Vibratory Plate Compactor for Sale

YG Electric Plate Compactor
YG Electric Plate Compactor

Gasoline Plate Compactor Manufacturer
Gasoline Plate Compactor Manufacturer

Vibratory plate compactor for sale in YG Machinery with factory price. It is mainly used for compacting engineering foundations and road surfaces in highways, municipalities, and construction. It is suitable for groove backfill foundation, asphalt compaction, floor brick compaction, etc. It has a compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient movement, high work efficiency, good tamping effect, stable operation, and labor-saving. Vibratory plate compactor can be divided into electric plate compactor and gasoline plate compactor.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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Electric Plate Compactor for Sale:

Electric Plate Compactor for Sale
Electric Plate Compactor for Sale

Buy Hot-sale Electric Plate Compactor
Buy Hot-sale Electric Plate Compactor

Model YG-120 YG-150
Power type Electric Electric
Power output(kW) 3 4
Exciting force(km) 16 20
Compaction depth(cm) 30 30
Moving speed(cm/s) 10-27 10-27
Working efficiency 48Hz 48Hz
Dimension(mm) 450*420

(compaction area)


(compaction area)

Item weight(kg) 125 150
Gradeability ≤20 ≤20

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Gasoline Plate Compactor for Sale:

YG Gasoline Plate Compactor
YG Gasoline Plate Compactor

Small Vibratory Plate Compactor
Small Vibratory Plate Compactor

A gasoline plate compactor is used in roads, municipalities, buildings, water conservancies, and other fields to build roads, streets, buildings, canals, and bridges. It is also suitable for the compaction of narrow foundations.

Model YG-60 YG-90 YG-160
Power type Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline
Power output(kW) 5.5 5.5 7.5
Exciting force(km) 10.5 13 30
Compaction depth(cm) 20 30 30
Moving speed(cm/s) 4 4 10
Working efficiency 450 660 550
Dimension(mm) 800*100*1080 850*500*1100 500*400*1000
Item weight(kg) 62 83 180
Gradeability ≤20 ≤20 ≤20

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Vibratory Plate Compactor for Sale in YG Working Principle:

The vibrating plate compactor is mainly suitable for the bonding between the tamping particles and the material with less friction. The main working parameters of the vibrating plate are the bottom area of the working plate, the mass of the whole machine, the exciting force, and the excitation frequency. Under normal circumstances, the floor area of the same type of plate compactor is similar, so the performance of the plate compactor impact cymbal is mainly affected by the quality of the whole machine, the exciting force, and the excitation frequency. The exciting force is mainly used to maintain the forced vibration of the material to be compacted, and the excitation frequency affects the compaction efficiency and the degree of compaction. That is, under the same exciting force, the higher the excitation frequency, the higher the compaction efficiency and compactness high.

Features of Vibratory Plate Compactor for Sale in YG:

  1. The gasoline plate compactors adapt the vibration-proof operating armrest, which is foldable and detachable. At the same time, it has excellent anti-vibration measures, even if it is working for a long time, it will not fatigue.
  2. The gasoline plate compactor is equipped with a high-reserve four-stroke engine, which has low fuel consumption, low noise, and excellent durability. It has an oil sensor device, and it has an automatic stop function when the engine oil is insufficient.
  3. The gasoline plate compactor is equipped with a mobile transport wheel to make the move between the sites convenient and easy.
  4. The gasoline plate compactor is equipped with the largest capacity water tank in the same class of products, without the need for tools.
  5. The gasoline plate compactor fully sealed pulley shell adopts special injection molded parts, which makes the material lightweight and improves the strength and heat dissipation, and prevents dust stones from entering, improving the life and durability of the belt.
  6. Gasoline plate compactor with spheroidal graphite iron plate with round edge, tough, wear-resistant, self-cleaning function, high work efficiency.

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How to Check They Can’t Work:

  1. Check the amount of fuel in the tank.
  2. Check if the fuel tank switch is in the open position.
  3. Check the amount of oil.
  4. Check that the air filter element is clean.
  5. Check that the throttle handle is open to the large throttle position.
  6. Check if the flameout power switch is off.
  7. Check if the spark plugs high voltage line is plugged in.
  8. Remove the spark plug to check if the gasoline in the cylinder has passed, and pull the starting rope to idle to remove excess gasoline.
  9. Replace the spark plug ( remove with a special sleeve).
  10. Check if the fuel filter at the lower end of the fuel tank switch has dirt and oil.
  11. Still can’t start the internal engine problem.

Precautions for Use:

  1. To be added to the fuel tank, the gasoline drum must be clean. There should be no sand, debris, water, or other oil in the fuel tank.
  2. Oil shall not deteriorate, such as water, oil aging for a long time to use, timely replacement of problems.
  3. When starting the engine to pull the drawstring, do not use excessive force, as long as you feel the resistance in the pull, and then pull it hard at this position, it will start; then gently send the start pull handle back.* Winter start can be a semi-opening damper to increase the concentration of gasoline and air to facilitate start-up, must be turned on after starting.
  4. After the engine is started, do not open the throttle too much, open 80%, because the engine is easy to damage due to long working temperatures.
  5. Do not vibrate in the ground on hard ground and already working surfaces. Hard too hard will cause damage to the implement.
  6. The lime soil working surface is sturdy before the water is sprayed, and the surface is not stuck to the tamping, and the tamping effect is achieved.
  7. When working on a cement concrete surface or stable layer, the appearance of the machine must be cleaned after use, and the cleaning will not be cleaned after solidification to affect the appearance.

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Vibratory Plate Compactor Manufacturer
Vibratory Plate Compactor Manufacturer

Vibratory Plate Compactor Manufacturer – YG Machinery

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