Egg Tray Production Line

Egg Tray Production Line
Egg Tray Production Line

Egg Tray Making Machine
Egg Tray-Making Machine

The egg tray production line is environmental protection equipment. Can make egg boxes, and paper egg boxes. The pulp paper egg tray machine is controlled by PLC, with a high degree of automation, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. The scope of application of the machine is also very wide. It can produce egg boxes, egg boxes, egg trays, bottle trays, agricultural train seeding cups, industrial product packaging, etc. Paper egg tray manufacturing is one of the commercial projects with broad development prospects and high profits.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Egg Tray Production Line Specification and Consumption:

Production Line Models Output (p/h) Hydraulic Pulper Egg Tray Machine Drying Method
Natural Drying Brick Drying Line Single-layer Metal Drying Line Multilayer Metal Drying Line
YGDT3×1-1000 1000 ZDS1(1m³) DTF3×1
YGDT4×1-1500 1500 ZDS1(1m³) DTF4×1
YGDT3×4-2000 2000 ZDS1(1m³) DT3×4
YGDT4×4-2500 2500 ZDS2(2m³) DT4×4
YGDT3×8-3000 3000 ZDS2(2m³) DT3×8
YGDT4×8-4000 4000 ZDS4(4m³) DT4×8
YGDT5×8-5000 5000 ZDS4(4m³) DT5×8
YGDT5×12-6000 6000 ZDS6(6m³) DT5×12
YGDT6×8-7000 6000-7000 ZDS6(6m³) DT6×8


Production Line Models Drying Method Raw Material(kg/h) Power(kW/h) Fuel Consumption
Paper Water Coal(kg/h) Gas(m³/h) Diesel(kg/h) LPG(kg/h)
YGDT3×1-1000 Natural drying 85 255 23.6
YGDT3×1-1000T Brick drying line 36.1 50 22-32 18-28 18-28
YGDT3×1-1000J1 Single-layer metal drying line 36.1 22-32 18-28 18-28
YGDT3×1-1000J6 Multilayer metal drying line 36.1 22-32 18-28 18-28
YGDT4×1-1500 Natural drying 102 306 27.3
YGDT4×1-1500T Brick drying line 38.6 60 26-36 22-32 22-32
YGDT4×1-1500J1 Single-layer metal drying line 38.6 26-36 22-32 22-32
YGDT4×1-1500J6 Multilayer metal drying line 38.6 26-36 22-32 22-32
YGDT3×4-2000 Natural drying 170 510 32.6
YGDT3×4-2000T Brick drying line 45.3 83 37-47 30-40 30-40
YGDT3×4-2000J1 Single-layer metal drying line 45.3 37-47 30-40 30-40
YGDT3×4-2000J6 Multilayer metal drying line 45.3 37-47 30-40 30-40
YGDT4×4-2500 Natural drying 212 636 34.2
YGDT4×4-2500T Brick drying line 46.8 104 46-56 38-48 38-48
YGDT4×4-2500J1 Single-layer metal drying line 46.8 46-56 38-48 38-48
YGDT4×4-2500J6 Multilayer metal drying line 46.8 46-56 38-48 38-48
YGDT3×8-3000T Brick drying line 255 765 88.9 125 56-66 46-56 46-56
YGDT3×8-3000J1 Single layer metal 88.9 56-66 46-56 46-56
YGDT3×8-3000J6 Multilayer metal drying line 88.9 56-66 46-56 46-56
YGDT4×8-4000T Brick drying line 340 1020 91 160 67-77 55-65 55-65
YGDT4×8-4000J1 Single-layer metal drying line 91 67-77 55-65 55-65
YGDT4×8-4000J6 Multilayer metal drying line 91 67-77 55-65 55-65
YGDT5×8-5000T Brick drying line 424 1272 100 185 82-92 67-77 67-77
YGDT5×8-5000J1 Single-layer metal drying line 100 82-92 67-77 67-77
YGDT5×8-5000J6 Multilayer metal drying line 100 82-92 67-77 67-77
YGDT5×12-6000T Brick drying line 510 1530 105 208 92-103 77-87 77-87
YGDT5×12-6000J1 Single-layer metal drying line 105 92-103 77-87 77-87
YGDT5×12-6000J6 Multilayer metal drying line 105 92-103 77-87 77-87

  1. The above data is calculated according to the weight of each egg tray of 100g.
  2. The above data is calculated as pure pulp without adding stone powder. If 20-30% stone powder is added, the actual consumption of paper is 70-80% of the above data. Contact us for more details.

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Egg Tray Production Process
Egg Tray Production Process

How the Egg Tray Machine Works:

  1. Pulping. Put the raw material waste paper scraps into the pulping machine, and add water and other raw materials to break them into pulp. This process is equivalent to recycling those scraps of paper. is a step in their regeneration into egg trays.
  2. Shaping. The polished pulp is transported to the link of the forming machine through the pipeline. The egg tray forming machine is referred to as the egg tray machine. Different types of egg trays can be produced through different molds on the host, and industrial packaging such as apple trays, wine trays, and seedling trays can also be produced by replacing the molds. Once shaped, the egg trays have their basic shape, but they are still wet. The next step is required.
  3. Drying. The drying path is very long, and the three-dimensional hot air ensures that the egg tray can be dried in a short time. The freshly formed wet egg trays were sent into the long drying tunnel and moved slowly on the conveyor belt, feeling the hot air from all directions. The hot air helped them remove the moisture from their bodies, and the waste paper was officially regenerated into eggs. 
  4. Packing. This link is to organize and pack the new egg trays and extrude them. Easy to transport and handle. Dozens of egg trays are sent to major chicken farms, shopping malls, and supermarkets to realize their rebirth value.

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Pulp Molding Machine Final Product
Pulp Molding Machine Final Product

Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine
Egg Tray Manufacturing Machine

Why Invest in the Egg Tray Production Line?

Wide Variety Of Raw Materials:

  1. Waste paper from printing houses.
  2. Ready-made plant fiber pulp and paper pulp.
  3. Discarded books and periodicals from publishing houses.
  4. Shredded document paper from enterprises and government agencies.
  5. Old newspapers, magazines, second-hand books, express cartons, and packaging boxes from family.

Broad Application Fields of Egg Tray:

  1. Waste paper recycling industry: This is an investment project with simple entry, low technical difficulty, low personnel demand, and high market return.
  2. Printing houses & paper mills: They can process the daily produced waste paper into egg trays through egg tray machines to realize a business expansion.
  3. Chicken farms, duck farms, and other livestock farms: Because of the large demand for egg trays, livestock farms can use egg tray machines to manufacture egg trays with low cost and high quality.
  4. Other investors: This is a business opportunity with broad prospects, high profits, small investment, low risk, and environmental protection.

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Paper Egg Tray Making Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

The specific cost is affected by many factors such as the equipment model you need, the degree of machine automation, production capacity, the number of molds, the country of installation, and shipping costs. If you are interested in our paper egg tray-making machine, please contact us for a detailed quotation! We will provide the best solution according to your needs. In addition, we also have disposable cup-making machinespaper bag-making machinestissue-making machines, wet wipes machines, garbage bag-making machines, woven bag-making machines, cast film machinesdisposable slipper-making machinesshoe cover-making machines, surgical cap-making machines, etc. For further information or to get a quotation directly. Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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