XYX-3 Water Drilling Machine for Sale in Philippines

XYX-3 water drilling machine for sale in YG Machinery is the best-selling water well drilling rig. It has a beautiful appearance and is a trailer-mounted type water well drilling rig, which is suitable for a variety of working environments, the price is moderate, and the work efficiency is high. If you want to buy a …

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How to Use Water Well Drilling Rigs Correctly?

Before the water well drilling rigs are used for engineering, there are usually 60 hours of the running-in period according to general regulations which are based on the initial technical characteristics of the water well drilling machine. If the water drilling machine is overused for a long time during the run-in period, it will lead …

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Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia

New Type Small Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale

The small water well drilling rigs for sale in YG is one of the most popular models of drilling rigs. From January 2018 until now, we have exported several different types of small water drilling machines to different countries worldwide, such as Australia, the Philippines, Ethiopia, America, Afghanistan, and Bolivia. These customers have different requirements …

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