Crack Sealing Machine

Crack Sealing Machine
Crack Sealing Machine

Crack Sealing Machine for Sale
Crack Sealing Machine for Sale

The crack sealing machine is road pavement machinery and is mainly used for preventive maintenance of pavement diseases. They are generally used in conjunction with road grooving machines and air blowers (or thermal spray guns). The crack sealing machine is the core equipment of filling technology.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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YG-350L Asphalt Crack Filler Machine
YG-200L Asphalt Crack Sealing Equipment
YG-100L Crack Fill Machine for Sale
YG-80L Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine
YG-50L Crack Filling Machine
YG-350L Asphalt Crack Filler Machine YG-200L Asphalt Crack Sealing Equipment YG-100L Crack Fill Machine for Sale YG-80L Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine YG-50L Crack Filling Machine

Crack Sealing Machine Parameter:

Model YG-50L YG-80L YG-100L
Hopper volume 50L 80L 100L
Discharge method Self flow Asphalt pump feed Asphalt pump feed + hand-held tube
Heating method Liquefied gas Liquefied gas + heat transfer oil Italian diesel burner, heat transfer oil cycle heating
Temperature control Temperature sensor 180 ° (temperature control call) Temperature sensor 180 ° (temperature control call) Automatic temperature control system
Filling speed 10m/min 15m/min 20m/min
Length of sealing pipe ——




Walking mode Push-type + brake device Push-type + brake device Push-type + trailer
Mixing method Manual mixing Manual mixing Electric stirring
Power Configuration Solar panels + batteries Solar panels + batteries Import 2KW generator
Dimensions 1200*700*1200mm 1200*700*1200mm 1750*786*1200mm
Weight 120kg 150kg 220kg

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Crack Filler Machine Working Principle:

Cracks are one of the main forms of early highway diseases, and linear cracks such as horizontal cracks and longitudinal cracks are the most common. Caulking technology is a treatment technology for these diseases, covering the contents of caulking materials, caulking equipment, and caulking technology. The filling machine is the core equipment of the filling technology. The role of the seam grouting machine is to heat the cracks after slotting and cleaning the cracks and use the grouting gun to evenly fill the sealant into the grooves to complete the repair work.

The small crack filler machine is suitable for simple road maintenance. The crack filler machine adopts a liquefied gas heating system, and the heat-conducting oil is circulated to quickly melt the asphalt or grouting glue. The pressure of the asphalt pump is discharged from the discharge port to achieve the effect of crack treatment. Through pressure injection grouting, the material and the wall are tightly combined, and the flexible universal wheel is turned to track the cracks, making the grouting effect beautiful. As the jointing material uses asphalt or jointing glue, it is easy to solidify when the temperature is low. The jointing machine is equipped with a Yamaha generator set to provide the whole power. To ensure a smooth discharge.

8 Features of YG Crack Filler Machine:

  1. Hand-push type, independent power, lightweight, practical, and reliable.
  2. The thermal efficiency is improved by 2 to 3 times, which shortens the whole operation time.
  3. The use of new technology and foreign technology improves the quality of the grout and reduces the cost.
  4. The whole machine is equipped with a generator set, which can provide sufficient power.
  5. Increase the stirring system to make the heating fast and uniform.
  6. Suitable for ordinary asphalt and grouting glue material; grouting material is output by an asphalt pump, and the flow rate can be adjusted.
  7. The discharge pipe adopts an electric heating system, which effectively eliminates the problem of condensation of the filling material in the hose and reduces the manual cleaning of the hose.
  8. The control panel is operated centrally, which is simple and labor-saving.

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YG-200L Asphalt Crack Sealing Equipment
YG-200L Asphalt Crack Sealing Equipment

YG-350L Asphalt Crack Filler Machine
YG-350L Asphalt Crack Filler Machine

Type YG-200L
Power of Motor (kW) 3
Fuel Capacity (L) 21
Diesel Burner Model Italy Riello
Diesel Burner Power (kW) 20-60
Diesel Fuel Consumption (L/h) 606-15
Hot Melt Kettle Body Three Interlayer
Conduction Mode Indirect Heating of Heat Conduction Oil
Output Motor Three-dimensional Gear 500w
Mixing Motor (w) 550
Dimensions (mm) 2500*1000*1800
Weight (kg) 300

Type YG-350
Filling Material Capacity (L) 350
Heating Time (min) 30-40
Temperature Range (°C) 0-230
Discharge Capacity (L/min) 0-30 Adjustable
Generator Set (kW) Honda 5
Walking Mode Trailer or Self
Burner Riello44STI Diesel Engine
Thermostatic Control SLA-5000 Temperature Controller
Length of Electric Heating Tube (m) 6-7
Hot Melt Kettle (L) 350
Dimensions (mm) 3500*1000*2000
Weight (kg) About 1000

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Experience Summary:

  1. Reduce the cost of crack repair: Long service life, good crack sealing effect, and greatly improved efficiency. After 3 years of use, the effective rate of crack repair by slotted repair is over 95%.
  2. Durability is significantly improved and the labor intensity is reduced: It greatly reduces the labor intensity of maintenance workers, reduces the number of repeated road constructions, and ensures road capacity.
  3. Improved aesthetics: It effectively solves the problems such as incomplete filling joints, and uneven thickness, and uneven thickness, does not crack in the low-temperature season in winter, does not flood in the high-temperature season in summer, and greatly improves the aesthetics of the road.
  4. Social benefits: Not only can reduce maintenance costs, significantly improve durability, and reduce labor intensity, but also shortens the construction period, reduces the impact on traffic, greatly extends the service life of asphalt pavement, delays the time of pavement maintenance, and achieve good economic benefits and social benefits.

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Application of Crack Sealing Machine
Application of Crack Sealing Machine

Crack Sealing Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

Crack sealing machine for sale in YG, we use the most advanced irrigation sewing technology and products and produce a variety of models of asphalt crack filler machines, which will be a good choice for customers. Of course, as a professional road machinery manufacturer, customers can also find some other types of road construction and maintenance equipment, such as floor shot blasting machinesroad marking machinesconcrete trowel machinesroad rollers, curb and gutter machines, floor grinders, concrete scarifier machines, concrete scabblers, etc… Feel free to send us an email to tell us more about your requirements, we will reply to you in 24 hours.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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