Concrete Mixer Machine with Pump

Concrete Mixer Machine with Pump
Concrete Mixer Machine with Pump

Cement Concrete Mixer Machine
Cement Concrete Mixer Machine

The concrete mixer machine with pump, also known as mixing trailer pump, mixing pump or mixing and conveying pump, mixing and pumping integrated machine, etc., is a mobile concrete mixing station integrating a mixing system and pumping system. It is mobile, flexible, convenient, efficient, and has good concrete quality. In addition, we also have mini concrete pump machines, mortar sprayer machines, fog cannon machines, shotcrete machines, GRC machines, hydroseeding machines, automatic brick-making machines, polyurethane foam spray machines, gypsum spray plaster machines, and micro excavators, if you are interested, please contact us. 【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Cement Concrete Mixer Machine Technical Parameters:

Technical parameters

Maximum Theoretical Concrete Mixing M³/h 15
Maximum Theoretical Concrete Output M³/h 30 or 40
Theoretical maximum transmission distance m Vertical 50/Horizontal 200
Distribution Valve Form S valve
Hopper Volume*Height L*mm 600×1080
Pumping Motor Power KW 30 or 45
Winch Motor Power KW 5.5
Hydraulic Oil Form open circuit
Rated Speed rpm 1480
Fuel Tank Capacity L 170
Weight kgs 3500
Concrete Delivery Pressure Mpa 6
Concrete Cylinder Specification*Stroke mm φ180 * 800 or 200 * 800
Spout Diameter mm φ180
Mixing Motor Power KW 8 or 4
Pump Motor Power W 550
Maximum Aggregate Size mm Grait:40MM; Gravel:30MM
Voltage V 380
Dimensions (L * W * H) mm 4200x2100x3300

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Cement Mixer Concrete Machine
Cement Mixer Concrete Machine

Concrete Mixer Machine Practical Scene Display
Concrete Mixer Machine Practical Scene Display

Advantages of YG Concrete Mixer Machine:

  1. Wider scope of application: The concrete mixed with the forced mixing trailer pump is more uniform and of higher quality, and can be used in some projects with higher requirements, such as small commodity buildings, municipal engineering, etc.
  2. Higher work efficiency: The forced mixing drag pump has a faster mixing speed, larger mixing volume, and faster and more discharge, which can effectively improve construction efficiency.
  3. More stable performance: The forced stirring pump has stable operation, reliable transmission, lower failure rate, and longer service life.

10 Features of the Mixing and Pumping Machine:

  1. The design of the fuselage is smart, the operation is simple, the movement is convenient and flexible, and the performance is stable.
  2. It has a mixing tank for mixing, and the auxiliary time is short to ensure that the mixing pump works flawlessly under harsh conditions.
  3. The mixing pump adopts a double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping system, which is convenient and fast, with fast pumping speed and high working efficiency.
  4. The high degree of automation can be operated by one person, equipped with remote control, and easy to operate.
  5. The hydraulic system greatly improves the overall reliability of the mixing pump.
  6. The vehicle design integrates economy, reliability, safety, and durability, with good maneuverability and high equipment utilization.
  7. The ruler ring drives the mixing drum equipped with the mixing device, the tapered motor drives the hopper to feed the material, and the up and down of the hopper and the forward and reverse rotation of the mixing drum are controlled by electricity. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, compact structure, stable movement, reliable transmission, simple operation, good mixing quality, high production efficiency, and a high degree of automation.
  8. The mixer adopts double motors for stirring, which can stir quickly and evenly.
  9. The delivery pump adopts a double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping system, which is stable in the system and reliable in performance.
  10. Lubrication system: Five-point separate lubrication protects critical components from wear.

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Diesel Mobile Concrete Mixer Machine
Diesel Mobile Concrete Mixer Machine

Electric Concrete Mixer Machine
Electric Concrete Mixer Machine

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