Tire Recycling Line

Automatic Tire Recycling Line
Automatic Tire Recycling Line

Tire Recycling Plant
Tire Recycling Plant

The waste tire recycling line is also called the waste tire crushing recycling line, or the rubber powder recycling line. The waste tire recycling production line comprises various types of heavy equipment. It can realize the fully automatic separation of car tires, truck tires, engineering vehicle tires, and the recycling of rubber, steel wire, and fiber materials from waste rubber products. According to the actual needs of customers, the rubber raw materials can be pelletized and ground into powder for fine processing. The waste tire recycling production line operates at room temperature, requires no chemical additives, and will not cause secondary environmental pollution. Tyre shredding machine is also a very important piece of equipment in the tire recycling production line.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Tire Recycling Line Technical Parameter:

Model YG-3 YG-6 YG-10 YG-16 YGL-16 YG-30
Capacity 1-3t/d 4-6t/d 8-10t/d 12-16t/d 8t/d (only for rubber powder) 30-35t/d
Working Process Batch Batch Batch Batch Semi-continuous Fully continuous
Reactor Size φ1400*4900mm φ2200*6000mm φ2600*6600mm φ2800*7100mm φ2800*7100mm φ1800*18500mm
Land (L*W*H) 18m*4.2m*6m 30m*12m*8m 30m*13m*8m 33m*13m*8m 33m*13m*8m 70m*20m*10m
Power 16.65kw 37.85kw 44.3kw 55.6kw 55.6kw 256kw
Burner 2*200,000 kcal 2*300,000 kcal 2*300,000 kcal 2*400,000 kcal 2*400,000 kcal 2.5 million kcal per set
Total Weight of Shipped Materials About 18t About 24.5t About 28t About 34.5t About 34.5t About 150t
Noise (dB) ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60 ≤60

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Semi-automatic Tire Recycling Production Line
Semi-automatic Tire Recycling Production Line

Tire Recycling Line Process:

Depending on the characteristics and productivity requirements of different tires, the equipment may include:

Whole tire—bead wire—whole tire broken into 50*150mm rubber blocks—rub and cut twice to ≤10*10mm rubber particles and separate iron and velvet—first iron removal—final crushing, screening, fiber removal to make 1-3mm rubber powder—second iron removal, grading, and velvet removal—coarse material storage—fine crushing to make 40-80 mesh rubber powder—iron removal—product grading—finished product.

  1. Fully automatic wire drawing machine: removes tire steel rings.
  2. Conveying equipment: conveyor belts, screw conveyors, and air pressure transmission systems.
  3. Tire shredder: shreds tires into rubber sheets (50 mm-150 mm).
  4. Wire separator: separates rubber and wire and processes them into rubber particles (10mm-20mm).
  5. Magnetic separator: separates wire from rubber and wire mixture.
  6. Rubber granulator: crushes rubber particles to smaller sizes (1mm-7mm).
  7. Vibrating screen: sorts rubber particles of different sizes, and oversized particles are sent back to the crusher for secondary crushing.
  8. Fiber separator: removes foreign matter and fibers.
  9. Secondary magnetic separator: removes fine wire that may remain.
  10. Grinding mill: grinds particles into powder (30 mesh-100 mesh).
  11. Fully automatic bagging system: pack the finished products into storage bags or packaging bags.

Application Areas of Waste Tire Recycling Production Line

The tire recycling line market is widely used in various fields such as automobile tires, agricultural vehicle tires, and construction vehicle tires. Automobile tire recycling involves the reprocessing and reuse of waste tires from passenger cars. Similarly, agricultural and construction vehicle tire recycling focuses on the management and reuse of tires from agricultural machinery and construction equipment. The “other” category includes a variety of tire types, such as motorcycle tires, forklift tires, and specialty tires. In all of these cases, tire recycling lines play a vital role in ensuring the safe and sustainable processing and reuse of waste tires.

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Tire Recycling Line Process
Tire Recycling Line Process

Tire Recycling Line Manufacturer – YG Machinery

YG Machinery’s tire recycling lines have been sold to India, the Philippines, the United States, Canada, South Africa, and other places, and many new customers inquire about prices and visit the factory every month. So why do so many investors choose to invest in tire recycling lines? How does Yugong Machinery stand out from many manufacturers?

Development Prospects of Waste Tire Recycling Production Line:

With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the increasing scarcity of resources, the development prospects of waste tire recycling production lines are becoming more and more broad. In the future, waste tire recycling production lines will develop in the direction of high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy saving, further improving the recycling rate and resource utilization rate of waste tires. At the same time, the government and all sectors of society will also pay more attention to the recycling of waste tires, and provide more policy support and market opportunities for the development of waste tire recycling production lines.

Raw Materials are Abundant and Cheap:

The scrap tire industry is a huge source of raw materials. About 1.5 billion tires are discarded yearly, generating a large amount of solid waste. Moreover, these tires can even be converted into valuable raw materials. There is an urgent need to find alternatives to landfills for tire recycling. On the other hand, it also provides investors with cheap and abundant raw materials.

Profitable Business Opportunity:

Many countries in the world are surrounded by domestic garbage, and the amount of garbage is increasing day by day. In addition to social benefits, the waste tire recycling business itself is also a good business from a profit point of view. Waste tires have a wide range of uses after crushing and processing. The steel wires processed from waste tires can also create value, with large profit margins. The most important thing is that tire crushing and reuse can reduce environmental pollution, with broad prospects.

Professional Technical Team:

Yugong Machinery has been established for more than 20 years. Each department has a clear structure and responsibilities. It has a professional technical team and uses the most advanced technology in the production of machines. The machines are simple and easy to operate. In combination with customer feedback from various countries, the equipment is updated promptly to provide customers with easy-to-operate and cost-effective equipment.

Comprehensive Service System:

YG is one of the top tire recycling machine suppliers. We not only have a professional pre-sales team and strictly trained sales staff but also a 24-hour online after-sales team and customer service staff. Whether you have any questions before or after purchase, you can always find our staff to help you solve the problem within 24 hours. We also have a professional promotion team, and you can search for the information you want to know on any platform.

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Different Mesh of Scarp Tyre Shredding Application
Different Mesh of Scarp Tyre Shredding Application

Tire Recycling Line Manufacturer
Tire Recycling Line Manufacturer

Do You Want to Set Up a Scrap Tire Recycling Plant?

If you are thinking about starting your own scrap tire recycling plant, there are many important things to consider. First, you must ensure that you have enough space for production, packaging, and more. Secondly, you need to ensure that the machinery and other equipment are fit for purpose. The type of machine depends on the final product you intend to produce. In short, the machine you get should match your production capacity.
You may be wondering how much a scrap tire recycling plant costs. This will depend on how much you intend to recycle, how big your plant is, and what kind of material you plan to recycle. For more information on tire recycling lines, click here.

Related Machinery:

YG Machinery not only provides you with high-quality waste tire recycling equipment. In addition, we can also provide a series of auxiliary equipment according to your needs. And we can also customize according to customer requirements. So you can buy equipment according to your needs and budget. In addition, we also have a series of equipment such as a plastic recycling production line, metal recycling production line, wood recycling production line, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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