Rebar Upsetting Machine

Rebar upsetting machine, mainly used for upsetting the head of the ribbed in construction engineering, is the key equipment to realize the connection of rebar. The machine can be mainly divided into a single-cylinder cold forging machine and a double-cylinder rebar upsetting machine. The rebar cold forging machine needs to be used with a rebar threading machine. After the head of the steel bar is upset by a rebar upsetting machine, it should be then processed by a rebar thread rolling machine which can make the connected steel structure much stronger. The rebar upsetting machine for sale in YG Machinery is simple in operation, fast in speed, and high in quality, which is the ideal choice for the construction of roads and bridges, high-speed railways, subways, tunnels, and other projects with high requirements. Contact us for more details now.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

Rebar Upsetting Machine
Rebar Upsetting Machine
Steel Bar Upsetting Machine
Steel Bar Upsetting Machine
Rebar Cold Forging Machine
Rebar Cold Forging Machine

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Technical Parameter of Rebar Cold Forging Machine

Model HDCJ-32 HDCJ-40 GDCJ-40
Processing  Reinforcement Range 12~32mm 12~40mm 12~40mm
Motor Power 4Kw 7.5Kw 4Kw
Max.Flow 5.42L/min 4.0L/min 6.4L/min
Pressure 2036KN 3000KN 2036KN
Max Working Pressure 80MPa 31.5MPa 80MPa
Dimension 1020*500*965mm 1300*830*1350mm 1300*650*965mm
Weight 560Kg 900Kg 600Kg

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Machining And Connection Drawing
Machining And Connection Drawing

What is Rebar Upsetting Machine Connection Technology

The technology of steel upsetting connection is to upset the thread section of the end of the steel bar in advance to make the diameter of the steel bar of the processing section thicken by 3-5mm. Then use a steel bar threading machine to wire the upsetting steelhead. Then workers can use the same specification threaded rebar couplers to connect two steel bars that have been processed. Thus, the connection of steel bars is completed. The upsetting-thread connection technology has the advantages of stable performance, quick connection, and high qualified rate, and can completely solve the problem of non-rotating connection.

5 Features of Rebar Upsetting Machine for Sale in YG Machinery

  1. Simple operation, hydraulic electrical control. Workers can operate the machine after short-term training.
  2. Fast processing speed and high quality.
  3. Wide range of rebar processing, which is suitable for steel bars with a diameter from 16mm to 40mm.
  4. Environmental protection and safety. It won’t be affected by the environment and climate.
  5. The mold can be used for a long time, which can save costs.

Preparation Before Processing:

  1. Connect the power cord and grounding cord as required and connect the power.
  2. Add sufficient soluble coolant to the coolant tank. Please don’t add an oily coolant.
  3. Try to run the machine before putting it into use. First, switch on the power to check whether the cooling water pump can work normally. Second, operate the button to check whether the electrical system can work normally.

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Adjust the Machine As Needed Before Processing:

  1. Replace the suitable wire roller according to the diameter of the processed steel bars.
  2. Replace the washer suitable for the thread roller pitch to ensure the correct pitch while replacing the wire roller.
  3. After the wire roller adapts to the machining diameter, insert the cutter rod suitable for the steel bar into the center of the rolling head, adjust the wire roller to make it in contact with the tool road, draw out the tool rod, tighten the screw and the tooth ring to make it not move.
  4. Replace the fixed positioning disc corresponding to the machining diameter. For the adjustable positioning disc, adjust it to the corresponding scale according to the positioning disc scale. Fine-tuning is also required when the ribbing knife is worn.
  5. Adjust the position of the rib-stripping stroke block and the travel switch press block according to the specification of the processed steel bar to ensure the rib-stripping length reaches the required value.
  6. Clamp the processed rebar on the centering clamp mouth, the extension length should be aligned with the end face of the rolling head stripping blade at the initial position, and then pull the handle to clamp.

The Operation Processing of Rebar Upsetting Machine

  1. After switching on the power supply, the high-pressure oil pump works immediately, and the oil enters the rear cavity of the working oil cylinder to push the moving die forward.
  2. The steel clip can clamp the steel bar automatically and the pier head can impact the end of the steel bar for upsetting.
  3. Before the normal operation, run the equipment three or four times. It usually runs for two minutes and the run time should last a little longer in winter, to remove air from the tubing and tank and prevent the piston from crawling.

Rebar Upsetting Machine Manufacturer – YG Machinery

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