Diamond Chain Saw

Diamond Chain Saw
Diamond Chain Saw

Concrete Cutting Chainsaw
Concrete Cutting Chainsaw

A diamond chain saw is a portable tool for partial cutting construction. It is safe, dust-free, and environmentally friendly. It is a high-tech cutting machine. It is powered by a 380V power supply and a 220V power supply. It is a cutting carrier with a diamond cutter head. It can be used in various soft and hard rock cutting with various rock hardness ≤12MPa. It is cutting coal seam, rock, and concrete. Ideal tool for reinforced concrete, bricks, wood, and pipes. In YG Machinery, we also have other cutting machinery, concrete wall saw, hydraulic wire saw, hydraulic rock splitter, excavator hydraulic rock splitterpile breaker, plasma cutting machine, CNC waterjet cutting machine, excavator hydraulic shears, etc. Contact us now to know more about cutting machinery details.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Phone/Skype】+86 136 1385 6800

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Concrete Cutting Chain Saw Technical Parameters:

Power Source YG-1 Air Compressor / YG-H1 Hydraulic

YG-G1 Gasoline / YG-E1 Electricity

Power 1.5kw / 3kw
Voltage 220V / 380V
Rotation Speed 2800-3300r/min
Efficiency 1.5-2.0m2/h
Frequency 50Hz
Cooling Mode Air / Water Cooling
Size 800*300*300mm
Weight 11kg(Without Power Source)
Guide Plate 350/500/600/800mm Optional

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High-quality Diamond Chain Saw
High-quality Diamond Chain Saw

Factory Price Diamond Chain Saw
Factory Price Diamond Chain Saw

Scope of Application of Chain Saw Machine:

As a large-scale deep-cut concrete cutting machine, the diamond chain saw is suitable for concrete (including fine steel) and irregular cutting of brick surfaces, such as wall opening, cement pipe cutting, building demolition, house renovation, ground finishing, and so on.

Product Features:

  1. Portable design, the host is light and can be operated by one person.
  2. It can be used as artificial auxiliary coal mining, which is more than 5 times the efficiency of pure manual labor mining.
  3. Adjust the tightness of the chain to avoid work and personnel safety in the chain.
  4. Wet cutting, no pollution, no dust.
  5. The special chain saw head adopts the American diamond sintering technology and adopts German laser welding to avoid the sawtooth from falling off and can quickly cut various rocks.
  6. Germany imported diamond chain saw heads, wear-resistant, have a long service life, and had higher economic efficiency.
  7. The guide plate contains multiple seals to ensure that the water flow does not damage the main unit.

The Use of Diamond Chain Saw:

  1. Always check the tension of the chain. When checking and adjusting, please turn off the motor and put on protective gloves. A suitable condition for tensioning is that the chain can be pulled by hand when the chain is hung in the power part of the guide.
  2. There must always be a little oil spill on the chain. The chain lubrication and the oil level of the oil tank must be checked before each work. Chains that are not lubricated must not work. If you work with a dry chain, the cutting device will be damaged.
  3. Never use old oil. Old oil does not meet lubrication requirements and does not apply to chain lubrication.
  4. If the oil level in the mailbox does not decrease, it may be that the lubrication delivery has failed. Chain lubrication should be checked to check the oil circuit. A contaminated filter can also cause a poor supply of lubricant. The oil filter in the tank and pump connection piping should be cleaned or replaced.
  5. After replacing the new chain, the saw chain takes 2 to 3 minutes of running-in time. Check the chain tension after running in and re-adjust if necessary. New chains require more tension than chains that have been used for some time. In the cold state, the saw chain must have a lower portion of the iron guide, but the saw chain can be moved by the hand on the upper guide. If necessary, tighten the chain. When the working temperature is reached, the saw chain expands slightly and the drive section at the lower part of the guide plate cannot escape from the chain slot, otherwise, the chain will quit and the chain needs to be re-tensioned.
  6. The chain must be relaxed after work. The chain will shrink when cooled, and a chain that is not relaxed can damage the crankshaft and bearings. If the chain is tensioned under working conditions, the chain will shrink when cooled, and too tight a chain will damage the crankshaft and bearings.

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The Application of YG Concrete Chainsaw
The Application of YG Concrete Chainsaw

YG Diamond Chainsaw Sharpener
YG Diamond Chainsaw Sharpener

Safety Procedures:

  1. Wear overalls and protective clothing such as helmets, safety goggles, gloves, work shoes, etc. as required, and wear brightly colored vests.
  2. The engine should be shut down during transport.
  3. The engine must be turned off before refueling. When there is no fuel in the working heat engine, it should be stopped for 15 minutes, and then the engine is cooled and then refueled.
  4. The operational safety status of the inspection before starting.
  5. When starting, it must be kept at a distance of more than three meters from the fueling location. Do not use it in a closed room.
  6. Do not smoke while using the machine or near the machine to prevent fire.
  7. When working, be sure to hold the machine with both hands. You must stand firm and pay attention to the danger of slipping.

Storage of the Diamond Chain Saw Machine:

If it is not used for more than three months, it should be stored as follows.

  1. Empty the fuel tank in a ventilated place and clean it.
  2. Drain the carburetor, otherwise, the carburetor pump film will stick and affect the next start.
  3. Remove the saw chain and guides, clean, and inspect.
  4. Thoroughly clean the entire machine, especially the cylinder fins and air filter.
  5. If using chain lubricant, fill the oil tank.
  6. Keep the machine in a dry and safe place to prevent contact (such as with children).

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