Mini Crawler Excavator

Mini Crawler Excavator
Mini Crawler Excavator

Micro Mini Excavator
Micro Mini Excavator

The mini crawler excavator (or crawling digger) is a tracked vehicle designed to dig grade, or move earth and large objects, and is classified by its mode of locomotion. Crawler excavators are widely used in construction work, such as digging trenches, holes, and foundations, as well as for handling materials, moving earth, demolition, dredging, etc. They are used for material handling, light demolition jobs, stump removal, ditching, construction projects, landscaping, road building, home garden use, and so on. It is multi-functional with many attachments that can be installed such as a breaker hammer, rock saw, crusher bucket, drum cutter, hydraulic shear, integrated drill and splitting, rock splitter, auger, wood grabber, ditcher, etc. Want to know more details? Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Various of Different Types Excavator
Various of Types Excavators

Mini Crawler Excavator Technical Parameter:

Model YG10-8
Operating Weight 1000kg
Digging bucket capacity 0.025cbm/100kg
Bucket width 340mm
Rated power 10.2 / 7kw/2200r/min
Displacement 0.499 L
Bore stroke 70×55
Displacement 6.8ml/r
Travel speed 1.5km/h
Overall dimension( LxWxH) 1877x896x1990 mm
Wheelbase 770 mm
The total length of the track 960mm
Platform ground clearance 376 mm
Platform back-turning radius 664 mm
Chassis width 896 mm
Track width 180 mm
Chassis ground clearance 132 mm
Track height 320 mm
Max. Digging depth 1650 mm
Max. Vertical digging depth 1376 mm
Max. Digging height 2365 mm
Max. Dumping height 1655 mm
Max. Digging radius on the ground 2560 mm
Min. Rotation radius 1200 mm
Max. Upgrade the height of the bulldozer blade 165 mm
Max. Digging depth of bulldozer blade 170 mm

We also have 0.8-ton, 1-ton, 1.6-ton, 1.8-ton, 2-ton, 2.2-ton, and 3.5-ton mini excavators for you to choose! In addition, support OEM!

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Mini Excavator Optional Accessories
Mini Excavator Optional Accessories

6 Features of YG Mini Crawler Excavator:

  1. Excavators with compact dimensions can easily drive through narrow passages and doors.
  2. Retractable undercarriage and dozer blade allow the excavators to be configured for excellent working stability and optimum performance.
  3. Powerful engines and perfectly matched hydraulics provide efficient, economical, and reliable performance for the toughest jobs.
  4. Bucket hoses are well protected within the boom and the cylinder is mounted above the structure.
  5. The operator area is spacious and laid out to provide comfort and ease of operation.
  6. The excellent engine provides excellent power with minimal fuel use for more productivity per tank.

Why Choose Mini Crawler Excavator:

Compared with large excavators, small excavators have the advantages of low fuel consumption, good quality, low failure rate, unlimited space, and multi-function, which can be applied to the following aspects:

  1. Orchard: digging fertilizer ditch, planting trees, weeding, soil cultivation, reclamation, etc.
  2. Trenching: cable trench, water or sewage pipeline, natural gas pipeline, etc.
  3. Landscaping: planting trees, digging ditches, etc.
  4. Mountain contracting: planting trees, building terraces, digging ditches, opening paths, weeding, etc.
  5. Indoor: indoor demolition, basement backfill.
  6. Crushing: Road and ground concrete crushing, mountain stone crushing, etc.
  7. Mine: tunnel and cave construction, various mines and shafts, etc.
  8. Vegetable greenhouses: used for deep plowing.
  9. Dig medicine: used to dig yam, etc.

In addition: agriculture and forestry planting, farmland transformation, small earthwork engineering, municipal engineering, pavement repair, breeding farm, garden cultivation and river channel dredging engineering, and other operating environments. It includes digging, breaking, hook cleaning, drilling, and bulldozing. It can quickly replace accessories and greatly improve the utilization rate of the machine.

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Small Crawler Excavator Manufacturer
Small Crawler Excavator Manufacturer

Micro Mini Digger Manufacturer
Micro Mini Digger Manufacturer

Mini Crawler Excavator Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

Small crawler excavators are used in various engineering constructions, and everyone is familiar with them. Not only the function of its equipment is powerful, but it can also be equipped with different excavator attachments for activities, such as pile breaker, auger, wood grabber, ditch opener, hydraulic shears, double steel shears, etc. so that the excavator is suitable The scope of application is even greater. At present, the excavators of YG Machinery have been sold to the Philippines, the United States, Malaysia, Australia, Mauritania, Pakistan, Russia, Maldives, and many other countries, and have received good feedback from customers. In addition, we have micro excavators, small backhoe loaders, electric forklifts, hydraulic scissor lift platforms, auto brick-making machinesgypsum spray plaster machines, concrete mixer pumps, mini concrete pumps, hydroseeding machines, GRC machines, shotcrete machines, fog cannon machines, mortar spraying machines, portable sandblaster machines, rubber vulcanizing machines, etc. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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