Slipform Curb Machine for Sale in USA

Automatic Concrete Paver Machine
Automatic Concrete Paver Machine

Concrete Curb Machine for Sale
Concrete Curb Machine for Sale

Concrete slipform curb machine for sale in YG Machinery is also called concrete curb machines, curb slip form pavers, and curb and gutter machines. The machine can produce concrete demarcation markers such as curbstones, shoulder stones, drainage ditches, water barriers, anti-collision guardrails, etc. of various specifications and models such as bridges, highways, green belts, etc., and all these concrete structures (The production of curbs (hereinafter collectively referred to as curbstones) is all on-site paving and forming with slip forms. Compared with the construction of traditional curbs, it eliminates the need for pre-preparation, transportation to the site, and reinstallation, which reduces the construction cost and improves the construction quality and speed.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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Concrete Curber Machine Technical Parameters:

3300mm*2100mm*1300mm, 2100kg
Compact, easy to move
Curb size
width≤900mm, height ≤500mm

Of Engine

Electronic speed control, voltage stability, lightweight, small vibration, low noise, long life.
High reliability and strong ability to adapt to the temperature.
Output Voltage
380v,3 Phases
Start-up Mode
Electric Start
Rotation Speed
2000 Rpm
Radiating Way
Water Cooling
Digital Leveling System
Leveling Scope:±40mm
Automatic temperature adaptation
Voltage overload protection

Paving Speed

Imported CVT
(continuously variable transmission)
Adjust the machine to the most suitable state
Hopper Capacity
A bigger volume reduces the number of shutdowns caused by insufficient feeding
Operation Mode
Manual Control, Remote Control
Support short-range self-transition
(maximum travel speed to 26m/min)
Control Mode
Steering: Automatic, Manual.
Control linear and level height precision
Height: Automatic, Manual
Drive Mode
Two Back Wheels Drive
Adapt to the more complex working conditions
Slipform Curb Machine for Sale
Slipform Curb Machine for Sale

Concrete Slipform Paver Manufacturer
Concrete Slipform Paver Manufacturer

Features of YG Curb Stone Slipformer Making Machine:

Curb slipform machine construction and new construction techniques for cast-in-place curbs and side curbs are replacing the traditional cement concrete curbs and side curbs that are prefabricated and then paved. It has the advantages of good rigidity, high strength, smooth surface, beautiful appearance, uniform slitting, and no need for prefabricated sites and handling losses, and has been widely used. The use of new technologies relies on advanced construction equipment. The curb slipform machine is a product of modern technology, with fast construction speed, good technology, and labor-saving. It has received wide acclaim from the construction staff.

Application of Concrete Paver Machine:

With the development of the highway industry, the construction scope of the concrete curb slipform forming machine has been expanded a lot, and the slipform paving space is larger, which is specially used for lateral precision paving of various cement concrete structures. From smart slipform paving simple curbs and drainage ditches to ultra-high-end water collection tanks, ultra-high anti-collision guardrails, ultra-wide drainage ditches, etc. that can be constructed with high difficulty, it can be used for paving rural roads, high-speed rail support layer paving, and airports. Tarmac paving, large pores, site hardening, etc. I believe that after continuous development, the development of concrete curb slip form forming machines will get better and better. Large-scale concrete curb slipform forming machines will also follow the industry trend and strive to create high-quality concrete curb slipform pavers.

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Compact Curb & Gutter Machine
Compact Curb & Gutter Machine

Slipform Curb Machine for Sale in the USA – YG Machinery Manufacturer

YG Machinery’s slipform curb machine for sale in the United States. As the world is developing rapidly now, there is a saying: To get rich, build roads first. Therefore, the road machinery of YG Machinery has been particularly popular. And many customers will purchase our equipment multiple times for the second time. In addition to the best-selling curb and gutter machines, we also have shot blasting machines, road marking machines, floor grinders, floor scarifier machines, road rollers, asphalt filling machines, road sweepers, trowel machines, concrete scrabblers, snow-making machines, and so on. Please contact us for information.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

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