Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform
Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform

Portable Mobile Lift
Portable Mobile Lift

The aerial work platform is a product that serves mobile aerial work such as aerial work, equipment installation, and maintenance in various industries. The hydraulic scissor lift platform is a kind of vertical lift, which is widely used indoors and outdoors for special equipment for aerial work. It can be widely used for equipment maintenance, indoor and outdoor mechanical installation, equipment maintenance, and building maintenance in stations, docks, bridges, halls, and workshops.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Check Hydraulic Scissor Lift Platform Technical Parameters:

Model Up(m) Load(kg) Platform size(m) Outline dimensions/guardrail folding(m) Lifting motor Weight(kg)
YG0608SP 5.8 230 1.67*0.74 1.86*0.76*1.84 24v/3.3kw 1580
YG0608 6 450 2.27*1.12 2.48*1.19*1.66 24v/3.3kw 2170
YG0810NP 8 230 2.27*0.81 2.48*0.83*1.99 24v/3.3kw 2260
YG0810 8 450 2.27*1.12 2.48*1.19*1.78 24v/3.3kw 2360
YG1012 10 320 2.27*1.12 2.48*1.19*1.91 24v/3.3kw 2640
YG1214 11.8 320 2.27*1.12 2.48*1.19*2.03 24v/4.5kw 2980
YG1416 13.7 230 2.64*1.12 2.85*1.25*2.105 24v/4.5kw 3600

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Hydraulic Cargo Scissor Lift
Hydraulic Cargo Scissor Lift

Industrial Application of YG Hydraulic Scissor Lifting Platform:

  1. Light industry applications: factories, warehouse facilities, food processing, breweries, beer and bottling plants, logistics centers, tobacco, textile, pharmaceutical factories, textile factories, rubber and plastic factories, etc.
  2. Heavy industry applications: aerospace industry, chemical plants, steel plants, refineries, shipbuilding, port transportation, transportation equipment manufacturing, automobile factories, public utilities, nuclear power plants, etc.
  3. Retail applications: department stores, large shopping centers, large retail stores, electrical retail stores, auto parts stores, hardware stores, parcel express service centers, etc.
  4. Municipal public facilities applications: schools, hospitals, medical centers, convention and exhibition centers, stadiums, hotels, parks, recreational lighting facilities, railway stations, terminals, transportation hubs, government facilities, etc.

The Advantages of Scissor Hydraulic Lifting Platform:

  1. The structure is compact and stable and can adapt to continuous high-frequency operation.
  2. The lifting height is stable, which can meet the stable lifting of large-tonnage goods. It has a hydraulic system with anti-attachment and overload safety protection to ensure safe operation.
  3. The ascending and descending process is uniform and stable.
  4. Compact structure, simple appearance, flexible and convenient maintenance, and use.
  5. The rated load is heavy, which effectively improves work efficiency.
  6. The Italian joint venture pumping station group is adopted, with low noise and long service life.
  7. A wide range of optional accessories can meet customer needs in an all-around way.
  8. Clean and pollution-free, conducive to environmental maintenance.

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Stationary Scissor Lift
Stationary Scissor Lift

Application of Aerial Work Platform
Application of Aerial Work Platform

Hydraulic Scissor Lift Manufacturer – YG Machinery

Our scissor lifts are construction-oriented and can improve the operator’s work efficiency in demanding outdoor construction sites, with strong bearing capacity, convenient operation, safety and reliability, and good quality. If you are looking for a machine please contact us! In addition, we also have other construction machinery, fog cannon machines, mortar sprayers, shotcrete machines, sandblasting machines, hydroseeding machines, GRC machines, mini concrete pumps, auto brick-making machines, micro excavators, putty spraying machines, etc. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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