Core Drilling Machine for Mining

Core Drilling Machine for Mining
Core Drilling Machine for Mining

Core Sample Drill Rig
Core Sample Drill Rig

The fully hydraulic crawler core drilling machine for mining is mainly suitable for wireline coring diamond drilling technology. Due to the adoption of foreign advanced technology, especially the adoption of foreign mature power head, holder, winch, and hydraulic system, the drilling rig has a wide range of applications: It is not only suitable for diamond and cemented carbide drilling in solid deposits, but also suitable for seismic geophysical prospecting, engineering geological survey, micropile hole drilling, and water well and other engineering constructions. Want to know more details? Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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Core Drilling Machine for Mining Technical Parameter:

Model YGX-400 YGX-600 YGX-800 YGX-1000
Drilling Depth(M) 180-400-500 200-600-650 400-800-1000 500-1000-1100
Rated pressure(MPA) 21 21 25 28
Rated Flow(L/min) 168 192 260 300
Heat Dissipation Mode Air cooling+water cooling
Engine Brand Yuchai Yuchai Yuchai Cummins
Rated power/speed 78kW/ 2400r/min 92kW/ 2400r/min 92kW/ 2400r/min 154kW/


Drilling Angle(°) 0-90 45-90 45-90 45-90
Lifting Force(T) 12 16 24 30
Feed Force(T) 6 8 12 15
Hydraulic Mud pump flow 30-90(L/min) 30-90(L/min) 90-180(L/min) 90-180(L/min)
Hydraulic Mud pump power 4-7(MPA) 4-7(MPA) 4-7(MPA) 4-7(MPA)
Dimension 4000*1900*1800mm 4000*2000*1800mm 5500*2100*2000mm 6000*2200*2400mm
Weight 4.3T 4.5/5.5T 6.5T 7.5T

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Portable Exploration Core Drills
Portable Exploration Core Drills

Underground Core Drilling Rigs
Underground Core Drilling Rigs

Check 13 Main Features of Full-hydraulic Core Drilling Rig:

  1. The top drive power head adopts foreign technology, the structure is double motor plus mechanical gear shifting type, the speed range is large, the torque at the low-speed end is large, and it is equipped with different motors, which is suitable for different drilling methods and meets various construction methods.
  2. The transmission precision of the power head is high and the operation is stable. It is more advantageous when drilling deep holes.
  3. The feeding and lifting system adopts an oil cylinder chain multiplication mechanism, which has a long feeding stroke and is convenient for long core picking operations.
  4. The power head adopts the method of automatic opening of the hole and is equipped with a clamp, shackle, and drill pipe centralizer, which can conveniently and quickly complete the rope coring operation of straight holes and inclined holes, eliminating the need for traditional secondary drilling. Platform operation, high degree of automation, easy to operate.
  5. The lifting and feeding speed of the drilling rig is fast, which saves a lot of auxiliary time. When fully drilling, it is convenient to wash the hole and improve the drilling efficiency.
  6. The guide rail of the main tower adopts a V-shaped structure, the connection between the power head and the main tower is high in rigidity, the high-speed rotation is stable, and the core-taking rate is high.
  7. The main hoist adopts imported products, with stable lifting and reliable braking.
  8. The rope speed of the empty drum of the rope coring hoist reaches 205m/min, which reduces the auxiliary time.
  9. The drilling rig is equipped with a gripper and a shackle, which is convenient and quick to disassemble the drill pipe and reduces labor intensity.
  10. The drilling rig is equipped with a power head tachometer and a drilling scale, which is convenient for users to select parameters.
  11. The feeding of the drilling rig adopts the backup pressure balance, which can facilitate the understanding of the pressure value at the bottom of the hole and improve the life of the drill bit.
  12. The hydraulic system of the drilling rig is reliable, the mud pump and mud agitator are controlled by hydraulic pressure, and various operations of the drilling rig are centralized, which is convenient for dealing with various downhole accidents.
  13. The drilling rig adopts a crawler type, which is easy to move. It is operated by an external handle, which makes the movement safe and convenient.

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Core Rigs for Sale
Core Rigs for Sale

Core Drilling Machine Mining
Core Drilling Machine Mining

Crawler Core Drill Rig Manufacturer – YG Machinery

Our hydraulic drilling rigs are widely used and can be used in mineral geological exploration, engineering geological exploration, water conservancy and hydropower exploration, railway, highway, bridge, tunnel investigation, and advanced geological forecast drilling. Of course, we also support customization. Also, we have other types of rigs, such as, trailer water well drilling rigs, crawler water well drilling rigs, tractor water well drilling rigs, small water well drilling rigs, crawler DTH drilling rigs, horizontal directional drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, hydraulic pile drivers, anchor drilling rigs, portable DTH drilling rigs, portable air compressors, full hydraulic core drilling rigs, etc. Contact us if you want to get a quote!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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