Portable Container Homes

Expandable Container House
Expandable Container House

Finished Container Homes for Sale
Finished Container Homes for Sale

Portable container homes, also known as shipping container homes, house sheds, or container houses. These innovative dwellings offer an array of advantages, making them an appealing alternative to traditional housing. At present, YG Machinery’s folding houses have been sold to many countries, including Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, etc. And our customers have good feedback. Want to get more details? Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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Portable Container Homes Parameter – Fully Customized

20FT Basic Characteristics




External dimension (mm) W6320*L5900*H2480(Side 2270)
Internal dimension (mm) W6160*L5560*H2240(Side 2150)
Folded state (mm) W2200*L5900*H2480
Total mass (kg) 2500
30FT Basic Characteristics




External dimension (mm) W6360*L9000*H2480(Side 2180)
Internal dimension (mm) W6200*L8660*H2240(Side 2060)
Folded state (mm) W2200*L9000*H2480
Total mass (kg) 3750
40FT Basic Characteristics




External dimension (mm) W6240*L11800*H2480(Side2180)
Internal dimension (mm) W6080*L11540*H2200(Side2060)
Folded state (mm) W2200*L11800*H2480
Total mass (kg) 4400
Smaller Fold Size




External dimension (mm) W4820*L5900*H2480(Side2270)
Internal dimension (mm) W4660*L5560*H2240(Side2150)
Folded state (mm) W700*L5900*H2480
Total mass (kg) 1850

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Foldable Container House
Foldable Container House

Quick Assembly Container House
Quick Assembly Container House

Expandable Portable Home Product Characteristics:

  1. Stable structure: The main structure is a light steel structure and sandwich panel. They form a stable structure to resist 9-11 grade hurricanes and 7 grade earthquakes.
  2. Quick installation: Convenient to assemble and disassemble. Six skillful Chinese workers can finish installing 100m2 in three days.
  3. Flexible layout: The partition wall, window, ceiling, and door are optional for clients.
  4. Long service life: The components of a house can be used repeatedly, so its designed life span can reach up to more than 25 years in a normal environment.
  5. Environmentally friendly: Environmentally friendly and Almost dry construction.
  6. Good performance: Waterproof, moistureproof, heat insulation, and sound insulation.

Comparison Between Traditional Houses and Shipping Container Houses:

  1. Sustainability: We reduce the demand for traditional construction materials. This approach promotes recycling and minimizes waste, making portable container homes an eco-friendly housing solution.
  2. Affordability: The cost of constructing a container home is significantly lower compared to traditional housing. Moreover, the availability of shipping containers in surplus further drives down the cost, making it an affordable option for a wider demographic.
  3. Mobility: The portability of container homes allows for relocation without the need for demolition or extensive construction. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for those who frequently move or have temporary housing needs, such as disaster-stricken areas or construction sites.
  4. Durability: Shipping containers are built to withstand harsh conditions at sea, making them highly durable for long-term use as homes. They are resistant to wind, water, and other weather elements, ensuring a safe and reliable living environment.
  5. Customizability: Container homes offer endless possibilities for customization. From single-container dwellings to multi-container complexes, these structures can be modified and expanded according to individual needs and preferences.

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Container Home Construction
Container Home Construction

Pre Built Shipping Container Homes
Pre Built Shipping Container Homes

Applications of Portable Container Homes:

  1. Affordable housing: Portable container homes provide a viable solution to the global housing crisis. They can be utilized to create cost-effective housing options for low-income families, students, and those affected by natural disasters.
  2. Eco-tourism: Container homes have found their place in the hospitality industry. These unique accommodations provide an eco-friendly experience for travelers seeking sustainable and memorable stays.
  3. Workspaces: Container homes can be transformed into office spaces, studios, or workshops. Their versatility allows for the creation of affordable work environments for aspiring entrepreneurs or artists.
  4. Remote living: In remote areas where traditional construction is challenging, portable container homes offer a practical solution. They can be transported to remote locations and provide comfortable living spaces for researchers, expedition teams, or those seeking off-grid living experiences.

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Portable Container House
Portable Container House

Converted Container Homes
Converted Container Homes

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Whether you’re looking to downsize or need a little extra living space separate from everything else, a tiny house built from shipping containers can fit your needs. Each of our three standard sizes comes complete with doors and windows and a fully furnished interior to give you the comfort you need to make the most of life. Of course, we also support customization, tell us your needs, and we can help you match everything you need, and send you drawings, videos, and other confirmations to ensure your satisfaction. In addition, we also have other construction machines, mini excavators, mini skid steer loaders, small backhoe loaders, mobile dock ramps, electric scaffoldings, hydraulic scissor lift platforms, mini spider cranes, etc. Contact us now for more details!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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