Chain Link Fence Machine

Chain Link Fence Machine
Chain Link Fence Machine

Wire Mesh Welding Machine
Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Chain link fence machine is also known as the diamond net machine, wire mesh welding machine, coal mine support net machine, anchor net machine, chain link fence machine product display machine, or net weaving machine. A chain link fence machine is a wire mesh machine that crochets low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire, PVC wire, and plastic sprayed wire to form a chain link fence. The mesh has uniform mesh, a smooth mesh surface, and a beautiful appearance. The web width is adjustable, the wire diameter is flexible, it is not easy to corrode, it has a long service life, and the weaving is simple, beautiful, and practical. Contact us to know more details.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Chain Link Fence Machine Parameter:

 Model  YG-20-100  YG-25-80
 Wire diameter  1.6-4mm  2-4mm
 Mesh size  20-100mm  25-100mm
 Mesh width  0.5-4m  0.5-4m
 Speed  70-80m²/h  120-180m²/h
 Mesh length  30m, adjustable freely as per your request
 Mesh side  Knuckled and twisted, or knuckle, or twisted
 Raw material  Galvanized wire, PVC-coated wire, etc.
 Machine size  4.2*2.2*1.7m  6.7*1.43*1.8m
 Weight  2000kg  4200kg
We can design the machine according to your wire diameter, mesh hole size, mesh width, and voltage.

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Chain Link Fencing Machine Price
Chain Link Fencing Machine Price

Application of Chain Link Fence
Application of Chain Link Fence

12 Features of Wire Mesh Making Machine:

  1. The machine can work continuously for 24 hours.
  2. Single wire input, single die work.
  3. Touch screen control system.
  4. Automatic weaving, shredding, folding and twisting, rolling net.
  5. Set the knitting speed on the touch screen.
  6. Lights and sounds show errors.
  7. The operation is simple, the replacement of the mesh, and the wire diameter is simple, the time is short, the manpower is saved, the cost is saved, and the time is saved.
  8. The console adopts domestic advanced technology hardware, with a low failure rate, good coordination, and good compatibility.
  9. Low noise.
  10. In case of a technical failure, immediate intervention via a web connection. Either video or phone.
  11. One worker operates the whole machine.
  12. Our machines are guaranteed for one year.

Application of Chain Link Fencing Machine:

For the production of coal mine support nets, chain link fences, fence nets (community fence nets, stadium fence nets), mountain protection nets, garden fences, field fences, vegetable garden fences, gardening fences, plant planting fences, animal fences, storage cages, Animal cages, wall fences, grassland fences, border fences, road fences, road fences, conveyor nets for mechanical equipment, craft nets, decorative nets, etc. They are widely used in highways, stadiums, parks, warehouses, zoo fences, construction site fences, all-yang poultry, slope greening, pipe insulation nets, etc.

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Metal Mesh Making Machine
Metal Mesh Making Machine

Chain Link Fencing Machine Manufacturer
Chain Link Fencing Machine Manufacturer

Chain Link Fence Machine Price – YG Machinery

A fully automatic chain link fencing machine can produce diamond-form wire mesh with underwire (formed by mold) interweaved one by one or together. The diamond mesh net can be widely used in human life. YG’s chain link fence machines have been sold to Russia, the United States, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, India, Thailand, and other countries. Our equipment is widely used and easy to operate, which can improve work efficiency. In addition, we have rebar straightening and cutting machines, auto pipe bending machines, steel hoop bending machines, reinforced cage winding machines, hydraulic shear and punching machines, rebar threading machines, beam bending machines, stirrup bending machines, rebar bending machines, steel bar cutting machines, rebar upsetting machines, pipe shrinking machines, rebar de-rusting machines, etc. If you want to know more details, contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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