A4 Paper Making Machine

A4 Paper Production Line
A4 Paper Production Line

A4 Paper Making Machine
A4 Paper Making Machine

A4 paper-making machine is new technology equipment for converting jumbo paper rolls into A4 or A3 size paper sheets for office use. YG A4 paper cutting & packaging machines have fully automatic A4 paper production lines, also have semi-automatic independent paper cutting lines, and A4 paper packing machines, are also available with various kinds of auxiliary machines for A4 copy paper converting. For more details please send an inquiry now.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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A4 Paper Making Machine Parameter:

Model YG-A4-1100 YG-A4-1400
Max.Width of Unwinding 1100mm 1400mm
Max.Diameter of Unwinding Ø1400mm Ø1400mm
Cutting Size A4 Paper Size A4 Paper Size
Cutting Speed 6Reams/mins 6Reams/mins
Machine Weight 8000KG 9000KG
Total Power 16KW 16KW
Machine Size 19600*2000*2000mm 19600*2200*2000mm

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A4 Paper Product Process
A4 Paper Product Process

5 Characteristics of High-quality A4 Culture Paper Machine:

  1. This Machine adopts Servo Motor (INVT, China/Yaskawa, Japan), PLC(Panasonic, Japan) touch screen (Weinview, Taiwan China)control system, auto counting quantity, and auto stop when alarm, auto tension control, and auto high precision stacking, etc function.
  2. Machine Unwinding device adopts auto air-shaft loading system(Standard is normal 3-inch air shaft, option: 3/6 inch auto shaftless loading system )
  3. Machine Stacking devices adopt high precision and the newest technology stacking device to guarantee finished product precision and effect.
  4. The slitting device uses a round slitting blade for lengthways cut A4 paper size width—error ±0.2mm.
  5. Cross-cutting devices adopt high precision and quality export cutters to guarantee durability and cutting precision. error±0.2mm.

This machine is suitable for paper rolls to make A4 paper size sheets etc.

Paper Machine Working Principle:

  1. Pulping equipment prepares raw material by blending, sizing, filling, and purification into a pulp with paper-making properties, then ensuring that pulp is in 0.3-1.3% concentration in the paper machine;
  2. Distribution and homogenization by pulp distributor and headbox, the pulp will be uniformly and stably delivered to the forming wire;
  3. There are case roll, vacuum suction box, roll forming, and other dewatering parts, when the wet paper forms on the wire to a moisture content of about 20%, it could be shipped from the net surface and sent to the pressure section for further dehydration;
  4. The upper role of the press is equipped with a blanket washing device, the dry degree of wet paper can reach about 40% after the pressure section;
  5. The dryer section has many dryers, that can be heated by steam from the inside dryer, dryers are covered with dryer felt, and after drying, the paper will be through a reeling machine and final rewinding machine to cut to the customer’s size.

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Copy Paper Making Machine for Sale
Copy Paper Making Machine for Sale

Finished A4 Paper
Finished A4 Paper

Application of Office Paper-Making Machine:

A4 paper-making machine is used to make A4 paper. The specification of the A4 paper is defined by ISO2169 (International Standard Organization). And the specification of A4 paper is 210mm*297mm. Most countries all over the world adopt the international standard specification. We use A4 paper widely in life, such as writing the thesis, writing messages, drawing a picture, folding paper, etc.

A4 Paper Making Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

The office paper making machine is our main product. Also, many customers would like to buy tissue paper-making machines, A4 paper cutting machines, napkin paper machines, wet wipes machines, slitting machinesdisposable cup-making machines, paper bag-making machinesshoe cover-making machines, disposable slipper machines, egg tray-making machines, paper bowl making machines, paper dish making machines, paper straw making machines, etc. Quality and price can be guaranteed whatever you buy from our factory. If you want to know more about the machine, we will send you relevant videos, pictures, specifications, prices, etc. We will be your first choice.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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