Knapsack Sprayer

When the world is operating normally, an epidemic has changed people’s original rhythm of life. From the initial panic to the current isolation work at home has become the norm of people’s lives. Therefore, air purification, disinfection, etc. Have become indispensable in life. After the resumption of work, the disinfection of public spaces such as streets and shopping malls is also necessary. Therefore, according to market demand, we have developed a new knapsack sprayer for everyone to disinfect. Whether it is for home use or the country needs to purchase to prepare for resumption, this equipment is everyone’s first choice. I hope the epidemic will pass quickly and the virus will dissipate quickly. At the same time, please pay attention to your own safety. Good luck! In YG Machinery, we have other sprayers for disinfectants, electrostatic backpack sprayers, fog smoke machines, disinfection doors, etc. The following introduces the latest mist spray machines of YG Machinery.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

Knapsack Sprayer
Knapsack Sprayer

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Knapsack Sprayer Performance Characteristics:

The knapsack sprayer machine has a wide range of applications. The machine is widely used in warm greenhouses, agriculture, forestry, orchards, pastures, urban environmental protection, and the application of fertilizers and disinfection and disinfection in open crops. Such as greenhouses, fruit trees, insecticides, and sterilization of crops such as corn, cotton, rice, wheat, tea, citrus, and other crops, can be used for insecticides in forest trees, with quick results and good results is the first insecticide tool for forest insecticides. It can also be used for sanitation, epidemic prevention, and disinfection, such as urban underground passages, garbage dumps, toilets, warehouses, stations, docks, airports, and other disinfection and sterilization.

Fogging Machine
Fogging Machine

Mist Sprayer
Mist Sprayer

Fog Sprayer
Fog Sprayer

Model YG-80



(Platinum Double tube)


(Gold Double Tube)

YG-180 YG-240 YG-280
Empty weight(kg) 8.5 9 8.2 7.8 7.5 7.5
Size(cm) 114*24*33 114*24*33 114*24*33 114*24*30 100*16*30 100*16*30
Water tank capacity(L) 16 16 16 16 16 16
Fuel tank capacity(L) 2 2 2 2 2 2
Fuel consumption A box of oil hits three barrels of potion A box of oil hits four barrels of potion
Water mist distance(m) 8-10 8-10 8-10 9-14 8-10 8-10
Smoke distance(m) 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50 20-50


92 # or above pure gasoline

Spray volume(L/h) 90 90 120 120 120 120
Ignition power

12V rechargeable battery

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Working Principle:

The fogging machine is a high-pressure airflow generated by a pulse engine, which is ejected from the nozzle at a high speed. After opening the medicine valve, the air pressure in the medicine box will pressurize the medicine into the explosion tube and mix it with the high-pressure high-speed airflow. At the moment of encounter, the medicine liquid or the disinfectant is crushed, atomized, and sprayed from the nozzle, and diffuses quickly. When the controlled object comes into contact with this mist, it plays a role in preventing diseases and insect pests.

If the airline cannot carry the battery, it can use the adapter to start for the customer, and then plug it in and unplug the power after starting, without using the battery as usual.

Product Detail
Product Detail

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The Role of the Fog Machine:

  1. It can completely replace the traditional medicine pump, spray pesticides, sterilize and foliar fertilize crops, orchards, vineyards, gardens, fast-growing fields, shelterbelts, rubber plantations, and vegetable greenhouses.
  2. You can spray smoke to prevent frost in the spring and fall.
  3. The orchard can be sprayed with cold water to reduce the temperature at night and increase the humidity to increase the temperature difference between day and night.
  4. Hygienic and epidemic prevention, anti-virus, and sterilization can be carried out in any place.

Knapsack Sprayer Machine Use Display:

  1. Save time and effort. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes per acre to use this machine to fight medicine, which greatly reduces the labor intensity, and avoids the large water demand and long medicine tube of the old medicine pump. The machine can be easily operated by a single person, and the operating efficiency is more than ten times that of the traditional one.
  2. Save water and medicine. An acre of melons, fruits, and vegetables only needs 30kg of water on average, which greatly saves water, and at the same time, an acre of land saves 30% more medicine than traditional medicine!
  3. Long-lasting effect. The machine sprays extremely fine drug particles ( can be 0.3 to 0.5 microns), so that the adhesion of pesticides is enhanced, the droplet particles are evenly distributed on the leaves, and the efficacy is improved. The insecticide, sterilization, and foliar fertilizer crops are perfectly absorbed.
  4. Protect your health. This machine has a good spraying effect in the morning or in the evening without wind, avoiding the traditional machine must spray on hot days, people are prone to sweating, high temperature, heatstroke, and poisoning.
  5. The sprayed surface is wide without a dead angle. When spraying insecticides and sterilization, it has strong penetration, comprehensive coverage, high efficiency, and no dead ends!
Application of Knapsack Sprayer
Application of Knapsack Sprayer

Water Spraying
Water Spraying

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Main Points of Use and Maintenance:

  1. Assemble the machine according to the instructions and check the correct position of each part, tighten the bolts, flexible operation of the belt and pulley, moderate tightness, and intact protective cover.
  2. Add lubricating oil into the crankcase to the specified oil level according to the grade specified in the instruction manual, and then check before each use, and check and add lubricating oil to the gasoline engine as required.
  3. Start the engine and run at low speed for 10-15 minutes. If you see water spraying and no abnormal sound, you can gradually increase the rated speed, then press the pressure relief handle, and gradually tighten the pressure adjustment wheel in a clockwise direction with high pressure, making the pressure indicate the required working pressure(usually 2.5-3.5MPa) and fix the nut tightly.
  4. The buttercup of the plunger pump should be filled with butter at any time, and the buttercup should be rotated downward 2 to 3 times every two hours of use.
  5. After the operation is completed every day, under the use of pressure, continue to spray with water for 2-5 minutes to clean the remaining chemical liquid in the pump and the pipeline to prevent the internal residual liquid from corroding the body.
  6. Remove the suction filter and spray hose, turn on the water outlet switch, press the pressure relief handle, loosen the pressure adjustment handwheel, so that the pressure adjustment spring is in a relaxed state, rotate the engine or pump by hand, drain the pump of water, and scrub the external dirt of the unit.
  7. Periodically change the engine and plunger pump crankcase oil. If the inside of the crankcase is too dirty, use diesel oil to clean the inner cavity before adding oil.
  8. At the end of the prevention and control season, when the machine is stored for a long time, the accumulated water in the pump should be completely eliminated to prevent the corrosion of the machine and freezing damage when the weather is cold. Clean and dry, hang, and store as much as possible. Drain the fuel and oil in the gasoline engine.
  9. Note that the liquid pump in use cannot be dehydrated, so as not to damage the V-shaped rubber ring and plunger, especially when starting and transferring.
  10. Before starting or stopping each time, lift the pressure relief handle in the pressure relief position.
Fog Spraying Machine
Fog Spraying Machine

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