Low Cost Paper Bag Machine

Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine
Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine

Low Cost Paper Bag Making Machine
Low-Cost Paper Bag Making Machine

Roll Feeding square bottom paper bag-making machine forms the paper bag in one process from printed or unprinted roll paper, side gluing, roll folding, roll paper cutting, bottom folding, bottom gluing, bottom forming, and bag formation at a stroke. This machine is controlled by a PC programmable servo motor through the human-machine touchscreen interface. This machine has the advantages of high speed, quickly replacing the paper bag specifications, wider range adjusting, etc. It is an ideal machine for producing food bags and shopping handle bags and can produce paper bags of various sizes, creating greater value for customers. Contact us to learn more low-cost paper bag-making machines now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine Parameter:

Model YG-330 YG-450A YG- 450B
Cutting length 270-530mm 270-530mm 380-760mm
270-430mm (with handle) 270-430mm (with handle) 380-660mm (with handle)
Bag width 120-330mm 200-450mm 220-450mm
200-330mm(with handle) 240-450mm(with handle) 240-450mm(with handle)
Bottom width 60-180mm 80-180mm 80-200mm
Paper Thickness 60-150g/M2 80-150g/M2 80-150g/M2
80-150g/M2(with handle) 80-150g/M2(with handle) 80-150g/M2(with handle)
Paper roll width 380-1050mm 590-1300mn 630-1350mm
620-1050mm(with handle) 710-1300mm(with handle) 710-1350mm(with handle)
Roll paper diameter 1300mm 1300mm 1300mm
Paper core 76mm 76mm 76mm
Patch length 152mm 152/190mm 152/190mm
patch width 45-50mm 45-50mm 45-50mm
Handle distance 75mm 75/95mm 75/95mm
Rope diameter 4-5mm 4-5mm 4-5mm
Patch paper roll width 90-100mm 90-100mm 90-100mm
Patch paper roll diameter 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
Patch paper thickness 100-135g/M2 100-135g/M2 100-135g/M2
Production speed for bags without handles 30-180bags/min 30-150bags/min 30-130bags/min
Production speed for bags with handles 30-130bags/min 30-120bags/min 30-120bags/min
Machine size 15000x6000x2700mm 15000x6000x2700mm

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Different Type of Paper Bag
Different Types of Paper Bags

Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer
Paper Bag Machine Manufacturer

9 Features Paper Bag Machine :

  1. Touch screen man-machine interface, real-time display of working conditions.
  2. Ultra-precision servo control system ensures stable and efficient operation of the machine.
  3. Material loading and unloading adopts a pneumatic lifting structure.
  4. Fully automatic constant tension control system, the tension is the same from beginning to end.
  5. Double photoelectric sensors limit automatic correction control systems, stable correction, energy saving, and long life.
  6. Flat bottom cutting device, various types of bag making.
  7. The anti-air coating control of the glue roller prevents the glue from directly coating the surface of the wheel hub and reduces unnecessary troubles.
  8. Accurate color mark tracking system, automatic shutdown of color mark errors.
  9. Ink circulation type closed squeegee scraping ink.

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Low-Cost Paper Bag Machine for Sale in YG Machinery:

Each one of these machines can produce different types and sizes of paper bags. This gives businesses a great deal of flexibility when choosing the right type of bag for their needs. It is a fully automatic machine and budget-friendly. You can stand high in the market with the help of this machine. In addition, we also have paper cup machines, paper bowl machines, paper straw machines, paper dish machines, double wall paper cup machines, roll die cutting machines, paper cup printing machines, paper lid making machines, egg tray making machines, A4 paper making machines, A4 paper cutting machines, toilet paper making machines, napkin paper machines, kraft paper bag making machines, etc. Contact us to know more!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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