What Flow Oxygen Generator Should We Choose?

Oxygen Concentrator for Sale
Oxygen Concentrator for Sale

Household Oxygen Concentrator
Household Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen is an important substance to sustain life activities. Once interrupted, the body will face death. The oxygen content in the air is about 21%. This level of oxygen is just right for a normal human body, but it is far from enough for most patients with diseases such as the respiratory system and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. They will often have symptoms of hypoxia such as coughing and difficulty breathing. At this time, if the oxygen is not supplemented in time and effectively, it may lead to irreversible consequences. Therefore, the oxygen generator has become an important auxiliary treatment method for patients and friends for family oxygen therapy, and its effect cannot be underestimated.

So, how to choose an oxygen concentrator? Why choose this instead of which one? This is all exquisite. Assuming that the current oxygen concentration of molecular sieve oxygen generators is 93%+3, which is a constant standard in the industry, it can be seen that there are 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 8L, 9L oxygen generators on the market with different oxygen flow labels. From this perspective, define the user population and performance of different oxygen flow oxygen generators.【Whatsapp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Parameter of Oxygen Concentrator Machine:

Product size 340*320*530mm
Rated voltage 220V±22V 50Hz
Input power ≤420VA
Oxygen generating principle Molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption
Output pressure >=100kPa
Size of the noise ≤60Bd
Oxygen concentrations 90%-96%
Weight About 20kg
The oxygen flow rate 1-9L

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine
Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine

Oxygen Concentrator Machine
Oxygen Concentrator Machine

The Scope of Application of Different Capacity Oxygen Generators:

1L oxygen generator

Applicable people: sub-healthy people, students, pregnant women, office workers, etc.

Small size, low noise, and low price are the advantages of the 1L oxygen concentrator, but at the same time, the low oxygen flow does not achieve the therapeutic effect on hypoxic diseases. It is suitable for non-iatrogenic oxygen supplements for infants and young children, sub-healthy people, students, pregnant women, and other groups, and can be used by office workers to relieve stress and fatigue. Family oxygen therapy is dedicated to health care, which can improve the body and brain hypoxia symptoms, especially for middle-aged and older people.

2L oxygen generator

Applicable people: sub-healthy people, students, pregnant women, office workers, etc.

Compared with 1L, 2L oxygen concentrators have a certain oxygen health effect, but they are not in the category of medical equipment. They are especially suitable for mentally workers and sub-healthy people. Good models can also be used for pregnant women to inhale oxygen.

3L oxygen generator

Applicable people: patients with chronic diseases such as hypertension and hyperlipidemia, patients with bronchitis, etc.

The 3L oxygen generator can meet the standard of medical oxygen, and the oxygen flow of 1-3L can be adjusted. Individual brands, such as the YG medical-grade oxygen generator, can adjust the oxygen flow to 5L, are suitable for healthcare oxygen inhalation for the elderly, and can target high blood pressure and high blood fat. Treatment of chronic diseases such as obesity, emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, bronchitis, and other diseases is an important auxiliary means of family oxygen therapy.

5L oxygen generator

Applicable people: severely ill patients such as emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, moderate to high degree COPD

The scope of application of the 5L oxygen concentrator is even greater. In addition to meeting severe conditions such as emphysema, pulmonary heart disease, and moderate to high-grade COPD, it can also meet the needs of people who are supplied with oxygen for a long time and can give patients who suffer from sudden breathlessness.

8L, 9L oxygen generator

Applicable people: It is mostly used for special patients who have long-term oxygen inhalation and cannot escape from oxygen.

It can be seen that the choice of household oxygen concentrators cannot be sloppy because it is directly related to the safety and health of users. Whether to use it for oxygen health care or for treatment must be clear.

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Oxygen Concentrator Detail
Oxygen Concentrator Detail

12 Functions New Upgrade of Oxygen Concentrator
12 Functions New Upgrade of Oxygen Concentrator

4 Questions You Need to Pay Attention to When Buying An Oxygen Concentrator Machine:

  1. Oxygen health care and oxygen therapy should be treated differently: a 1L or 2L oxygen generator is recommended for oxygen health care. If it is used for patients, it is recommended to choose a 3L or 5L molecular sieve oxygen generator, with adjustable oxygen flow and oxygen concentration (93%+3) Constant.
  2. Purchase an oxygen generator whose oxygen concentration is maintained at 90% at the maximum flow rate: The oxygen concentration is divided into molecular sieve oxygen generators with a constant oxygen concentration of 93%+3 in this article. When purchasing, be sure to look carefully Oxygen generation method of the oxygen generator. One thing to mention here is when the oxygen-enriched membrane oxygen generator is selected, its oxygen concentration is 90%, 60%, and 30% when the oxygen concentration is 1L, 2L, and 5L. Obviously, the oxygen concentration of this 5L oxygen generator is 30%, which is no different from air and has no healing effect.
  3. The oxygen flow is adjustable. The oxygen flow of the 3L oxygen generator is adjustable between 0-3L, and the oxygen flow of the 5L oxygen generator is adjustable between 0-5L. We can adjust the oxygen concentration by adjusting the oxygen flow rate of the oxygen generator.
  4. A molecular sieve oxygen generator is the most advanced oxygen generator at present, and it is the only oxygen generator with international and national standards. The oxygen concentration is constant, always at 93%+3.

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