Toilet Paper Making Machine Price

Toilet Roll Making Machine
Toilet Roll Making Machine

Tissue Paper Machine
Tissue Paper Machine

Toilet paper is produced from plant fiber raw materials and is mainly used after going to the toilet for cleaning purposes. Toilet paper is a disposable cleaning and hygiene product and is one of the indispensable types of paper in people’s daily lives. It is collectively called household paper together with toilet paper, kitchen towels, hand towels, etc. There are many types of toilet paper. According to the packaging form, it is divided into roll toilet paper, plate paper, flat-cut toilet paper, and removable toilet paper. Among them, roll toilet paper is divided into core and coreless; according to the number of layers, it is divided into single layer, double layer, and multi-layer; according to the processing method, it is divided into plain paper, embossed paper, printed paper, etc. Embossed or printed products look more beautiful. Want to learn more about the toilet paper making machine price? Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine Parameter:

Base paper width ≤2100mm
Finished product diameter Φ60~150mm(adjustable tightness)
Inner diameter of finished paper core Φ 32~50mm
Base paper diameter Φ1100mm
Inner diameter of base paper core 3″
Punching pitch (please specify) 4 knives, mechanical adjustment 90 ~ 180mm
Rewinding speed 0-200m/min
Punching method Pneumatic separation
Return tray 1-3layers
Overall dimension (L) × W × H) 6500×3100×2600 (mm)
Machine weight 3500kg
Total power 4KW
Pneumatic system 3 air compressors with a minimum pressure of 5kg / cm2 PA (provided by the customer)

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Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine
Toilet Paper Manufacturing Machine

Toilet Paper Making Machine Price
Toilet Paper-Making Machine Price

Product Features of Tissue Paper-Making Machine:

  1. A programmable controller and touchscreen control are adopted to maximize the reliability and intelligence of the whole machine.
  2. The full-automatic toilet paper rewinder can process toilet paper without a core, with a core and paper winding tube.
  3. Automatic rollout.
  4. The automatic toilet paper rewinder automatically trims the edge, sprays glue, seals, and pulls the shaft synchronously in an instant, so that there is no paper loss when the rolled paper is turned into the band saw for cutting and packaging, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product. The finished product has a paper tail, which is convenient to use.
  5. The full-automatic toilet paper rewinder is pneumatic belt-fed, and the reel and each shaft of base paper have an independent tension adjustment mechanism.

5 Characteristics of Toilet Paper:

  1. Cheap: Consumers can buy peace of mind at a relatively low cost.
  2. Larger volume: Retailers cannot stock toilet paper in large quantities on shelves or in warehouses without taking away from other, higher-margin products
  3. Household Essentials: Toilet paper is used in almost every household.
  4. Irreplaceable: While a variety of products can feed or wear people, few other products can replace the function of toilet paper.
  5. Non-perishable: Toilet paper does not deteriorate, so there is little harm in storing or stockpiling toilet paper.

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Toilet Tissue Making Machine
Toilet Tissue Making Machine

Toilet Roll Manufacturing Machine
Toilet Roll Manufacturing Machine

Toilet Paper Making Machine Price – YG Machinery

Toilet paper is mainly used for daily hygiene in people’s lives and is one of the indispensable types of paper for people. To make toilet paper soft, mechanical methods are usually used to wrinkle the paper and increase the softness of the toilet paper. In addition, in addition to toilet paper, there are also cleaning wipes, facial tissues, paper towels, napkins, etc. We also have napkin-making machines, A4 paper-making machines, tissue-making machines, wet wipes machines, towel-making machines, folder gluer machines, paper cup-making machines, paper bowl-making machines, paper straw-making machines, paper dish-making machines, double wall paper cup machines, paper cup printing machines, roll die cutting machines, paper bag making machines, and other equipment. Contact us to know the toilet roll-making machine price now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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