Cast Film Machine

Cast Stretch Film Machine Price
Cast Stretch Film Machine Price

Cast Film Line Manufacturer
Cast Film Line Manufacturer

A casting machine refers to the special equipment for making cast film. Because it is the subsequent process of flat extrusion films, such as printing and compounding, it is very convenient, so it is widely used in the packaging of food, medical supplies, textiles, flowers, and daily necessities. Want to know more about cast film machines? Contact us now!【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Main Technical Parameters of Stretch Film Machine:

1500mm Stretch Film Machine 1000mm Stretch Film Machine 500mm Stretch Film Machine
Model YG-90/70-1500 YG-90/55×2-1500 YG-70-1000 YG-70/55-1000 YG-55-500 YG-55/55-500
Screw diameter 70/90mm 55x55x90mm 70mm 55/70mm 55mm 55x2mm
L/D ratio of screw 30:1 30:1 30:1 30:1 30:1 30:1
Width of T-Die 1750mm 1750mm 1250mm 1250mm 650mm 650mm
Width of film 1500(500X3)mm 1500(500X3)mm 1000(500X2)mm 1000(500X2)mm 500mm 500mm
Thickness of film 0.01-0.05mm 0.01-0.05mm 0.01-0.05mm 0.01-0.05mm 0.01-0.05mm 0.01-0.05mm
Structure of film layers A/B/A A/B/C,A/C/B/C/A A A/B, A/B/A A A/B
Max output 200kg/h 220kg/h 90kg/h 110kg/h 25-40 kg/h 35-55kg/h
The linear speed of machinery 150m/min 150m/min 50-100m/min 50-100m/min 50-100m/min 50-100m/min
Total power 125kw 140kw 50kw 80kw 40kw 65kw
Dimension(LxWxH) 12×2.5x3m 12×2.5x3m 8x4x3m 8x4x3m 7x4x3m 7x4x3m
Weight(about) 9T 10T 6T 7T 3T 4T

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Cast Film Machine for Sale
Cast Film Machine for Sale

High-speed Cast Film Line
High-speed Cast Film Line

Introduction of Stretch Cast Film Machine:

  1. This machine uses LLDPE and LDPE as the main material to make one side or two sides of self-sticky stretch film, recycled LLDPE is available.
  2. This machine can make the machine use film and hand-use film, widely used in packing cargo.
  3. Stretch film has good shrinking memory and self-sticky function, preventing goods from loosening and collapsing during transportation.
  4. The perfect transparency and tensile strength of this film keep cargo clean and safe.

Performance of Stretch Film:     

  1. Good tensile strength.
  2. Superior anti-pricking ability.     
  3. High transparency.     
  4. Good ductility and anti-impact strength.     
  5. Stable sticky effect.      

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What is the Difference Between Cast Film and Cling Film?

1. Differences in the scope of application:

Casting film is suitable for packaging large pieces, and most of the cling film packs small pieces, so the quantification of stretch film is large, and it is mostly operated by two workers.

2. Different specifications:

The thickness of the cast film is thicker than that of the plastic wrap, and the size is larger than that of the plastic wrap. The generally large size of household plastic wrap is 30cm wide and about 10 um thick; the generally large size of cast film is 50cm wide and about 20 um thick.

3. Different stretch ratios:

Casting film is more stretched than cling film. Casting film is directly blown from LDPE by a blow molding machine, and its stretch ratio can reach 300%-500%. At the same time, the plastic wrap is sticky to the item, while the cast film is self-adhesive.

4. The difference between the tube core:

Generally, the cast film is usually a 3-inch large tube core, and the plastic wrap is a small tube core. Because plastic wrap is used in many households, it is more convenient to tear it by hand.

5. The difference between environmental protection:

Casting film is industrial grade and can indirectly contact food, while the environmental protection of plastic wrap is food grade and can directly contact food.

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Automatic Cast Stretch Film Machine
Automatic Cast Stretch Film Machine

High-quality Cast Film Machine
High-quality Cast Film Machine

Cast Film Machine Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

Our cast film portfolio offers the right machine for your unique production needs: from basic solutions for standard products to highly customizable solutions for the production of demanding products. With our unique cast film extrusion technology, we are happy to support you in choosing the ideal machine for your specific needs!

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