Road Roller for Sale in Indian

Various Road Roller Machine for Sale
Various Road Roller Machines for Sale

The weather is very good this day, customers from India come to visit our factory, we welcome them. Jamal warmly welcomed our Indian customers. At the factory, we learned the performance, quality, and operation method of the road roller in detail, and our customers are very satisfied with the machine. After that, we had a hearty lunch together. The two parties discussed in detail the product specifications, specific methods of use, packaging, and transportation, payment methods, etc., and finally signed a cooperation agreement. Customers are satisfied with our products, technology, services, etc., and indicate that we will give priority to us if necessary. For our customers, we always maintain the most professional technical guidance, the highest level of enthusiasm, and the most sincere service. We will continue to improve, high-quality machines are our guarantee, and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. YG Machinery is a large-scale machinery enterprise integrating production, processing, sales, and distribution. Over the years, our company’s products have been exported to Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Please believe that the quality and price of our products must be the best, we are professional for our machines.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Mini Road Roller Parameter:

Model YG-600S YG-880 YG-850 YG-880
Power 5.5HP 25HP/20HP 6.0HP 25HP/20HP
Walk Speed 2.4km/h 0-5KM/H 0-4km/h 0-5KM/H
Climbing Capacity 25% 30% 30% 30%
Static Linear Load 45n/cm 45n/cm 45n/cm 45n/cm
Exciting Force 20KN 50KN 20KN 50KN
Vibration Frequency 70HZ 70HZ 70HZ 70HZ
Drive Hydraulic Drive Hydraulic Drive Hydraulic Drive Hydraulic Drive
Water Tank 15L 15L 15L 15L
Hydraulic Oil Tank 3.6L 19L 3.6L 19L
Engine Model HONDA GX160 GX390 HONDA GX270 GX390
Steel Wheel Size 426x600mm 800x850mm 580x700mm 800x850mm
Package Size 1050x900x1200mm 2100*1000*1650 mm 1550x900x1200mm 2100*1000*1650 mm
Weight 330kg 1000kg 750kg 1000kg

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Buy Walk Behind Roller Machine
Buy Walk Behind Roller Machine

Ride-on Roller Machine Manufacturer
Ride-on Roller Machine Manufacturer

5 Features of Road Roller Compactor:

  1. Road rollers could adopt gasoline engines or famous diesel engines, superior performance, easy to start.
  2. The operating radius is small, can work in a small area, suitable for groove backfill.
  3. With an internationally famous brand hydraulic drive unit, walking forward and backward, reversing conveniently.
  4. With an internationally famous NSK bearing, the Mitsuboshi v-belt ensures the good performance of the machine. Infinitely variable speed, Double drums drove, the gradability stays the same when the oil temperature is higher.
  5. The hydraulic control system ensures the walking and compaction degree of accuracy, the maintenance is more convenient and easy to use with safety.

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Walk-Behind Roller Manufacturer – YG Machinery

The road roller, also known as the compactor, is a road repairing device. The road roller belongs to the category of road equipment in construction machinery. It is widely used in the filling and compacting of large-scale projects such as high-grade roads, railways, airport runways, dams, and stadiums. It can crush sand, semi-stick, and sticky soil. Subgrade stabilized soil and asphalt concrete pavement layer. The road roller is applied by the gravity of the machine itself and is suitable for various compaction operations so that the pressed layer is permanently deformed and compacted. Our company also sells all kinds of road construction machinery, such as road marking machines, floor shot blaster machines, crack sealing machines, concrete curb machines, floor grinder machines, electric road sweepers, floor scarifiers, etc. If you need or want to know about our products, please contact us. We will reply as soon as possible.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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