Walk Behind Roller

Walk behind roller, also known as the name, walk behind roller compactor, is a kind of mini road roller that needs two hands to hold the handle for compaction. It is lightweight and very easy to operate, which makes it suitable for the compaction of narrow areas, and some places that large road rollers can’t enter for compaction. In addition, its price is much cheaper than riding on a road roller for sale. That’s why it’s so popular. The walk-behind roller for sale is walking behind the vibratory roller in our factory, which includes two types, single drum walk-behind roller, and double drum walk-behind roller. Check the technical parameters of the two types below and select the model you want now. We will reply to you as soon as we receive your inquiry.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

Single Drum Walk Behind Roller

Single Drum Walk Behind Roller
YG-600S       Single Drum Walk Behind Roller

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Double Drum Walk Behind Roller

Double Drum Walk Behind Roller
YG-600D      Double Drum Walk Behind Roller

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Technical Parameters of Walk Behind Roller for Sale

Model YGM-600D YGM-600
Power/Speed 6.0Hp / 3600rpm 5.5HP
Walking Speed 0-4km 2.4km/h
Climbing Capacity 30% 25%
Load 45N/cm 45N/cm
Drum Wheel Size 450*600mm 426*600mm
Excitation Force 20KN 20KN
Water Tank Volume 15L 15L
Engine Honda GX390 Honda GX390
Engine Type Diesel/Air cooling/4stroke  OHV Single Cylinder Diesel/Air cooling/4stroke  OHV Single Cylinder
Oil Tank Volume 3.6L 3.6L
Package Size 1050*900*1200mm 1050*900*1200mm
Weight 550kg 330kg

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Walk-Behind Vibratory Roller

The static road roller and vibratory road roller are two different types of road roller equipment. The static smooth wheeled rollers are mainly used to make the surface smooth and the vibrating road roller is mainly used to ensure the degree of compaction. In addition, they also work in different ways. The static road roller compacts the pavement by its gravity, while walk-behind the vibratory roller strengthens the compaction by vibration. They can both be used for road compaction. But the vibratory road roller is widely used, the compaction effect is better and the speed is fast, though the static model is much cheaper. If you are planning to purchase a cost-effective small road roller for sale, I suggest you buy the walk-behind vibratory roller for sale in YG Machinery. We have both gasoline and diesel engines, you can choose according to your requirements.

The Working Principle of Walk Behind Vibratory Roller

The source of the vibration generated by the vibratory roller is the hydraulic motor. Its oil path generates a magnetic force through a control coil in the solenoid valve and drives the spool of the control valve to move, thereby connecting the motor to the oil pump or the return line. The hydraulic motor keeps moving under the action of hydraulic oil and drives the vibrator to excite vibration. The exciting force makes the compaction density of the machine stronger, which makes the compacted road surface difficult to damage and can be maintained for a long time.

The Reasons Why The Road Roller Steel Wheel Doesn’t Vibrate:

  1. Control circuit fault. The power circuit of the control valve is in a state of disconnection or the control coil is damaged, which will cause the valve core can’t be commutated and can’t be connected with the hydraulic oil chamber and drive the motor to generate excitation.
  2. Reversing valve malfunction. When the hydraulic oil is polluted, the impurities enter the closed position of the slide valve and cause the solenoid valve can’t drive, which will cause the hydraulic motor can’t be connected to the oil circuit, resulting in the roller not being able to produce vibration.

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How to Deal with The Failure of Steel Wheel Without Vibration?

First, check the circuit. Use a wire to connect one end of the circuit to the power supply and the other end to the live wire end of the drive coil of the solenoid valve. If the solenoid valve can vibrate, it indicates a power circuit fault. Then please check the circuit and process it. If there is still no vibration after the connection, please remove the solenoid valve and push the valve core manually. If the vibrating wheel vibrates, it indicates that the electromagnetic control coil is damaged. You can also use the wire and the solenoid valve’s terminal to scrape the fire. If there is no spark, the solenoid is disconnected. If there is a spark, it means that the electromagnetic coil works normally. But it still can’t vibrate, which means the slide valve is stuck, and please check the valve.

Walk-Behind Roller Price – YG Machinery

Our factory mainly produces road rollers of small sizes which can be widely used in road construction. Compared with the ride-on-road roller, the walk-behind roller is cheaper. At the same time, we can assure you of the high quality of our machine. So if you would like to buy a min road roller, whether you want the walk-behind model the ride-on model, the single drum model, or the double drum model, we will be your trustworthy manufacturer. Of course, you can also find some other kinds of road construction and maintenance machinery, such as floor shot blasters, road line painting machines, trowel machines, asphalt crack filler machines, concrete curb machines, electric snowblowers, electric road sweepers, floor grinders in our factory. Contact us now for a price list, specifications, and the mode of transportation.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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