Can You Use A Fog Machine to Disinfect?

Do you want to use a sterilizer for disinfection? Do you want to use a disinfect fog machine or disinfection door? Homes, offices, factories, shopping malls, cinemas, schools, hospitals, and more places? Due to the increasing development of the new coronavirus, many countries around the world have been affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19), and the economies of many countries are already at a stage of stagnation. People are not allowed to travel, eat, go shopping, etc., or go to the office normally. Because everyone needs to protect their own safety. Therefore, disinfection has become a very important way to protect your own safety.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer
Electrostatic Backpack Sprayer

Electrostatic Fogger Sprayer Disinfection
Electrostatic Fogger Sprayer Disinfection

Model Electrostatic backpack sprayer
Battery Core lithium battery
Sprayer body ABS material
Tank capacity 16L(2.27Gallons)
Working times 3.5 hours
Charging time 90Minutes
Nozzle Sprayer Sizes 10 micron, 20 microns, 30 microns, 40 microns,
50 micron(full cone).360° fan
Effective range 3-6m (Electrostatic with fan open)
1-2m (Electrostatic with fan off)
Rated Voltage 24V
Battery capacity 30AH
Rated power 200W
Gross weight 7.8kg
Packing size 740*280*670mm

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YG Handheld Spray Gun
YG Handheld Spray Gun

YG Blue Light Nano Steam Spray Gun
YG Blue Light Nano Steam Spray Gun

Product size 22*21CM
Product weight 900g
Rated voltage 110-240V/50Hz
Rated power 10w
Battery capacity Mach 2600
Power supply voltage DC12V
Charging time 2 hours
Use time 3 hours
Water bottle capacity 800ml
Net weight 9.3kg
Gross weight 10kg
Quantity 10
Carton size 59.5*44.5*27.5CM

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Indoor Fog Smoke Machine
Indoor Fog Smoke Machine

Car Fog Sprayer Machine
Car Fog Sprayer Machine

Voltage ± 10 AC 110 / 230V50-60Hz
Power supply 400W
Warm uptime 3 minutes
Oil absorption 250ml oil bottle
Spray distance 3-6 meters

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Features of YG Disinfect Fog Sprayer Machine

At present, YG Machinery has developed several disinfection machines that can be used in different places. Our disinfection channels can be used in shopping malls, movie theaters, etc., which can perform temperature measurements and disinfection. On the highway and the main road, you can use our fog cannon or knapsack sprayer machine. At home, you can use our fog smoke machine, and we also have a series of products such as car disinfection machines, soap dispensers, electrostatic sprayers, handheld spray guns, etc. to protect your safety.
Each product can be used for disinfection. According to the different needs of customers, you can choose the product that suits you. All of our company’s equipment has qualified certificates and professional quality control, so there is no need to worry about product quality. Our professional after-sales team will solve your worries. All salespersons of YG Machinery are very professional in products, trust us, and contact us!

Disinfect Fog Machine Price – YG Manufacturer

There are many different types of machines on the market, but finding one in this crisis is easier said than done. Their prices range from $150 to $5,000 or more. In my opinion, 99% of people and businesses do not need to buy some expensive $5,000 fog machine. In my experience, at YG Machinery, you can definitely find a suitable machine for you, such as an electric ultra-low volume (ULV) wet sprayer, plus one gallon of disinfectant, you can easily cover each 2,500 square foot building The surface is disinfected in an hour or less. For example, the disinfection channel of YG Machinery can measure temperature and disinfect as a whole, which improves efficiency and is suitable for most places. For example, the atomizer of YG Machinery can be placed indoors for disinfection, and it is also suitable for fresh air in the car, and the price is reasonable.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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