Mini Spider Crane

Mini Spider Crane
Mini Spider Crane

Mini Spider Crane for Sale
Mini Spider Crane for Sale

The general lifting weight of the mini spider crane is between 2 tons and 8 tons. It is a new type of high-altitude operation equipment. High-altitude operations are mainly based on safety. For example, outdoor maintenance and decoration can be completed with spider cranes, and it can also help users transport items. Now the equipment is very popular and can help customers solve problems, so the number of users is gradually increasing. Want to learn more? Please contact us.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Product Parameters of YG Spider Crawler Crane:

Model YG-3 YG-5 YG-8
Specification 3t 5t 8t
Maximum working radius 8.83m×0.15t 14m×0.5t 16.5m
Maximum above-ground head 9.9m×0.7t 16.8m 18m
Winch device Hook Speed 0-8m/min(4 rope) 12m/min(4 rope) 12m/min(4 rope)
Rope diameter φ8mm×45m Φ11mm×80m Φ11mm×80m
Telescopic system Boom Type 5-section boom, pentagonal structure 5-section boom, pentagonal structure 5-section boom, pentagonal structure
Boom Length/Time 3.1m-9.2m/20sec 12.3m/54sec 12.3m/54sec
Up and down Boom Angle/Time 0°~78°/13sec 0°~78°/13sec 0°~78°/13sec
Slew system Slew Angle/Speed 0-360°continuous/60sec 0-360°continuous/38sec 0-360°continuous/38sec
Traction system Walking Way Hydraulic motor drives Hydraulic motor drives Hydraulic motor drives
Walking Speed 0~2.5km/h 0~2.5km/h 0~2.5km/h
Grade Ability (25°)36% (25°)36% (25°)36%
Operating system Operation type (Boom/outrigger) Manual operation, manual walking(remote control option) Manual operation, manual walking(remote control option) Manual operation, manual walking(remote control option)
Operating characteristics Manual operation, remote control Manual operation, remote control Manual operation, remote control
Transport parameters L*W*H(mm) 2950*980*1560 5000*1500*1900 5000*1600*2180
Total weight(kg) 2700 6200 7200

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Application of YG Spider Crane
Application of YG Spider Crane

Tracked Mini Crane
Tracked Mini Crane

Mini Spider Crane Working Principle:

The mini spider crane adopts a rubber crawler-type hydraulic traveling device, and the hoisting, telescopic, undulating, and rotating devices are all driven by hydraulic pressure; the whole machine adopts the design and optimization concept of three-dimensional modeling, finite element analysis, and calculation of the whole machine, which has good flexibility of the whole machine, It has the advantages of convenient operation, light and flexible operation, reliable and convenient use by maintenance parties, etc. The spider crane can install glass under the roof by using the vacuum glass suction cup installed on the search hook; the spider crane was born to complete the glass installation work more efficiently, and the spider crane is widely used in indoor, narrow spaces and narrow passages.

Features and Advantages of Spider Crane Products:

  1. The spider crane is small in size, strong in strength, and high in safety level, which is unmatched by general cranes or cranes.
  2. The birth of the spider crane is to complete the glass installation work more efficiently. The mini spider crane is also widely used indoors, in narrow spaces and narrow pet passages.
  3. The small and compact body design of the spider crane means that it can work indoors or in areas with limited space. The compact body of the spider crane can easily enter the construction site and reduce the cost of use.
  4. The spider crane is small in size and easy to transport. It can be used in a wide range of curtain wall construction. It can be used for vertical transportation and hoisting. The lifting capacity is generally 3 tons to 8 tons, which can meet most of the hoisting needs of the construction site.
  5. In some places, ordinary cranes cannot enter, and ordinary cranes cannot operate on the roof, indoors, in shopping malls, or in densely populated places, but the micro spider crane can easily complete the work.
  6. The spider crane is used in the hoisting of building materials such as airports, railway stations, and dam construction sites. With its narrow flexibility and convenience, the spider crane has been used in many municipal construction operations, and it has helped construction workers solve many troubles.

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High-quality Tracked Mini Crane
High-quality Tracked Mini Crane

Spider Crane Manufacturer
Spider Crane Manufacturer

Mini Spider Crane Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

With the rapid development of the economy, spider cranes have also made great progress in industrial production, and the entire construction machinery industry is constantly improving sales concepts and changing development models. Spider cranes are widely used and easy to use. Therefore, spider cranes are becoming more and more popular for indoor work. In addition, YG Machinery keeps up with the rhythm of the market. Our products have been updated and upgraded, easy to use, and customer feedback is very good. The price of our products is highly accepted in the market, so it has been sold to many countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, the Philippines, the United States, Russia, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, and many other countries. In addition, we have other equipment such as excavator hydraulic shears, hydraulic wire saw machines, crawler wire saw machines, high-frequency wall saws, concrete wall saws, excavator rock splitters, hydraulic rock splittersconcrete pile breakers, etc. Contact us to know more details now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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