Seat Driving Road Roller for Sale in Zambia

Vibratory Tandem Roller Machine Price
Vibratory Tandem Roller Machine Price

The seat-driving road roller manufactured by YG Machinery is always some small model that is widely used in small, narrow areas of road compaction engineering. In August 2018, a customer from Zambia searched for keywords about mini road roller on Google and found our website. Then he went to our page, selected the model he wanted, and sent us an inquiry email. Our sales manager who specializes in the sales of road roller equipment replied to him immediately and asked him some questions about uses, engineering quantity, the degree of compaction, the work efficiency he wants to achieve, the budget, and some other requirements of customers. Our sales manager then recommended the most suitable model for the customer according to his comprehensive needs and sent him a series of machine details and quotations, including the freight. The client was very satisfied with our seat-driving road roller machine. After several days of communication, he placed the order.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Seat Driving Road Roller Specification:

Model YG-600S YG-880 YG-850 YG-880
Power 5.5HP 25HP/20HP 6.0HP 25HP/20HP
Walk Speed 2.4km/h 0-5KM/H 0-4km/h 0-5KM/H
Climbing Capacity 25% 30% 30% 30%
Static Linear Load 45n/cm 45n/cm 45n/cm 45n/cm
Exciting Force 20KN 50KN 20KN 50KN
Vibration Frequency 70HZ 70HZ 70HZ 70HZ
Drive Hydraulic Drive Hydraulic Drive Hydraulic Drive Hydraulic Drive
Water Tank 15L 15L 15L 15L
Hydraulic Oil Tank 3.6L 19L 3.6L 19L
Engine Model HONDA GX160 GX390 HONDA GX270 GX390
Steel Wheel Size 426x600mm 800x850mm 580x700mm 800x850mm
Package Size 1050x900x1200mm 2100*1000*1650 mm 1550x900x1200mm 2100*1000*1650 mm
Weight 330kg 1000kg 750kg 1000kg

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The Package of Road Roller Machine in YG
The Package of Road Roller Machine in YG

Seat Driving Road Roller for Sale:

The machine is packed in wooden cases, which can protect the machine very well. When everything was ready, the two-seat driving road rollers were transported to the port closest port to the customer. After receiving the machine and using it for some time, the customer gave us feedback that the quality is very good and he is looking forward to cooperating with us next time if he needs to purchase a road construction machine.

Vibratory Tandem Roller Manufacturer – YG Machinery

The road rollers we sell are mainly small construction machinery products, most of which are relatively simple in structure and very convenient to maintain. The power used by our small construction machinery is mainly diesel engines. In addition, we also have other road construction machinery, road marking machines, floor shot blasters, asphalt crack filling machines, floor grinders, concrete floor scarifiers, curb and gutter machines, concrete trowel machines, electric road sweepers, snow-making machines, electric snow blowers, etc. Contact us to know more details.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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