Fog Smoke Machine

Fog Smoke Machine
Fog Smoke Machine

Fog Smoke Machine for Sale
Fog Smoke Machine for Sale

Ultrasonic fog smoke machine adopts integrated ultrasonic movement inside, no mechanical drive, no noise, high atomization efficiency, low failure rate, simple maintenance, automatic time control, the diameter of the mist particles output by the whole machine is only 1-10μ, box. The body is made of stainless steel, and the exterior is sprayed with plastic, which is beautiful and elegant and equipped with a water tank. The disinfectant liquid is sprayed into the required disinfection room after ultrasonic atomization to achieve the purpose of disinfecting the air. The disinfectant mist particles are only Φ0.55mm, and all bacteria in the dead-end are killed when the space suspension time is more than two hours. we also have an electrostatic backpack sprayer, fog smoke machine, air disinfection machine, handheld spray gun, disinfectant sprayer machine, and can suitable for office, family, factory, etc. Contact us to know more details.【WhatsApp/WeChat/Skype/Phone】+86 136 1385 6800

The Efficacy of the Disinfection Machine:

  1. New cars quickly remove odor, smoke, and other unpleasant gases.
  2. Multi-effect treatment, except formaldehyde, nicotine, TVOC, and benzene.
  3. No spice added, non-toxic care for mother and child safety.
  4. Effectively prevent diseases and escort your health.

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Fog Smoke Machine Parameter:

Voltage  ± 10 AC 110 / 230V50-60Hz
Power Supply 400W
Warm Uptime 3 minutes
Oil Absorption  250ml oil bottle
Spray Distance 3-6 meters
Smoke Coverage Rate Each spray can spray about 20 square meters for 30 seconds, each bottle of 100 ml of disinfectant can be sprayed 10 to 12 times, and 100 ml can disinfect about 200 square meters
Control Mode Preheating for 3 minutes after power-on, the indicator light is on, the button spray sterilization, manual control

Application of Fog Disinfection Machine:

  1. Common living room.
  2. Office.
  3. New home renovation.
  4. Inside the car.
Fogging Sanitizer Machine for Sale
Fogging Sanitizer Machine for Sale

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Water Fog Machine for Sale
Water Fog Machine for Sale

Schematic Diagram of Pollution:

  1. Formaldehyde has a strong carcinogenic and cancer-promoting effect. Children and pregnant women are particularly sensitive to formaldehyde, and the harm is even greater.
  2. Benzene series. Inhaling a high concentration of benzene vapor in a short time can cause acute benzene poisoning mainly in the central nervous system. Mild poisoning can cause drowsiness, headache, and nausea.
  3. TVOC( total volatile organic compounds). it can cause an imbalance of the body’s immune level, affect the function of the central nervous system, and appear dizziness, headache, drowsiness, weakness, chest tightness, and other symptoms.
  4. It can cause allergies, and symptoms such as headaches, respiratory diseases, and eye discomfort.

Operation Instructions:

  1. Connect the atomizer to the power supply for about 5 minutes, after the heating is completed, the hand light of the machine lights up, put the pumping tube of the machine into the bottom of the potion bottle, start the car, turn on the air conditioner, and adjust the circulating wind speed to the first gear. The capacity to set the time for regular work. Please refer to 100 ml potion for 5 minutes, 80 ml potion for about 4.5 minutes, and 60 ml potion for about 4 minutes, try to avoid dry pumping.
  2. Please turn off all electronic equipment during construction. There should be no obstruction within 30 cm of the air outlet of the equipment. Each construction needs to be covered with hard paper or wet towels to prevent damage to the leather chair.
  3. It needs to be cleaned with clean water every time it is used up to prevent the pipeline from being blocked.

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Fogging Sanitizer Machine
Fogging Sanitizer Machine

Use Environment:

  1. Use net smell to remove formaldehyde in the car.

Let you be full of spirit and sunshine while driving. Don’t worry about whether your car “ has “ the presence of poisonous gas, fresh every day.

  1. Use net flavor at home to remove formaldehyde.

Let you laugh at home with sunshine. Don’t worry about whether there are harmful objects such as ad formaldehyde and ammonia in your home. The whole family loves it!

  1. The office uses a net smell to remove formaldehyde.

Let you have a refreshing good mood in the hard work of the day, at the same time can improve your work efficiency, the leaders start quickly, so let your employees refresh every day!


Nanoscale technology:

Automatically and scientifically atomize the medicament into nano-sized disinfection and sterilization particles, which can effectively kill the air conditioning system in the car, under the dashboard, under the carpet, and other conventional tools that cannot be cleaned and ignored.

Herb Extract:

The microbial scientific research team of Clorox Company in the United States has discovered that there are microbial groups in nature that can decompose formaldehyde, odors, and germs. They are cultivated by high and new technology to extract effective active ingredients in these microbes. After a scientific and rigorous production process and professional ophthalmology testing, a series of products are launched.

Product Design:

Exquisite shape design, unique, and novel.

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Water Fog Machine
Water Fog Machine

Water Fog Smoke Machine Daily Maintenance:

In order to maintain the best performance and service life of the equipment, please clean the equipment frequently, please do not use other oily potions or fragrances to prevent blockage. The warranty period for this equipment is half a year. Improper and not covered by warranty.

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