CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

High-pressure Waterjet Cutter Machine
High-pressure Waterjet Cutter Machine

CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine
CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine

Waterjet cutting is a plane cutting machine tool that combines an ultra-high pressure water jet generator and a two-dimensional CNC machining platform. It raises the pressure of the water flow to high enough (above 200MPa), so that the water flow has great kinetic energy, which can penetrate chemical fibers, wood, leather, rubber, etc., and a certain proportion of abrasives can be mixed in high-speed water flow to penetrate almost all Hard materials such as ceramics, stone, glass, metals, alloys, etc. Under the guidance of the two-dimensional numerical control processing platform, start or end processing at any position of the material, and move at an appropriate speed according to the set trajectory to realize the plane cutting of any graphics.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Parameter of CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine:

Name Parameter Unit
Fly-arm type Type 4020 3020 4015 3015 2515 2015 1615 1210
Maximum cutting area 4.0*2.0 3.0*2.0 4.0*1.5 3.0*1.5 2.5*1.5 2.0*1.5 1.6*1.5 1.2*1.0 m
Bridge type Type 6030 6020 4020 3020 6015 4015 3015 2015
Maximum cutting area 6.0*3.0 6.0*2.0 4.0*2.0 3.0*2.0 6.0*1.5 4.0*1.5 3.0*1.5 2.0*1.5 m
Maximum pressure 420 Mpa
Working pressure 350-400 Mpa
Maximum flow rate 3/3.7 L/min
Water ori diameter 0.3-0.33 mm
Inner hole size of the sand mixing pipe 0.8 or 1.0 mm
Main engine motor Type YG225l-4
Rating Power 37 KW
Rating speed 1480 R/min

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CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine Producer
CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine Producer

Working Principle of Portable Waterjet Cutter:

Water jet cutting, the ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine is to pass ordinary water through an ultra-high pressure pressurizer to pressurize the water to 3000 bar, and then generates a water jet about 3 times the speed of sound through a water nozzle with a channel diameter of 0.3 mm. Under the control of the computer, it is convenient to cut soft materials with arbitrary graphics, such as paper, sponge, fiber, etc. If sand is added to increase the cutting force, almost any material can be cut.

High-pressure Waterjet Cutter 6 Features:

  1. No thermal deformation during cutting, avoiding physical and chemical changes of materials.
  2. It is widely adapted to the cutting process of various materials and has the reputation of a “universal cutting machine”.
  3. The cut is smooth and flat without burrs and generally does not need to be reprocessed.
  4. Operated by the numerical control system, with high cutting precision.
  5. The cutting seam is less than 1.2mm, which is convenient for nesting cutting and saving materials.
  6. The processing process will not produce waste that pollutes the environment.

CNC water jet is ideal or the only processing method for materials that are difficult to cut by other methods, such as Kevlar, titanium alloy, and various composite materials.

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Waterjet Application
Waterjet Application

Industrial Application of High-pressure Waterjet Cutting Technology:

  1. Automobile Industry: Processing various non-metallic materials, such as instrument panels, carpets, asbestos brakes, car liners, door frames, roof glass, car interior trim panels, rubber, plastics, gas tanks, etc., as well as the forming and cutting of other internal and external components.
  2. Aviation Industry: It can cut special materials, such as titanium alloy, honeycomb structures, carbon fiber composite material, laminated metal or reinforced plastic glass, etc. For example, when cutting an airplane blade with a water jet, the cutting edge of the blade has no heat-affected zone and work hardening, which eliminates the need for subsequent processing.
  3. Foundry industry: Foundry plants can use water jet cutting technology to remove aluminum oxide on the outside of the workpiece, sand and ceramic coatings on the castings, etc. At the same time, it can cut gray cast iron parts that are difficult to cut by conventional methods.
  4. Electronics and Computer Industry: Forming and cutting of printed circuit boards and film shapes can be performed.
  5. Other industries: The water jet and abrasive jet cutting technology can also be applied in other industrial processes, such as cutting marble, granite, ceramics, etc. in the construction industry, processing finished paper rolls, corrugated paper, toilet paper, etc. in the paper industry, processing plywood, wood panels in the wood industry.

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CNC Waterjet Cutting Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

The excellent performance of high-pressure waterjet cutting technology can cut materials that cannot be cut or are easily cut by other methods. At present, more and more customers choose this kind of machine. YG Machinery’s products have always been very cost-effective. In addition, we have plasma cutting machines you can choose from. Also, we have other cutting machines, such as concrete wall saws, hydraulic wire saw machines, rock splitters, high-frequency wall saws, pile breakersmini spider cranes, crawler wire saw machines, hydraulic breaker machines, firewood splitter machines, excavator drum cutters, horizontal band saw machines, etc. Contact us to know more!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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