Do you also want to own a ski hill snow machine that is essential for the Winter Olympics?

Ski Star-Gu Ailing
Ski Star-Gu Ailing

Gu Ailing Ski Scene
Gu Ailing Ski Scene

The 18-year-old skiing rising star Gu Ailing is undoubtedly the top player recently. In the women’s freestyle skiing big jump competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics, she won China’s first gold medal in this event. This is also the first women’s snow sports gold medal in Chinese history. Skiing has never been China’s strong point. Gu Ailing made a good start and instantly brought a lot of popularity to the sport. In fact, in recent years, the skiing atmosphere in China and even around the world has become very strong. Ski resorts have long been opened more and more regardless of latitude, and the number of ski enthusiasts is getting larger and larger.

This sport, originally regarded as a sport for the rich, is becoming cheaper, and the ski resorts that are popping up everywhere are inseparable from “artificial snow” – most ski resorts, including the Winter Olympics, use artificial snow. Artificial snow is inseparable from snowmaking machines.

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Industrial Snow Making Machine for Sale
Industrial Snow-Making Machine for Sale

Ski Resort Snow Machine for Sale
Ski Resort Snow Machine for Sale

Snow Making Machine Parameter:

Dimensions 2600*2100*2200mm
Fan motor 15kw
Air compressor 7.5kw
Nozzle heating 4*1500w
Snowmaking nozzle 300-360
Number of nozzles 5 rows
Nuclear nozzle 20-24
Structure 3 tires and a rotatable bracket
Water filter 100 mesh Stainless steel replaceable and washable
Inlet 2-inch stainless steel quick-change joint
Manual control angle 0°-360° rotation
Automatic snow angel 0°-45° swing
Water pressure 8-40 kg
Water output 3.456-35.81 cubic meters/hour
Snow production 89.525 cubic meters/hour
Range 120 meters in diameter

Ski Resort Snow Making Machine Working Principle:

The working principle of the snowmaking machine is not difficult to understand. It imitates the formation process of natural snow, mixes cold water below 5℃ and compressed air, puts it into an evaporator at -25℃ to freeze, and then uses the cutting machine in the machine to cut the snow. The ice cubes are chopped up and finally ejected with the air to become artificial snow. When natural snow is sprinkled on the ground, it is in the form of snowflakes, which are relatively loose and require a snow compactor to compact the snowflakes. Artificial snow is in the state of ice crystal particles. “Many of today’s ski resorts are in low latitudes, and they must use this kind of snow because it is more accommodating and resistant to sunlight.” There is no difference in safety between artificial snow and natural snow. Even ski resorts like Changbai Mountain need artificial snow.

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Ski Resort Snow Maker
Ski Resort Snow Maker

Snow Maker Machine Ski Resort
Snow Maker Machine Ski Resort

Why Choose the Ski Hill Snow Machine? What Are the Advantages?

  1. Weather-independent snowfall: Ski resorts often experience unpredictable weather patterns, but with the ski hill snow machine, they can bypass nature’s whims. By producing artificial snow, ski resorts can guarantee a consistent snow cover throughout the season, regardless of temperature or precipitation.
  2. Customization and control: Ski resort operators have full control over the snow quality, quantity, and distribution on their slopes. This level of customization allows them to create different skiing experiences, catering to beginners, experts, and everyone in between. With the ski hill snow machine, ski resorts can even build terrain parks and half-pipes, providing endless entertainment for snowboarders and freestyle skiers.
  3. Environmental considerations: The ski hill snow machine is designed with sustainability in mind. It utilizes energy-efficient technologies and minimizes water consumption while maintaining optimal snow quality. By reducing reliance on natural snowfall, ski resorts can conserve water resources and reduce their ecological footprint.
  4. Global impact: The ski hill snow machine is not only changing the way ski resorts operate but also revolutionizing winter sports on a global scale.
  5. Economic boost: Ski resorts heavily rely on snowfall for their business viability. By investing in the ski hill snow machine, resorts can attract visitors even during snow-scarce seasons, generating revenue and supporting local economies throughout the year.

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Artificial Snow Machine Ski Resort
Artificial Snow Machine Ski Resort

Snow Machine for Ski Slopes
Snow Machine for Ski Slopes

Ski Hill Snow Machine for Sale in YG Machinery:

Ski resorts have always been a destination for snow enthusiasts, but what if we told you there’s a way to guarantee snowy slopes all season long? Enter the ski resort snow-making machine – a groundbreaking product that is set to transform the winter sports industry. We are ensuring ideal skiing conditions even in the absence of natural snowfall. It operates efficiently in various weather conditions and adapts to different terrains, making it suitable for ski resorts worldwide. In addition, we also have electric road sweepers, ski resort snow-making machines, electric snow blowers, micro excavators, electric scaffolding machines, mobile dock ramps, etc. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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