Industrial Oxygen Concentrator for Sale in Indonesia and Myanmar

Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer
Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Manufacturer

Oxygen Generator for Sale
Oxygen Generator for Sale

In July, our company’s overall performance has reached 4 times the expected. Due to the continuous development of the epidemic in Myanmar, YG Machinery’s industrial oxygen concentrators have been selling well again. Our customer not only purchased 10 additional industrial oxygen generators but also added 5000 oxygen cylinders. The industrial oxygen concentrator of YG Machinery has a variety of models, that is, oxygen generators of different capacities. In addition, in addition to industrial oxygen generators, we also have household oxygen generators, nitrogen generators, air separation systems, wet wipe production lines, mask-making machines, melt-blown cloth machines, and so on. Please contact us.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Oxygen Plants Generator Parameter:

Model No. Flow Rate Purity
YG-HDFO-5 5 93±2%
YG-HDFO-10 10 93±2%
YG-HDFO-20 20 93±2%
YG-HDFO-30 30 93±2%
YG-HDFO-40 40 93±2%
YG-HDFO-50 50 93±2%
YG-HDFO-60 60 93±2%
YG-HDFO-70 70 93±2%
YG-HDFO-80 80 93±2%
YG-HDFO-100 100 93±2%
YG-HDFO-120 120 93±2%
YG-HDFO-150 150 93±2%
YG-HDFO-180 180 93±2%
YG-HDFO-200 200 93±2%

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PSA Oxygen Plants for Sale
PSA Oxygen Plants for Sale

PSA Oxygen Generator Manufacturers
PSA Oxygen Generator Manufacturers

Working Principle of YG PSA Oxygen Concentrator:

According to the principle of pressure swing adsorption, a zeolite molecular sieve is used as the adsorbent. Due to the selective adsorption characteristic of zeolite molecular sieve, nitrogen is adsorbed by zeolite molecular sieve in a large amount, oxygen is enriched in the gas phase, and nitrogen and oxygen separation is realized under the action of pressure swing adsorption. Two adsorption tower processes are adopted, one tower absorbs oxygen, and one tower desorption regeneration. The opening and closing of the pneumatic angle seat valve are controlled by PLC intelligent program, so that the two towers cycle alternately and continuously produce high-quality oxygen.

Technical Characteristics of Oxygen Producing Equipment:

  1. Imported pneumatic angle seat valve with a service life of more than 3 million times.
  2. Siemens PLC Intelligent program controller, easy to operate, stable operation.
  3. The special alumina ceramic ball diffusion technology makes the airflow evenly distributed and improves the adsorption efficiency of the adsorbent.
  4. Self-operated cylinder compression device to protect the service life of carbon molecular sieve.
  5. The original centrifugal vibration filling method effectively guarantees the maximum filling volume.

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Medical Oxygen Generator Plant
Medical Oxygen Generator Plant

Industrial Oxygen Generator for Sale
Industrial Oxygen Generator for Sale

How to Quickly Obtain the Most Accurate Solution?

Please provide the following data:

  1. The flow rate of oxygen.
  2. The purity of oxygen.
  3. The pressure of oxygen.
  4. Dew point of oxygen.
  5. Purpose of oxygen.

Industrial Oxygen Generator Price – YG Machinery Manufacturer

Recently, the Covid-19 broke out in parts of Southeast Asia and South Asia, and it has become more and more serious. At this time, oxygen is the most needed and effective way for everyone to fight the epidemic and protect themselves. However, there is a lack of oxygen, oxygen cylinders, oxygen generators, and other protective equipment everywhere. Imports are urgently needed. We have sold many industrial oxygen generators, household oxygen generators, and oxygen cylinders to Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, and other countries. Please contact us as soon as possible.【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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