Portable Air Compressor for Sale

Mobile Air Compressor for Sale
Mobile Air Compressor for Sale

Rotary Screw Electric Air Compressor
Rotary Screw Electric Air Compressor

The air compressor is a device used to compress the gas. The air compressor is similar in construction to the water pump. Most air compressors are reciprocating pistons, rotary vanes, or rotary screws. Centrifugal compressors are very large applications. Air compressors can be applied to multiple industries, of course, they can also be applied to our multiple equipment, such as water well drilling rigs, DTH drilling rigswet wipe machines, paper-making machines, disposable cup-making machines, paper bowl-making machines, paper straw making machines, paper dish making machines, egg tray making machinesplastic thermoforming machines, etc. Contact us for more air compressor details!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Portable Air Compressor Parameter:

Product name Air compressor
Exhaust pressure 0.8Mpa
Exhaust volume 1m³/min
Power 7.5-132kw
Weight 160-2600kg
Product size 660*680*790mm

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Best Portable Air Compressor
Best Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor Price
Portable Air Compressor Price

5 Features of Piston Air Compressor:

  1. The applicable pressure range is wide, and the required pressure can be achieved regardless of the flow rate. At present, it can reach 3500×105Pa in industry and 10000×105Pa in the laboratory;
  2. Strong adaptability, which is a wide range of displacement, and is not affected by the pressure level. For example, the maximum exhaust volume of a single machine can reach 500m³/min, and the minimum can be very small. When the air volume is adjusted, the exhaust pressure is almost unchanged;
  3. The speed is not high, and the machine is large and heavy;
  4. The structure is complex, there are many wearing parts, and the maintenance volume is large (but the technical requirements for the maintenance workers are correspondingly low);
  5. The exhaust is discontinuous, causing airflow pulsation.

Features of Screw Air Compressor:

The screw of a single-screw compressor usually has 6 screw grooves, and each star gear tooth divides it into two spaces, upper and lower, which respectively realize the working process of the compressor. Due to the two-star wheels, the single-screw compressor is equivalent to a six-cylinder double-acting piston compressor. In addition to the characteristics of rotary compressors such as simple structure, small size, and no air valve wearing parts, single-screw compressors also have many unique advantages. These advantages are mainly due to the symmetrical arrangement of the two-star wheels on both sides of the screw.

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Small Portable Air Compressor
Small Portable Air Compressor

Portable Air Compressor Manufacturer
Portable Air Compressor Manufacturer

Typical Portable Air Compressor Uses:

  1. Construction: Air compressors can power a wide variety of pneumatic tools at construction sites such as nailing and riveting guns, drilling rigs, jack and chipping hammers, and wrenches.
  2. Agriculture: Farmers use compressed air for applications such as operating pneumatically powered material handling machines, crop spraying, transporting feed on conveyors, and running dairy equipment.
  3. Pharmaceutical: The pharmaceutical industry often relies on air compressors when packaging products, operating conveyor systems during the production process, applying coatings, and supplying compressed air to mixing tanks.
  4. Manufacturing: While some larger manufacturing operators have permanently installed stationary air compressors, portable models can serve as backup units during emergencies. Many of them use diesel fuel, which means they don’t require electricity to operate.
  5. Oil & gas: The oil and gas industry uses portable air compressors for powering equipment at remote onshore and offshore drilling sites, installing and removing reactor rods, and remotely controlling valves in coolant and steam circuits.

How to Choose An Air Compressor?

There are many types and types of air compressors. For the majority of users, how to choose an air compressor is not only a question of rational use of funds but also has a direct relationship with the economy and reliability of the normal operation of the air compressor in the future.

  1. The level of exhaust pressure and the size of the exhaust volume should be considered. When selecting the exhaust volume, the peak consumption and the trough consumption should be considered.
  2. The occasion and conditions of gas use should be considered.
  3. The compressed air quality should be considered. Generally, the compressed air produced by an air compressor contains a certain amount of lubricating oil and a certain amount of water. In some cases, oil and water are prohibited. At this time, not only should the compressor be selected, but also auxiliary devices should be added if necessary.
  4. Consider the safety of compressed air operation. Usually, the product quality assurance system of certified manufacturers is perfect, and there will be no major quality problems.

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