Pavement Grooving Machine

Pavement Grooving Machine
Pavement Grooving Machine

YG Pavement Slotting Machine
YG Pavement Slotting Machine

The pavement grooving machine is mainly used for the grooving of asphalt and cement pavement cracks. Quickly arrange irregular cracks into uniform grooves with special blades to form new joint faces. Optimize the contact layer between the potting material and the slot to enhance the tightness of the joint between the potting material and the sidewall of the slot.

YG Machinery’s pavement grooving machine has a wide range of uses and low cost. It can be used in conjunction with our crack sealing machine to improve work efficiency. If you need a grooving machine and a sealing machine for a project, please contact us. In addition, we also have floor shot blasters, concrete curb machines, road roller machines, asphalt crack filler machines, floor grinder machines, trowel machines, electric snowblowers, electric road sweeper machines, and road marking machines. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Road Grooving Machine
Road Grooving Machine

Pavement Grooving Machine Parameter:

Model Model 180 Power GX390/13hp
Groove width 10mm Blade diameter 180mm
Groove depth 0-50mm Blade thickness 8mm
speed of the main shaft 5200r/min Groove speed 0-3m/min
Weight 100kg Dimension 650*1100*1000mm
Blade specification External diameter *tooth*thickness*inner diameter 180*10*8*50

Road Grooving Machine Working Principle:

It is powered by a powerful Honda gasoline engine, which drives the spindle to rotate at a high speed through a V-belt. The hand-cranked lifting hand wheel lowers the main shaft and cuts the crack. The front wheel uses a universal wheel so that the whole machine can follow the crack in the work. The naturally formed curve is grooved, and the matched fan page can also be used as a cleaning machine to clean the dust in the tank after the slotting, so as to achieve the purpose of multi-purpose use of the machine, and is a special machine for repairing cracks and grooves of the asphalt pavement.

5 Features of YG Road Grooving Machine:

    1. Gasoline engine power, flexible movement, free from power restrictions.
    2. A universal wheel design can change the slot angle arbitrarily with the direction of the crack.
    3. The flattening frame adopts thickened material to ensure the strength of the whole machine.
    4. A variety of blade options can cut out different shapes of the incision.
    5. It has the advantages of small size, flexible travel, reliable work, and high efficiency.

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YG Portable Pavement Grooving Machine
YG Portable Pavement Grooving Machine

The Pavement Grooving Machine Safe Operation Sequence:

  1. Before starting the machine, you must carefully check whether the tool and nut and the screws of each part are firm. If looseness is found, it must be tightened in time.
  2. Pay attention to the cutting direction when installing the tool, and do not reverse it.
  3. The main tool is turned clockwise.
  4. Before feeding the groove, first, confirm whether the pneumatic device is open and press the workpiece on the movable push table and close the positioning plate, and the hand is not allowed to approach the knife edge.
  5. When the machine fails, the power should be cut off immediately, and the operation should be stopped. A special person should be sent to make repairs and adjustments, and the machine tool cannot run sick.
  6. Before processing, the material should first check whether there are nails, sandstone joints, etc. On the tool to prevent damage to the tool joints and fly out.
  7. The machine must be turned off, the lubricant is cleaned, and the saw blade and knife scraps are removed.
  8. The machine tool must be operated, adjusted, and repaired by the designed personnel. It is strictly forbidden for those who are unfamiliar with the machine tool.
  9. Workers should wear protective equipment such as earplugs and eye protection when operating.
  10. The maintenance of the machine is carried out in accordance with the “Operation, Maintenance and Maintenance System”.

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YG Road Grooving Machine
YG Road Grooving Machine

Portable Pavement Grooving Machine for Sale
Portable Pavement Grooving Machine for Sale

Road Grooving Machine Trouble and Troubleshooting:

First: Do not turn( Silent).

Cause: Elimination Method:
The power cord is broken. Check and replace the power cord.
The power switch is damaged. Check and replace the power switch
The brush body is damaged. Check and replace the brush

Second: Do not turn ( with sound).

Cause: Elimination Method:
The gear is damaged. Check and replace the gears.
Bearing damage. Check and replace the bearing.
The stator is loose. Fasten the stator assembly fixing bolts.
The rotor is faulty. Check and replace the rotor.
Stator failure. Check the replacement of the stator.
Poor brush contact. Check and replace the brush.

Third: The whole machine vibrates.

Cause: Elimination Method:
Two diamond cutting wheels are deformed. Replace the same diamond cutting wheel.
The splint and distance ring is worn. Replace the splint and distance circle.
The output shaft bearing is damaged. Replace the bearing.

Fourth: The motor is overheated.

Cause: Elimination Method:
Overload. Reduce cutting speed and depth.
The diamond cutting wheel is too blunt. Replace the high-quality slotted special diamond broken wheel.
The two diamond cuts are not parallel. Reassemble.
Stator, rotor broom. Replace the bearings or re-match.

Five: The motor is weak.

Cause: Elimination Method:
The rotor is faulty. Check and replace the rotor.
Stator failure. Check and replace the stator.
The voltage is low. Check the cross-sectional area, length, and joint reliability of the wire.
Stator, rotor broom. Check and replace the brush.
The brush is too short or the spring loses its elasticity. Replace the brush or spring.

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