Borehole Drilling Machine Price

Crawler Small Borehole Drilling Rig
Crawler Small Borehole Drilling Rig

Portable Borehole Drilling Rig
Portable Borehole Drilling Rig

This borehole drilling machine mainly applies to geothermal drilling, farm irrigation, house yards, gardens, water well drilling and drilling, etc, it can drill 70-450mm diameter, Max 200m depth. It also can be used in small buildings piling, like farmhouses or factories, the drilling diameter can reach 450mm, and it can be applied to different strata, such as sand, soil, clay, soft rock, and so on. Click here to know the borehole drilling machine price.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Borehole Drilling Machine Parameter:

Model YG-240-22P YG-240-30P
Dimension 1450*1550*1970mm 2000*1230*2090mm
Weight 200kg 200kg
Drill rod diameter 42mm 51mm
Drill rod length 1.5m/unit 1.5m/unit
Rod change method Full automatic screw thread Full automatic screw thread
Max drilling depth 200m 200m
Diesel engine power 22HP 30HP
Drilling hole diameter Within 280mm 100mm-240mm
Lifting height 2.5m Max 2.5m
Lifting force 1000kg 2000kg

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Application of Portable Water Well Drilling Rig
Application of Portable Water Well Drilling Rig

Small Water Well Drilling Rig Parts
Small Water Well Drilling Rig Parts

Water Well Drilling Rig Machine Features:

  1. This diesel hydraulic water well drilling machine occupies a small area (1 square meter), with a height of 2 meters stands, the job can be installed in less than ten minutes and can be used at indoor and outdoor sites.
  2. The pipe is fully enclosed, and the shallow layer has no leakage, which can ensure the health and safety of drinking water.
  3. This portable water well drilling rig was researched and developed by ourselves and applied to different strata, such as sand, soil, clay, soft rock, etc.
  4. All the lifting, loading, and unloading of drill pipe is mechanized, time-saving, labor-saving, and easy to operate.

6 Advantages of Small Water Well Drilling Rig:

  1. One man can operate, an auto water flow control function.
  2. Double lift chains, with hydraulic oil radiator.
  3. The drilling process is stable, with no jamming or shaking.
  4. Electric start, it can charge the battery automatically.
  5. With thicked and strong water swivel, the inlet water pipe can change direction, with the screw fixing the inlet water pipe to ensure no water leak.
  6. A hydraulic oil radiator installed at the top near the hydraulic tank can cool the hydraulic oil well and also can prevent accidental collision (If installed below, it is easily crushed during transportation.)

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Small Water Well Drilling Rig Manufacturer
Small Water Well Drilling Rig Manufacturer

Water Well Drilling Rig Manufacturer
Water Well Drilling Rig Manufacturer

Daily Maintenance of Small Hydraulic Drilling Machine:

  1. The motor part of the drill should be handled with care to avoid rain and splash.
  2. The motor wire connector shall not touch to connect with electricity.
  3. Often check whether the wire rope is replaced.
  4. Check the connection of each part of the oil pipe, whether there is oil leakage, and whether the oil level is normal.
  5. Before and after the use of the drill pipe wire head with oil lubrication placed in the rain shelter, to avoid rust.
  6. The motor shall not be overloaded for a long time.
  7. Check the circuit and transformer insurance when the motor does not work.
  8. It is strictly prohibited to continuously pressure the cylinder when it rises or falls to the end position of the stroke.
  9. During the period when the drilling machine is not in use, the water in the water injector and the water pump shall be drained in time, and the connection with the drilling machine shall be disconnected and stored separately.

Borehole Drilling Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

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