Corrugated Paper Machine

Corrugated Paper Machine
Corrugated Paper Machine

High-speed Multiple Layers Corrugated Cardboard Line
High-speed Multiple Layers Corrugated Cardboard Line

Corrugated paper, also known as corrugated paper and cardboard, is a common material for paper packaging boxes. It is lighter than wooden boxes, has hardness, is easy to cut in size, and protects other packaged products from damage. Moreover, the corrugated paper can be printed with different color patterns and texts or written with text symbols on the outside, and the cost is relatively cheap. Generally, small and medium-sized corrugated boxes (unprinted, mud yellow) can be purchased in daily necessities stores. The demand for corrugated paper has been high and it is a good place to invest in corrugated paper machines to make money for you.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Electric Shaftless Mill Roll Stand:

Electric Shaftless Mill Roll Stand
Electric Shaftless Mill Roll Stand

Electric Shaftless Mill Roll Stand Technical Parameter:

Max working width 1600
Min working width 600mm
Max paper roll diameter 1500mm
Single Side carriage 1500kg
Air pressure 0.6-0.9Mpa
Power 4.5kw
Speed 0-100m/min

5 Features of YG High-quality Machine:

  1. The symmetrical structure can install two rolls of paper at the same time and continually change the paper roll.
  2. It adopts motorized control clamping, loosening, up-down, movement, contraposition, and translation.
  3. The equipment was made of HT200-wide casting.
  4. It adopts pneumatic braking.
  5. Electrical components are controlled and centralized(domestic brand).

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YG300-1600 Single Facer Machine (Electric Heating)

Single Facer Machine
Single Facer Machine


Model YG300-1600
Working width 1600 mm
Heating way Electric
Flute type As requirement
Operate direction Left or right according to the customer’s factory
Designed speed 60m/min
Economic running speed 0-50m/min
Temperature range 160—200℃
Steam pressure 0.8—1.3Mpa
Air source 0.4—0.8Mpa

Performance of YG Single Facer Machine:

  1. The single-facer machine is a vacuum suction type, makes a flute with good quality, wind amount is adjustable. 
  2. The glue roller and fix gluer roller can be sided on the rail, convenient to dismount and install.
  3. The machine adopts a motor drive chain transmission, drive more stable and reliable, easy to maintain. Closed oil-immersed gearbox, the machine reduces vibrator. 
  4. Upper corrugator roller, pressure roller, and glue roller up-down controlled by pneumatic. 
  5. Upper and the lower corrugated roller is made from 48CrMo alloy steel with heat treatment, hardness 50-55 degrees, surfaced be ground and chrome plated.
  6. Pressure roller made from 45# steel, precision ground with the chrome-plated, crowning design in the middle, prolongs useful life.
  7. The bearing of the corrugated roller and pressure roller be lubricated with high-temperature grease.
  8. Manually adjust glue width.
  9. The glue amount was adjusted manually.

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Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine(Electric Adjust )

Thin Blade Slitter Scorer Machine

Technology Parameters:

Width 2000mm
Knife and scorer 5knife 8scorer(or customized)
Min slitting width(mm) 125
Min scorer width(mm) 50
OD of the blade(mm) 200
Available cardboard Corrugated cardboard thickness 3mm-11mm
The thickness of the blade(mm) 1
Motor power(KW) 4
Max speed 100pcs/min
Air pressure <0.4mpa

Function and Characteristics:

  1. The machine adopts a thin blade knife to slit the board, the flute does not collapse, not flatten, and the edge is straight, tidy, and clean, improving the quality of the board.
  2. Slit blade distance adjusted by motorized.
  3. The first scorer, then slitting and final delivery out to the machine. 
  4. A sharpening knife is controlled by automatic or manual type, and it can set sharpening time and stop time, keep the knife sharpened, and cut the board tidily. 
  5. Each knife can be lifted separately, choose knife work according to cut quantity.
  6. Crease wheel width adjusted manual. 

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Fluting Paper Machine
Fluting Paper Machine

Cardboard Making Machine Manufacturer
Cardboard-Making Machine Manufacturer

Functions and Features:

The corrugated board production line is mainly composed of a base paper frame, preheater, single-sided corrugator, conveying bridge, multiple preheaters, glue coating machine, bonding dryer, cutting machine, paper separator and line press, paper passing frame, and horizontal. It is composed of equipment such as a cutting machine, stacking machine, pulping system, and electronic control system.

Corrugated Paper Machine Work Process:

The paper roll is sent to the base paper holder, the base paper is unrolled and heated by the preheater and the mixing degree is adjusted, and then enters the single-sided corrugating machine for further heating, corrugation, gluing, and bonding into single-sided corrugated cardboard; single-sided corrugated cardboard The cardboard is pulled by the bridge hoist to the conveying bridge, and then stacked and conveyed to the multiple preheaters for reheating. At the same time, it enters the bonding dryer to form corrugated cardboard for composite bonding; the output corrugated cardboard is cut vertically and horizontally by the paper separator and cross-cutting machine to form corrugated cardboard sheets of the required specifications, and finally, the corrugated cardboard is passed through the stacker. Neatly stacked and output.

Application of Corrugated Paper:

Corrugated paper is also sometimes used as a handicraft material, and corrugated paper dedicated to handicrafts is available in a variety of colors. Some people also use corrugated paper to make paper furniture. For the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to be held in 2021, the beds in the players’ village rooms are made of corrugated paper, which can be recycled after the event. When using it, be careful of water, humid environment, mildew, etc.

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