Rebar Threading Machine

Rebar Threading Machine
YG-RT40 Rebar Threading Machine

Rebar Thread Rolling Machine
YG-RT40 Rebar Thread Rolling Machine

The rebar threading machine, also called the rebar thread rolling machine is a kind of machine to strengthens and processes the end of the steel bar which has been widely used in the construction industry in recent years. It mainly adopts the advanced technology of rib stripping and rolling and makes the connecting end of the steel bar into a straight thread so that the threaded rebar couplers can connect the rebars. It makes the part of the steel bar head cold hardened by a rapid and direct rolling of the end of rebars so that the strength can be improved and the steelhead can reach the same level as the base material. The machine is composed of frames, a clamping mechanism, a feed drag plate, a reducer, a roller head, a cooling system, and an electrical system. The rebar threading machine for sale in YG Machinery can process steel bars in sizes 16 to 40. So contact us to tell us more about your requirements for more details and a price list now.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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Rebar Threading Machine Technical Parameter:

Model YGS-40 YGT-40 YGA-40
Processing diameter range


Thread rolling length 0-80mm 0-80mm 0-100mm
Power voltage 4kw/380v 50hz 4kw/380v 50hz 7.5kw/380v 50hz
Working efficiency 15s/forming 8s/forming One-touch auto forming
Machine weight 320kg 350kg 400kg
Machine size 115*50*106cm 110*60*130cm 126*70*106cm
Type Standard type Upgrade type Full automatic type

The 9 Outstanding Features of Rebar Threading Machine in YG Machinery:

  1. The compact structure makes it very easy to operate and the speed of thread machining is much faster than other types of equipment.
  2. It can apply to the processing of various kinds of steel reinforcement, so you don’t have to buy more machines which can help save costs.
  3. The precision of the thread profile is very high, so it can be rolled after the steel bar is ribbed. And the uniform diameter size is also good.
  4. The rib stripping device is very easy to learn and operate, and the stripping size varies instability.
  5. The quality of the joint is stable and reliable, the strength is higher than the common raw material.
  6. It has strong automaticity which can expand and return the knife automatically. At the same time, the noise is small when it runs.
  7. Higher machining efficiency. The operators only need to carry out the steel bar mounting card once, the thread processing can be completed then.
  8. The thread rolling cylindrical dies with good quality have a long service life and the use of joint surcharge is also minimal.
  9. Both the forward thread and the reverse thread can be processed by a rebar threading machine.

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The Lengthened Version of Rebar Thread Rolling Machine
YG-RT40A The Lengthened Version of Rebar Thread Rolling Machine

Lengtnened Version of Rebar Threading Machine
YG-RT40E Lengtnened Version of Rebar Threading Machine

Automatic Rebar Threading Machine

The automatic strength of the hydraulic rebar thread rolling machine is very high. This machine uses the way of cutting and rolling thread to achieve the purpose of reinforcing steel and thread processing, which can solve the problem of pretreatment of steel end before processing, as well as the problem that similar equipment to be rolled more times. It can also reduce the number of processing and steel transfers which can improve the efficiency of on-site processing. The rebar threading machine can roll steel bars of various sizes with a thread rolling head. Compared to other similar machines where one thread rolling head per steel bar specification is required, the automatic rebar threading machine in YG Machinery will be more convenient. The problem of chip removal during rolling can be solved by using an internal cooling fluid. The rebar thread rolling machine is the special equipment for processing steel thread heads. And we are a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of the machine. If you want to purchase the rebar threading machine, send us an email now.

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Automatical Rebar Threading
YG-RT40 Automatical Rebar Threading

Finished Threading Rebar
Finished Threading Rebar

How to Use the Rebar Thread Rolling Machine?

Preparation Before Processing:

  • First, connect the power cord and the ground wire as required and connect the power supply.
  • Second, add soluble coolant to the coolant tank. Attention, oil coolant is strictly prohibited.

Machine Commissioning:

  • Turn on the power and check whether the cooling pump is normal.
  • Operate the button to check whether the electrical control system is working properly.

Adjustment Before Processing:

  1. Install the thread rolling wheel which is suitable for the diameter of the steel bars processed.
  2. At the same time as replacing the thread rolling wheel, replace the gasket appropriate to the thread pitch to ensure accuracy.
  3. After the diameter of the thread rolling wheel is adapted to the steel bars that need to be processed, insert the cutter bar corresponding to the steel bar into the center of the rolling head and adjust the thread rolling wheel to make it in contact with the cutter bar. Then extract the cutter bar, tighten the screw, and press the gear ring to make it can’t be moved.
  4. If the positioning disc of the equipment is fixed, the operator needs to adjust the adaptive positioning plate according to the diameter of the rebar. For devices that can adjust the positioning dial, adjust the positioning dial scale to the appropriate scale. When the stripping rib is worn, it needs to be fine-tuned.
  5. Adjust the position of the rib stripping travel block according to the rebar specifications to ensure the length of rib stripping reaches the required value.

Machining Process:

  1. The steel bar to be processed needs to be clamped on the centering clamp mouth. The length of the extension should be aligned with the end face of the stripping blade at the starting position and then pull the lever to clamp.
  2. Connect the power supply, open the cooling water valve, and press the start button. Then the feeding handle can be turned and cut in the direction of the workpiece. When the length of the rib stripping is up to the requirements, the rib stripping knife will open automatically. Then turn the handle to continue feeding to realize the rolling thread. When the roller contacts the steel bar, it must be forced and make the spindle rotate a circle. When the feed reaches a certain level, the automatic feed can be realized until the whole rolling process is completed and an automatic stop. Press the reverse start button to realize an automatic return.
  3. When the automatic retracting ends, turn the feed handle clockwise and return the rolling head to its original position. At this time, the rib stripping knife will automatically reset. The operator can upload the finished steel reinforcement.

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Buy a Portable Rebar Threading Machine in YG Machinery:

We have two types of rebar threading machines for sale in our company, the normal model and the enhanced model. The maximum length of the lengthened model is 25cm. You can choose the model depending on your needs as well as the matching rebar connectors. Also, we have rebar straightening and cutting machines, steel bar cutting machines, automatic pipe bending machines, rebar bending machines, steel hoop bending machines, rebar upsetting machines, beam bending machines, reinforced cage winding machines, rebar de-rusting machines, pipe shrinking machines, stirrup bending machines, chain link fence machines, Feel free to let us know more about your requirements and we will reply to you quickly.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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