Types of Water Well Drilling Rigs

Water well drilling rigs can be divided into three main categories, rotary drilling rigs, impact well-drilling machines, and compound well drilling rigs. Rotary water well drill machines can be divided into large and small pot cone drilling machines, positive and reverse circulation rotary disk drilling machines, hydraulic water well drilling machines, DTH impact rotary drilling rig machines, etc…In addition, we also have small water well-drilling rigs, crawler-mounted water well drilling rigs, trailer-mounted water well-drilling rigs, tractor water well drilling rigs, diamond core drill machines, horizontal directional drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, core drilling rigs for mining, full hydraulic core drilling rigs, etc. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

XYX-3 Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs
XYX-3 Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs
Core Drill Machine
Core Drill Machine
Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig
Crawler Water Well Drilling Rig

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The Working Principle of Rotary Water Well Drilling Rigs

It mainly relies on the rotary motion of the drilling tools to break rock strata and form holes. Simple rotary well drilling equipment has only a drilling device, while a well-structured model has drilling devices and circulating well-washing devices. The drilling tools of rotary table-type drilling equipment include drill pipes and drill bits. The diameter of the commonly used drill pipe has six kinds 60, 73, 76, 89,102, and 112mm and the drilling bits can be divided into two categories, full drilling bits, and annular drilling bits.

Large And Small Pot Cone Drilling Machine

It mainly uses its pot taper drill tool to rotary and cut the soil layer. Depending on the size of the drill string, they can be called large pot cones and small pot cones, which can be driven by humans or power.

Positive And Reverse Circulation Mud Washing Rotary Disk Drilling Machine

It is composed of towers, a hoist, a rotary table, a drilling tool, a mud pump, a faucet, and a motor. When it works, the power machine drives the rotary table through the transmission device, and the drill bit is driven by the active drill pipe to rotate the broken rock layer at a speed of 30-90r/min.

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Pneumatic Well Washing Rotary Drill Machine

It uses an air compressor instead of a mud pump to clean the well. It usually adopts the reverse circulation method, that is, compressed air is sent to the gas-water mixing chamber in the well through the gas supply pipeline so that it can be mixed with the water flow in the drill pipe to form the aerated water flow with a proportion less than 1. Under the action of gravity of the annular water column around the drill pipe, the aerated water flow inside the drill pipe carries rock debris continuously up and out of the well and flows into the sedimentation tank. Then the precipitated water flows back into the well in a self-flowing manner.

Hydraulic Power Head Rotary Drilling Rig Machine

The type is driven by a hydraulic motor through a reducer. The powerhead moving up and down the tower is used to drive the drill pipe and drill bit to rotate and cut rock layers instead of the rotary disc and faucet. It is characterized by fast drilling speed, while the loading and unloading of drilling tools and the downhole pipe are relatively simple.

DTH Vibratory Rotary Well Drilling Machine

It is a kind of rotary water well drilling equipment that drills into rock formations by the connection of vibration and rotary motion. The excitation force produced by the vibrator causes the whole drill string to make a conical pendulum motion. The drill bits are placed on the outside of the vibrator shell through a friction ring set. On the one hand, it vibrates horizontally with the vibrator at a frequency of about 1000r/min. On the other hand, it rotates around the axis of the vibrator at a low speed of 3-12r/min to break the rock strata, while the drilling pipe doesn’t turn. The well is cleaned using compressed-air reverse circulation, and the cuttings are discharged out of the well through the pipe and drill pipe cavity at the center of the vibrator.

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