Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine

Soft Serve Ice Cream Vending Machine
Soft Serve Ice Cream Vending Machine

Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine
Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine

Soft Ice cream vending machines, also known as unmanned intelligent vending machines. Ice cream vending machine is a way for the system to set goods and prices in advance, allowing consumers to enjoy services anytime and anywhere. Enjoy delicious ice cream. Ice cream is the favorite dessert of young people. Whether it is work or leisure, it can make stress and trouble disappear. Ice cream vending machines can be placed in places with heavy traffic, such as pedestrian streets, train stations, coffee shops, KTVs, theaters, and other places. Ice cream vending machines can be open 24 hours a day without manual assistance. Save the increasingly high labor cost. Of course, the rest is profit. Contact us to get a quote!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine Technical Parameter:

 Product Name  Ice cream vending machine  Model Number  YG021
 Type  Vending machine  Function  Ice cream maker
 Product Size  1080*960*2250MM  Material  Metal and Plastic
 Flavors  59 flavors  Screen Size  32inch touch screen
 Voltage  110/220V  Standby Power  400W
 Operating power  2000W  Warranty  1 Year
 Temperature  Refrigerated 2℃-10℃ adjustable
 Ingredients  One kind of milk, three kinds of jam, and three top ingredients
 Suitable for  Store/Restaurant/Café/Game Center/Shop
 Payment System  Coin operated/Bill acceptor/Card reader/Credit card payment device

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Automatic Ice Cream Vending Machine
Automatic Ice Cream Vending Machine

Ice Cream Vending Machine for Sale
Ice Cream Vending Machine for Sale

Multiple Flavors Automatic Soft Ice Cream  Making Vending Machine Features:

  1. All steel body material; food-grade tube container.
  2. 32-inch interactive touch screen, excellent visual effects, and control experience.
  3. Buy now and make it now, fresh tasting, multiple flavors.
  4. Cup and Spoon integrated design.
  5. Anti-pinch design.
  6. 3 kinds of jam and 3 kinds of nuts, can be matched freely.
  7. High expansion rate.
  8. Support payment methods: banknotes, coins, credit cards, and QR codes.
  9. Optional automatic cutlery and bag function.
  10. Cloud service background management, all data at a glance, operation is more worry-free.

Operating Procedures:

  1. Choose an ice cream flavor with DIY auxiliary ingredients.
  2. Scan the QR code to pay.
  3. Wait for the production and take the ice cream cup.

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Robotic Ice Cream Vending Machine
Robotic Ice Cream Vending Machine

Ice Cream Robot Vending Machine Manufacturer
Ice Cream Robot Vending Machine Manufacturer

Diversified Marketing Methods:

  1. The second cup is half-price, and the marketing campaign can be started at will if you buy three cups and get one free.
  2. Recharge 100 yuan to get 200 yuan, and freely set pre-recharge activities to start。
  3. Purchasing customer retention, copywriting, and marketing targeted push.
  4. Coupons are free, and you get a discount on your first cup of ice cream.
  5. The joint venture activities of third-party merchants such as restaurants, cinemas, and entertainment cities will increase the turnover of restaurants and other restaurants. At the same time, traffic will be converted to smart unmanned ice cream shops, ushering in an era of cooperation without mutual benefit and win-win results.

Why Choose YG Machinery? What Are the Advantages?

  1. Rich flavors. 1 type of milk syrup, 3 types of jam, 3 types of toppings, and more than 59 flavors can be prepared, and a high expansion rate expansion pump is used. With one refill of ingredients, about 90 ice creams (80g) can be made
  2. Stylish look. Colorful body color, cool luminous cup opening, outdoor waterproof design, food placement, and contact materials are all high-end food grade.
  3. Stable performance. It adopts imported compressors and worm gear motors. The overall test applause rate is less than 6 out of 10,000. It has intelligent power management, nighttime energy-saving mode, anti-ant design, and closed isolation design for food refrigeration.
  4. Intelligent management. Intelligent self-diagnosis function, intelligent self-healing function, intelligent and fast networking, facial recognition payment, WeChat, Alipay scan code payment, mobile phone and PC background functions, membership card function, etc.
  5. The ice cream vending machine is very powerful. It can produce a variety of different types and flavors of ice cream to meet the needs of ice cream lovers of different ages. Therefore, in terms of multiple purchase rates, ice cream vending machines can attract more people’s attention than ice cream shops in other stores.

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Soft Ice Cream Vending Machine Price – YG Machinery

Have you heard that you can make DIY ice cream in 1 minute? And supports any flavor, any nuts, and other delicious ingredients. Learn about Yugong’s new fully automatic ice cream vending machine. In addition to offering delicious, sweet treats at any location, it’s also attractive to entrepreneurs because it doesn’t require the startup costs of a typical ice cream franchise. In addition, we also have mini arcade claw machines, automatic cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, Pizza vending machines, and other equipment. In addition, there are paper cup-making machines, paper bowl machines, paper dish machines, paper cup-lid machines, paper straw-making machines, double-wall paper cup machines, roll die-cutting machines, etc. Contact us know more details!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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