Sanitary Napkin Machine Price

Sanitary Pad Making Machine
Sanitary Pad Making Machine

Sanitary Napkin Pad Machine Price
Sanitary Napkin Pad Machine Price

Sanitary napkins are used by women during menstrual periods as a self-product that is in high demand to ensure hygiene and comfort. The production of sanitary napkin-pad is inexpensive and is a profitable business model as a lot of women use these products. Choosing a sanitary napkin machine for production is also an important factor one should be aware of when you start your venture. Contact YG Machinery to know more about sanitary napkin machine price.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Sanitary Napkin Machine Technical Parameter:

Product High speed fully automatic sanitary napkin pad-making machine
Product size Daytime use: 240mm
Night use: 285mm(customized design)
Safety system Safety guard installed at the operating side, with emergency stop switch, and security identifier. The driven side is equipped with a safety pull wire.
Control system The PLC control system, operating on the touch screen, configure the HDTV monitor
Materials corrective system Germany BST automatic web guide system (optional).
Drive system Convey servo drive, imported timing belt, and key position adopt the imported bearing.
Product structure Tissue paper, sap paper, top sheet nonwoven, double side nonwoven(3pcs), ADL, back sheet, back&wings release paper, packing film
Tension system Tissue paper, cotton core (SAP), top sheet nonwoven, ADL, PE film, back&wing release paper, packing film A&B shaft unwinding by Inverter motor

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Sanitary Napkin Machine
Sanitary Napkin Machine

Sanitary Napkin Type
Sanitary Napkin Type

Sanitary Napkin Pad-Making Machine 12 Characteristics:

  1. The machine is used for hygienic, high-speed, and efficient production.
  2. Use ultrasonic waves and special steel rolls, with no seams and no heating. 
  3. The service life of the steel-cutting die is 10 times longer than that of the traditional one. Smoother, more beautiful, without wrinkles. 
  4. Automatic negative ion patch machine, size 80*30mm. 
  5. The machine has the function of automatic backing and releasing paper attachment, with higher efficiency and easier operation. 
  6. Size of sanitary towel (length * width): 260 *160mm, other sizes according to customer requirements; 
  7. The machine has the function of automatic counting to stop production when setting.
  8. The machine is equipped with 6 feeder rollers, each of which has an individually adjustable tension. 
  9. Suitable for PP nonwovens, hot air/ventilated nonwovens, PE film, SAP paper, SS hydrophilic nonwovens, etc. 
  10. High ultrasonic power, adjustable power, suitable for different material thicknesses and welding. 
  11. Powerful output of the advanced high-speed motor, adjustable ultrasonic power according to the fabric. 
  12. Built-in computer chip multi-channel ultrasonic protection system to ensure the safety and stability of the host.

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Sanitary Pad Making Machine Price
Sanitary Pad Making Machine Price

Sanitary Pad Machine Manufacturer
Sanitary Pad Machine Manufacturer

Sanitary Napkin Machine Price – YG Machinery

Choosing the right machine to establish a manufacturing facility for sanitary napkins will provide you with a reliable source of income and help you for better production of sanitary napkins. YG sanitary napkin pad-making machine-suitable materials are chemical fabrics, nonwovens, polyester fabrics, wool fabrics, warm velvet, nylon, thermoplastic film, and chemical plastic sheets. In addition, we also have sanitary napkin-manufacturing machinestissue paper machines, A4 paper-making machines, napkin-making machines, paper cup-making machines, paper bowl-making machines, paper dish-making machines, paper straw-making machines, paper carton erecting machines, paper printing machines, rewinder machines, slitting machines, quilting machines, etc. Contact us to know more!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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