Road Roller for Sale in Indian

The weather is very good this day, customers from India come to visit our factory, we welcome them. Jamal warmly welcomed our Indian customers. At the factory, we learned the performance, quality, and operation method of the road roller in detail, and our customers are very satisfied with the machine. After that, we had a …

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Walk Behind Roller for Sale Philippines

A customer from the Philippines purchases a walk behind roller for sale in Henan YG Machinery in March 2017. There are two types of walk-behind vibratory roller in our company, the single drum walk behind the roller and the double drum walk behind roller. These two models are the two most popular roller types, which are …

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Seat Driving Road Roller for Sale in Zambia

The seat driving road roller manufactured by YG Machinery is always some small model that is widely used in small, narrow areas of road compaction engineering. In August 2018, a customer from Zambia searched for keywords about mini road roller on Google and found our website. Then he went to our page, selected the model …

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