Air Disinfection Machine

Air Disinfection Machine
Air Disinfection Machine

Air Disinfection Device
Air Disinfection Device

Air disinfection machines that sterilize air through the principles of filtration, purification, and sterilization. In addition to killing bacteria, viruses, molds, spores, and other so-called sterilization and disinfection, some models can also remove formaldehyde, phenol, and other organic pollutants in the indoor air, and can also kill or filter pollen and other allergens. At the same time, it can effectively remove the smoke and smoke smell generated by smoking, the bad smell of the bathroom, and the body odor of people. The disinfection effect is reliable, and the disinfection can be carried out under the condition of human activity, so as to realize the coexistence of man and machine. At YG Machinery, we also have many other machines related to disinfection, such as disinfection tunnels, knapsack sprayers, fog smoke machines, fog cannons, etc.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Air Disinfection Machine Scope of Application:

The air disinfection machine is widely used in the disinfection and sterilization of indoor air and object surfaces in the operating room, diagnosis room, treatment room, ward, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, and crowded public places in the medical and health industry.

Clinical Application:

Air disinfection is an important measure to prevent hospital infections. Using an air disinfection machine can effectively clean the air in the operating room, purify the operating environment, reduce surgical infections, and improve the success rate of surgery. It is suitable for air disinfection in the operating room, treatment room, ward, and other spaces.

Scope of Application
Scope of Application

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Ozone Steaming Disinfection
Ozone Steaming Disinfection

Disinfection Machine Features
Disinfection Machine Features

Air Disinfection Device Parameter:

Product name Plasma air disinfection machine (mobile)
Power supply AC220V ± 10%, frequency 50HZ ± 1%
Dimensions 55CM * 43C ** 88CM
Maximum output power 180W
Maximum disinfection space 120m
Disinfection time ≤2 hours
Maximum circulating air volume 10002 / h
Noise ≤50db
Sterilization factor low-temperature plasma
Air dust filtering method medium efficiency
Disinfection effect The decay rate of natural bacteria in the air is 90%
Disinfection method Dynamic disinfection, man-machine coexistence, no secondary pollution
Working environment Temperature: -10 ‘℃ -40 ℃, humidity≤85%
Scope of application Schools and other public places

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Product Details
Product Details

Dynamic and Static UV and Ozone Disinfection
Dynamic and Static UV and Ozone Disinfection

Classification Features:

Because of its diverse principles, there are many types. But the main types are the plasma air machine and ultraviolet air disinfection machine. As a plasma air disinfection machine with an internationally advanced level, compared with the traditional ultraviolet circulating air disinfection machine, it has the following advantages:

  1. Efficient sterilization: Plasma sterilization has a good effect and short action time, which is far beyond the high-strength ultraviolet.
  2. Environmental protection: Plasma sterilization and disinfection work continuously, it will not produce ultraviolet rays, and ozone, and avoid secondary pollution of the environment.
  3. Efficient degradability: A plasma disinfection machine can also degrade harmful and toxic gases in the air while being disinfected by the air. The test report of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the degradation tare within 24 hours: formaldehyde 91%, benzene 93%, 78% ammonia, 96% xylene. At the same time, it can efficiently remove pollutants such as smoke and smoke.
  4. Low energy consumption: the power of the plasma air disinfection machine is 1/3 of that of the ultraviolet disinfection machine, which is very power-saving. As far as the room for 150㎡ is concerned, the plasma machine is 150W, the ultraviolet machine is more than 450W, and the annual electricity saving is more than 1000RMB.
  5. Long service life: the design life of the plasma disinfection machine is 15 years under normal use, while the ultraviolet disinfection machine is only 5 years.
  6. One-time life-free consumables: The UV disinfection machine needs to replace a batch of lamps in about 2 years, the cost is nearly 1000 RMB. The plasma sterilizer does not require consumables for life.

Air Disinfection Machine Precautions:

  1. Whether it is used for static disinfection or dynamic continuous disinfection, it is required to close doors and windows.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to cover or block the air inlet and outlet of the disinfection machine.
  3. The power socket must use a three-core socket with a safe ground.
  4. Water is strictly prohibited in the machine. When cleaning the machine with a damp cloth, the power supply must be cut off first.
  5. In order to achieve the disinfection effect, it should not be used beyond the volume.
  6. Regularly check the working status of the machine. If abnormalities are found, they should be repaired immediately. Electrical failures should be handled by professional technicians.

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Troubles That Pollute Your Life
Troubles That Pollute Your Life

YG Air Disinfection Machine Manufacturer
YG Air Disinfection Machine Manufacturer

Air Disinfection Machine Maintenance:

  1. The instrument is managed by a dedicated person to maintain 24h power-on standby to avoid frequent start-up damage.
  2. Maintenance of the filter: check the filter regularly. If you find too much dust in the filter, you should clean or replace the filter with clean water in time. When replacing, open the filter cover, remove the filter net from the machine, replace it with a new filter, and then reinstall the filter on the machine.
  3. Maintenance of UV lamp: the intensity of ultraviolet radiation will affect the air disinfection effect. Therefore, use an ethanol cotton ball to wipe the UV lamp at least once a month to ensure that the radiation intensity of the UV lamp is not affected by dust.
  4. Maintenance of negative oxygen ion generator: due to the dust-reducing effect of negative oxygen ions, after long-term use, a large amount of dust will be deposited near the generator outlet shell, so it should be removed regularly. When cleaning, you should first cut off the power and wipe with a soft dry cloth or a little medical ethanol. Note: do not rinse with water. The human body sensor probe and the display screen cannot be wiped with any detergent, ethanol, etc., but can be wiped gently with a damp cloth.

Failure Analysis:

Failure Phenomenon Failure Analysis
The whole machine does not work 1. The power plug is disconnected

2. The power is not connected

3. The fuse is broken

4. Motor overload protection

The fan does not work 1. The capacitor is burnt out

2. The relay is broken

3. The fan motor is damaged

Ozone does not work 1. The ozone device is broken

2. The relay is broken

3. The connection of the connection wire is bad

UV does not work 1. Damaged ballast

2. Damaged lamp

3. Poor contact between lamp and lamp holder

Reduced air volume 1. The power supply voltage is too low

2. The filter has too much dust

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