Can Making Machine

Small Round Can Making Line
Small Round Can Making Line

Food Tin Can Machine
Food Tin Can Machine

This machine is a high-speed and high-precision automatic two-piece can production equipment. It is suitable for all kinds of 2-piece cans made with tinplate (aluminum). The whole sheet (aluminum) from the cylinder feedstock, automatic position pushing, servo feeding, mechanical hand stuffing, servo feeding, can stamping, second stretching and forming, then trimming, automatic out of the cans to palletizer with fully automatic operation, no manual operation. The whole line is equipped with three CNC high-precision presses, which are first stamping, second stretching, and forming, and the last trimming.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Can Making Machine Main Technical Parameter:




(First feeding and stamping)


(Second stretching and forming)



Normal Pressure 120T 100T 60T
Max stroke times 120 110 120
Max die installed 3 3 3
Max sheet size 1100*1100 1100*1100 1100*1100
Max sheet thickness 0.4mm 0.4mm 0.4mm
Total Power 25kw 35kw 13kw
Installation size 14000*1500*2800
Total weight 14.5T 16T 8.5T

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Different Types of Food Can
Different Types of Food Can

Food Tin Can Making Machine
Food Tin Can Making Machine

12 Characteristics of Can-Making Machine:

  1. Heavy-duty cast iron frame enclosed with stainless steel sheathing secured to the tubular frame making the machine durable, stable, and reliable.
  2. A mechanical transmission system makes it work for a lifetime with less maintenance.
  3. Integrating pre-curling, notching, edging folding, and lock seam into one helps to save at least 4 labor and less power consumption.
  4. Compact design minimizes and saves valued space.
  5. Operation is fully automatic with high efficiency and the capacity can be 48 pieces of cans per minute.
  6. This machine can make different sizes of tin plate cans by changing tooling.
  7. PLC control and friendly touchscreen HMI interface for easy adjustment.
  8. The fault diagnosis system protects the machine from damage.
  9. Automatic lubricant system.
  10. Automatic alarm.
  11. This machine can work standalone or can be incorporated into your existing line.
  12. Use the whole sheet blanking to improve efficiency and reduce the loss of raw materials.

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Small Food Tin Can Machine
Small Food Tin Can Machine

Tin Can Making Machine
Tin Can Making Machine

Two-piece Can Produce Technological Process(DRD cans)

First feeding and stamping→Second stretching and forming→Trimming→on line detecting→Packing.

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