Oxygen Generator Machine for Sale in India

In the face of a surge in new crown cases, the “oxygen battle” is unfolding across India. “Thousands of patients’ lives are hanging by a thread. This is a serious warning of the collapse of India’s medical system.” Large private hospitals have not been spared either. This week, seven Max Healthcare hospitals in New Delhi …

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Nitrile Gloves for Sale in India and USA

In 2021, this global battle against the epidemic has entered the second half! Although countries around the world are struggling to fight the epidemic, they still cannot stop the spread of the new crown virus! What is even more frightening is that the new crown virus will continue to mutate as it spreads. The variants …

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Disinfectant Door for Sale in Mongolia

The disinfectant door has made a major contribution to the new crown epidemic. Due to the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia at the end of 2019, many countries in the world have been deeply troubled. For this reason, the disinfection door developed by YG Machinery can provide some convenience for this. Our disinfection door …

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