Small Road Roller

Small Road Roller Manufacturer
Small Road Roller Manufacturer

Mini Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller
Mini Double Drum Vibratory Road Roller

The small road roller is also called the hand-held road roller. At present, the small-sized road roller produced in China has been divided into a hand-held single-wheel roller; a hand-held two-wheel roller; and a seat-type roller. The engine is divided into a diesel engine and a gasoline engine. As a compacting machine essential for pavement engineering, the compact roller had been widely used in the construction of various pavement works. In addition, we also have road-making machines, floor shot blasters, asphalt crack filler machines, floor scarifiers, floor grinders, curb and gutter machines, trowel machines, electric road sweepers, snow blowers, etc. Please contact us to know more details. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Mini Road Roller Parameter:

Model YG-600S YG-600D YG-850 YG-880
Type Walk-behind Walk-behind Ride-on Ride-on
Drum number 1 2 2 2
Engine power 5.5Hp 6.0Hp 6.0Hp 25Hp
Walking speed 2.4km/h 0-4km/h 0-4km/h 0-5km/h
Walking type Two-side Two-side Two-side Two-side
Drive type Hydraulic Hydraulic Diesel Hydraulic
Drum size 426*600 426*600 580*700 800*850
Vibrate force 15KN 25KN 35KN 50KN
Climbing ability 25% 30% 30% 30%
Weight 330kg 550kg 750kg 1000KG

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Walk-Behind Roller Compactor
Walk-Behind Roller Compactor

Roller for Road Construction
Roller for Road Construction

Application of Road Compact Roller:

The compact roller is suitable for compacting asphalt pavement, sidewalks, bridges, parking lots, sports ground, and other narrow compaction operations. It is an ideal equipment for roads and municipal departments to maintain and repair trenches, streets, and square strips.

Mini Road Roller Features:

  1. The working radius is small, and it can work in a narrow area, which is suitable for trench backfilling;
  2. Superior performance, easy to start.
  3. Using hydraulic actuator, step-less speed change, convenient commutation.
  4. The handrail adopts an adjusting device, which is suitable for workers of different heights and is convenient to transport.
  5. The surface of plastic spray, rust, and corrosion resistance.

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Mini Road Roller Price
Mini Road Roller Price

Mini Asphalt Roller Manufacturer
Mini Asphalt Roller Manufacturer

Why Use A Roller for Compaction Work?

The purpose of subgrade soil compaction is to reduce the gap of the soil, increase the compactness of the soil, improve the compressive strength and stability of the subgrade, and make it reach the specified bearing capacity; the purpose of pavement compaction is to improve the compactness of the compressed material In order to resist the dynamic influence of vehicles and other objects driving on it, as well as the erosion of rain and snow.

Hot-sale Road Roller Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

YG Machinery’s road rollers are the most popular products in the near future, whether it is domestic sales department or foreign sales department. In foreign markets, customers in the Philippines and the United States now recognize our equipment even more. Dozens of customers have placed orders for our rollers this month. In addition, there are many models of our road rollers, such as walk-behind rollers, ride-on rollers, and so on. And can be customized according to customer requirements. If you are interested in our compact roller, please contact us now.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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