter:

Model YGMG40 YGMG50 YGMG70
Hole depth(m) 10-60 25-70 35-80
Hole diameter(mm) 90-180 90-165 90-200
Rod spec(mm) Φ76*1500 Φ76*1500/
Hole angle 0-90° 0-90° 0-90°
Output rotary speed(rpm) 90 70 70
Rated output torque(N*m) 2400 2500 3900
Powerhead max stroke(mm) 1800 1800 1800
Max lifting force(KN) 25 30 35
Powerhead max feeding force(KN) 20 25 25
Hydraulic system-rated pressure(Mpa) 16 17-18 17-18
Rotary electric power 4-pole/7.5kw Hydraulic Hydraulic
Oil pump electric power(kW) 4 22 22
Electric voltage 380v 380v 380v
Weight(kg) 1000 1260 1460
Hydraulic station dimension(mm) 640*600*580 1850*780*1360 1850*810*1280
Dimension(mm) 2800*800*1400 3000*780*1360 3100*1000*1500

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Anchor Drilling Rig Application:

  1. Hydropower station/railway/highway slope plus solid, and various types of geological disaster prevention of landslide and dangerous rock anchorage construction, It is especially suitable for high rock slope anchorage engineering.
  2. It is also suitable for supporting deep foundation pits, Bolt and foundation grouting reinforcement project holes, blasting holes, high-pressure jet grouting piles, and tunnel pipe shed support holes, its power head slightly changes, and you can easily all-around construction.
  3. The main drilling methods are DTH Hammer conventional drilling, drilling with the tube, and screw drilling. In all kinds of complex formations and different drilling methods in the hole construction practice, it has excellent perforation performance, the majority of construction units, and peer recognition.

YG Anchor Drilling Rig Features:

  1. The drilling rig has a compact structure, energy saving, high efficiency, low noise, and environmental protection.
  2. This machine adopts low-speed and high-torque motors to make the performance stable, reliable and has a long life.
  3. This machine has a wide range of applications and strong drilling ability.
  4. The power head has a long stroke and the drilling efficiency is high.
  5. The power head and the guide rail are connected by a new type of wear plate, and the guide rail wears little.
  6. The drilling angle range is large, multi-functional design makes drilling positioning convenient and reliable.

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Anchor Drilling Rig Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

YG Machinery’s anchoring drilling rigs have been sold to various countries in the world, such as Pakistan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Peru, Chile, India, the United States, and other countries, and received good feedback from customers. And there is a lot to buy more machines to expand their business, which has been very successful, and said that they will continue to buy our machines. In addition, we have other types of drilling rigs, core drill rigs, hydraulic drilling rigs, small water well-drilling rigs, crawler mounted water well drilling rigs, tractor water well drilling rigs, trailer water well drilling rigs, crawler DTH drilling rigs, down the hole drilling rigs, horizontal drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, diamond core drilling rigs, spindle core drilling rigs, gasoline rock drilling rigs, hydraulic pile drivers, portable air compressors, core drilling rig for mining, full hydraulic core drilling rigs, etc. Contact us if you are interested in our machines.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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