Slitting Machine Price

Paper Slitting Machine Manufacturer
Paper Slitting Machine Manufacturer

Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine
Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine

Slitting machine, also called dividing and cutting machine, paper slitter rewinder machine, paper slitting, and rewinding machine, etc. In short, the primary role of a slitter is to convert (slit) paper, film, and foil materials to cut large rolls of these materials into narrower rolls. It is widely used in the paper industry and printing industries. Want to invest slitting machine? Contact us now to send your slitting machine price!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Paper Slitting Machine Technical Parameter:

Model YG- 1300 YG- 1600 YG- 1800
Max width 1300mm 1600mm 1800mm
Max Diameter for unwinding ¢1400mm ¢1400mm ¢1400mm
Min width of slitting 30mm 30mm 30mm
Max Diameter of rewinding ¢1000mm ¢1000mm ¢1000mm
Speed ≤350m/min ≤350m/min ≤350m/min
Total Power 24kw 26kw 30kw
Power supply 380V/50hz 380V/50hz 380V/50hz
Weight 4000kg 4500kg 5500kg
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 3300x3150x1930(mm) 3300x3450x1930(mm) 3300x3650x1930(mm)

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Auto Slitting Machine for Sale
Auto Slitting Machine for Sale

Check the Slitting Width
Check the Slitting Width

Scope of Application of the Slitting Machine:

  1. Suitable substrates: mica tape, paper, insulating materials, and film slitting.
  2. Applicable industries: related industries with various insulating materials, special electrical paper, and films.
  3. Applicable process: plate separation, finished product inspection, finished product volume, process cutting.

Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine Main Features:

  1. The machine adopts three servo motors synchronous control automatic tension, and central surface rewinding.
  2. The machine adjusts the speed frequency converter motor, so it can keep a stable operation when sped up.
  3. It adopts PLC auto meter count and automatic alarm; The rewinding adopts A.B slip shaft structures(Air shaft can be chosen).
  4. The unwinding adopts an ultrasonic/CCD correcting edge position system.
  5. A Circular/flat knife cut the materials. The waste uses a high-pressure air blower.
  6. Hydraulic shaftless loading structure feeding system.
  7. Loading rock, material unloading convenience.

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Application Industry of Slitting Machine
Application Industry of Slitting Machine

Use Slitting Machine Final Products
Use Slitting Machine Final Products

Materials Suitable for Paper Slitting Machine:

Cuttable Material

1 Paper Paper board, kraft paper, culture paper, printing paper, laser paper
2 Foil Copper foil, aluminum foil
3 Film OPP, PE, PVC, PP, PC
4 Cloth Non-woven cloth,melt-blown fabric
5 Other Label and sticker etc.

Working Principle of High-speed Slitting Machine:

  1. The paper slitting machine needs to perform fixed-length slitting processing on the whole roll or the entire raw material, such as plastic packaging materials, packaging cartons, steel plates, films, leather, wood chips, etc., which must be controlled by fixed-length slitting.
  2. The slitting length can be set continuously. If there is an error in the actual slitting size, it is easy to calibrate by setting parameters.
  3. The slitting control of the paper slitting machine is divided into static and dynamic slitting: when the set length is reached, it will stop accurately, then statically slit, and restart the operation after slitting; when the set length is reached, it will not stop and send out Slitting signal, the slitting machine performs dynamic slitting processing during the material movement.

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Slitting Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer:

This splitting machine is suitable for slitting and rewinding various super-large coils, such as 30g/m-400g/m kraft paper, white cardboard, coated paper, silicone oil paper, aluminum foil, tin foil, PVC film, non-woven materials, and coil. Our machines are stable and won’t easily go out of work. So our equipment works very efficiently. And, since we are our researchers doing the research and we are the direct manufacturer, the price is very competitive.

In addition, we also have wet wipes machines, A4 paper-making machines, A4 paper-cutting machines, disposable cup-making machines, paper bag-making machines, garbage bag-making machinestissue-making machines, cast film machines, woven bag production linesshoe cover-making machines, disposable slipper machinesfabric spreading machines, ultrasonic quilting machines, etc. Invest in good business, and make more money.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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